When you start seriously dating someone, you are full of butterflies and optimism that this relationship will hold up. And as time goes on, things start getting more and more serious and you end up questioning if this is really the right thing for you. You start looking for signs whether to continue or to break it off, because the last thing you want is to waste time on someone with whom you have no future! In order to help you see if your relationship has run its course and if maybe there is nothing left to do but move on from him, here are some clear-cut signs that you’ve outgrown your partner and you’re ready to go back on the market!

1. Things are no longer exciting

It’s natural that things are more exciting and spontaneous at the beginning of a relationship. After all, you are only just getting to know each other and you are both trying to make a good impression and to win each other over. The honeymoon phase has to end sometime! But when it becomes boring or predictable and there is nothing left that excites you about going home to him, then you have a problem. If you can’t be happy about just being with him, then you have a clear sign that there is something wrong with your relationship and that maybe that spark has gone.

2. He doesn’t challenge you in any way

Sure, you don’t want to be in a relationship with a person who constantly needs to contradict everything you say but it is necessary to challenge one another from time to time and to step out of your comfort zone. But if you have reached a point where your partner agrees with everything you say, just for the sake of keeping things peaceful, or worse still, because he can’t be bothered to fight, that is not a good sign. If you care about someone, there will be differences of opinion from time to time. A lack of will to challenge you is not a good sign that you should stay with him.  

3. Your conversations lack substance

You used to be able to talk about anything and everything and those conversations could go on for hours on end, because you were both so invested and interested! From those deep, important subjects to the most trivial matters, you loved talking it over! But now, you really don’t even feel like telling him about your day. It kind of just doesn’t feel necessary. You no longer have stimulating conversations about anything and you don’t even want to change it. You’re just too complacent to admit the truth to yourself. Think about this.

4. You no longer feel the need to check in with him

Your days are busy and everybody has got their own stuff going on, so it’s important to check in with each other and send that quick text to make sure they’re okay! But if that idea doesn’t cross your mind anymore, then it is clear that your relationship is not a priority to you. If you don’t feel the need to check in with him to see how his day is going, there really isn’t much love there, now is there? You check in with those you love, it’s really that simple.  

5. Spending time together doesn’t make you happy anymore

A weekend away or a romantic night in used to be at the top of your priority list! You loved those moments alone with him, where you could just talk all day and have fun under the sheets all night long. But now, the thought of spending time with him doesn’t appeal to you one bit. Sure, he’s good for sex and to feel closeness in that regard but other than that, you just don’t want to spend time with him that much. You’d rather spend time with friends or catch up on your favorite shows. I think you see where I’m going with this.  


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