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7 Biggest Lies About Love You Need To Stop Believing In


It gives us that warm feeling of security and comfort knowing there is always someone having our backs. Most of us spend our whole lives searching for the thing we call “Love”. Do we really understand what is love? Do we believe in myths and fairytales of a perfect love? Well, mainstream media made us believe in some unrealistic standards of love, and made us believe in lies. Today, we bring you the 7 biggest lies about love you need to stop believing in right now:

1. Opposites attract

At first, maybe, but that will never work in the long run. Birds of a feather romantically flock together. The same is with people. If your partner is drastically different than you, then it will be hard for you to make decisions together, and both will end up miserably after that.

2. Love is enough

It is not! Every relationship requires hard work and sacrifices to be successful. Just because you love each other, it doesn’t mean you’ll have a happy relationship. If both of you are not trying hard enough, love alone will not save you.


3. Love is possible without friendship

Your significant other is your lover, your partner in crime, and most of all—your best friend. Combined with physical intimacy, your intimate knowledge of who your partner is makes you feel closer to them than you’ve ever felt to another human. Maybe you’re not best friends now, but with time you should become so. If you two were not in a relationship, would you be friends? If the answer is clearly no, it means that you two are not meant for each other.

4. Having a baby will strengthen your relationship


Consider the reality — fatigue, dirty diapers, crying, mood swings (of all family members). A new baby can make cooking a simple dinner difficult, let alone maintaining a marriage or relationship. It sounds like an ideal solution to your existing crisis, but you need to know why your problems come your way. If having a child is not going to glue you two back together, then don’t try to make it worse.

5. Love at first sight is possible

It can be affection, sexual desire, or something similar, but it’s definitely not real love. You don’t know the person. You two just met and there is not enough knowledge about the person’s characteristics to fall in love. You feel butterflies in your stomach, but if you two really fall in love later, you’ll know what is meant with this.

6. Ignore him to get his attention

Ignoring to some degree can make him more interested, but if you overdo the ignoring he will cool down. It makes everyone feel like the person has no interest in you, so it’s better to give up than to waste your time with someone who doesn’t give a flying fuck for you. Be very careful with this—the line between attention and giving up is very thin.

7. Love is real if it’s complicated

Love needs to be simple! Note that simple doesn’t mean easy. Romeo and Juliet is not a prime example of ideal love and many women stay in difficult relationships just because they believe that love has to be complicated. If you’re used to seeing complication as a norm of love, it will be hard for you to see how simple love really is.



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