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A Real Man Will Let You In Without You Having To Ask

  Search for the man who will knock on your door and never go away until you open it. Real love doesn’t know about letting go. It is perseverant and strong. A real man will enter your life with a decisive demeanor and without a fragment of doubt in his heart. A real man will know what he’s getting himself into and he will never waver. With no hesitation and no excuses, he will walk in and stay. Search for the man who will always look for you no matter how crowded the room is. His heart will always lead him to you and he will always be able to find you. Search for the man who doesn’t make you vent to your girlfriends about him on a daily basis. A real man will be the reason for your happiness, which will translate to your conversations with friends. You will never find yourself complaining about him if it’s the real deal. And with the right man, you’ll know when that is. A real man will never make you go crazy due to unanswered calls or texts or a lack of will to communicate. He will soothe your soul and you will be able to relax and do your own thing when you’re not together, never having to worry about him or what he’s up to. You will know where his heart is. A real man will never make you worry about who’s going to call first and you won’t be counting the days from the last time you heard from him. No. This man will make everything so easy. Communicating with him will come so naturally that you will never find yourself worrying about it. He will always be available to you and calm your nerves whenever you get stressed. But he will never be the cause of that stress.   A real man will never play mind games with you. He won’t make you beg for attention. He won’t make you wonder if you’re good enough. He will make you feel like you’re the only girl he could ever need. He will make you feel like being with you is his favorite thing in the world. And with him, you will always feel like you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. A real man won’t be afraid of your baggage. He will never make you feel lesser if you are a work in progress. He will never judge you on your fears or make you feel like there’s something wrong with you. A real man will help you deal with your insecurities and encourage you on your way to getting over them. He will never be intimidated by the walls you have put around your heart but rather climb them and reach for you when he sees you need a hand to hold. He will never make you feel you need to apologize for your feelings. He will never make fun of your emotional side and he won’t be afraid to delve deeper into your relationship and connect with you on a level that is more than just physical. This man will want more than just sex from you. He will be in love with who you are as a person and not just who you are in the bedroom. He will love you for your physical beauty but he will be in love with your soul. A real man will make your life a wonderful adventure and he will always make you see the beauty in the world! He will encourage you to discover new things and embrace your flaws wholeheartedly.   Never settle for a man who can’t see beyond your exterior. Never settle for a man who can’t accept that you’re not perfect. Instead, search for the man who will make you feel perfect despite your minor insecurities. With this man, you will feel like only the sky is your limit and your zest for life will be at an all-time high. A real man will walk into your life with confidence, sure of what he wants and not afraid of fighting for it. He will remind you of your worth when you forget it and give you the key to his heart, expecting you to stay for as long as your heart desires. He will never make you beg for entrance. He will leave the door open for you, hoping you’ll come in and never leave. Never settle for anything less. A real man will make you see how much he desires your presence. That is the only kind of love that will cure those sleepless nights and constant heartbreaks. And it is the only kind of love you deserve.  


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