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6 Disturbing Signs Your Partner Is Gaslighting You



For some women, it is impossible to imagine that their partner will do them some harm. Just because of his enormous love and affection, they believe everything he says and in most cases those things are not true. You probably wonder how someone who loves you could gaslight you, right? Well, the world is full of sick people and many of them use this tool to control their victims. In that way, they can manipulate them and make them believe things that are not true. They repeat the same lie hundreds of times and in the end a victim believes in it. In the end, the repeated lie becomes truth. Here are some disturbing signs that can warn you to leave your partner because he is gaslighting you, so keep reading if you want to save yourself from tears.



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1. You are often left feeling confused

When you spend a lot of time with someone who calls you crazy for being super-sensitive and paranoid, you will eventually start believing that. You will think that something is wrong with you and that you should trust your abuser. You will feel that you can’t do things without him and that you need his help all the time. This is a big red flag that your partner is gaslighting you so it is only a matter of time when he will take total control over your life and destroy you.

2. You are extremely insecure

This is one of the most important signs of gaslighting in a relationship. A victim will feel that she is not worthy and that she is not enough. She will completely lose her identity because of her abuser and she will have zero self-esteem. That’s why he will be able to totally take control over her life and brainwash her. But in the end, every person this happens to needs to wake up and see that someone else is taking their life away and they need to do everything in their power to prevent that from happening.

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3. You say that you are sorry all the time

When you are gaslighted, anything that you do won’t be good enough. So you will find yourself saying that you are sorry all the time. If lunch is not good, you will be guilty; if your abuser has private problems, you will be guilty and if it is raining outside you will also be guilty. You won’t be able to shake away that feeling of being guilty and that will eat you up. You will feel down and depressed and you won’t see the sense in living.

4. You never make decisions

You see, in every toxic relationship, the abuser is the one who makes the decisions. That means that a victim will never be able to do something like that because he will make her believe that she is not capable of doing so. If you catch yourself noticing that someone else is running your life and that you are not satisfied with that, you should definitely change something. You only get one life and you don’t deserve someone who destroys everything that you have been building for years.

5. You feel like you are walking on eggshells

This is an obvious sign that your partner is gas lighting you. If you feel that you can’t say what you want to say in front of your abuser, it means that something is not okay. In every stable and healthy relationship, both partners should have good communication. But in a toxic one, only one person is always right—the abuser. When you are a part of this kind of relationship, you will feel that anything you say will be interpreted wrongly and that your partner won’t like it. That’s why you will act extremely careful in front of him and you watch what you say. Eventually, you will be so stressed out and anxious that you will feel like you are losing your mind.

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6. You feel that you are not worthy

The bad thing about being gas lighted is the fact that your abuser will twist your reality and make you believe in his lies. He will make up things and repeat them so many times that in the end you will start believing them too. This is a big red flag of gaslighting and you shouldn’t ignore it. You should make a move and fight for yourself. Trust me, you can escape this kind of a relationship and let the wrong one go. Don’t let anyone convince you that you are not worthy or that you are not enough because you are. And you are not the one in that relationship who has a problem—he is. So let him deal with it and stop making a living hell out of your life.



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