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6 Emphatic Traits That Make You Irresistible To A Narcissist

You get rid of one narcissist and soon you find yourself in a relationship with another one.

You start believing that only narcissists are what are left of living creatures on earth and that’s why you meet only them.

You lose all hope of ever meeting someone normal (it doesn’t even have to be that famous, unicorn “real man”) who will treat you the way you deserve, respect you, and won’t play the fucking games with you.

And every time you think you’ve finally met the right one, it turns out that he’s a narcissistic manipulator in disguise.

Sound familiar?

The next step is accusing yourself of bad decisions and making poor choices in men, but what you probably didn’t know is that it’s no coincidence that you’re a magnet for these toxic, narcissistic manipulators. These 6 emphatic traits make you simply irresistible to them:


1. You naturally trust everyone

You don’t divide people into two categories: those who cannot be trusted and those who need to earn your trust. You’re somewhere in between the two because you naturally trust everyone.

You believe that others will treat you with respect, just as you do yourself, and that they won’t do any harm to you (mentally or physically).

You’re naturally trusting because of your pure soul; you always think positively, which is the main reason why you’re the chief target of narcissistic manipulators.


2. You believe in reciprocity

You believe that if you treat someone with respect, make them feel special, and make constant effort in a relationship, your partner will do the same thing for you.

You believe in reciprocity with your entire being because you don’t know any other way.

But, narcissists believe the exact opposite. They abuse your belief in reciprocity by pretending they want the same thing and are willing to make an effort and reciprocate (at least, at the beginning of a relationship).


3. You never give up that easily

You see good in others and you don’t give up at the first small obstacle. You don’t throw in the towel even if someone hurts you once, twice –perhaps multiple times.

Your determination to never give up that easily in life and relationships is like a drug to a narcissistic manipulator.

They enjoy in the game of hurting and manipulating you and they are even more thrilled when they know you will not give up that easily.

They get a kick out of seeing you suffer and then coming back to them like nothing happened.

4. You’re honest and compassionate

You’re like an open book to everyone because you’re not afraid to speak your mind and you have nothing to hide. You’re not afraid to be vulnerable in front of others, even though you know they could use it against you.

You’re also compassionate to the core. You feel other people’s pain and you always want to be with them and help them at any cost. Narcissists know all of this; they also know that honesty and compassion are two vulnerable traits to have, which is precisely why they exploit them.

Everything you say to narcissists, they will use against you and somehow you’ll keep being compassionate with them, despite them hurting you. That’s why you’re their key target.


5. You love unconditionally

You love unconditionally. You have a big heart that’s been broken many times, but you still don’t lose hope for better days.

You still care more about others than yourself. You still care more about other people’s happiness than your own. And narcissists are fully aware of that.

They know that no matter what they did to you, you won’t judge them or accuse them of being assholes. They know that you’ll show compassion and always forgive them, no matter what they’ve done to you.

They use your innocent, empathic traits to their advantage and pretend that they worship it, all the while devising a perfect plan for their toxic, manipulative game.

6. You have a strong desire to heal others and fix people

You have a strong desire to heal others and fix them if needed because you believe that anyone can change if only you help them.

And narcissists know that, too. They are well versed in hooking you by being immature and manipulative assholes who need your assistance.

But, the truth is that they never were nor will be willing to change. This is just a tool that buys them time so they can manipulate you longer.

The plain fact is that you cannot change anyone unless they themselves are willing to change – this applies to narcissistic manipulators too.



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