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20 Most Annoying Texts Our Boyfriend Sends 

Texting your boyfriend can help you bond when you’re not spending time together, plus it’s lots of fun to spend hours chatting. But it’s not all roses. Let’s be honest: sometimes the texts you receive from guys you’re dating can make you shake your head in frustration. For example, when you write him 10 lines of text and all he replies is “k” like he’s not even interested in what you’ve told him. Another infuriating texting habit is when a guy replies with emojis, sometimes sending you a string of them that supposedly create a story but which leave you confused as to their meaning. You might wonder if the clenching-teeth emoji is smiling or bracing itself for bad news, for example, or if he’s trying to flirt by sending you the kiss-face emoji (or you’re looking too much into it). Ugh. Here are 20 of the most annoying and confusing texts your boyfriend might send you and how to respond to them so they don’t mess with your head. Now you’ll hopefully be able to understand where he’s coming from a bit better and reply adequately.

20He Sends Strings Of Emojis

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Communicating with pictures can be really annoying. Instead of the guy replying to your date invite with a sentence such as, “Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing you again!”, he sends you the following emojis: a smiley-face with its tongue sticking out, a bear, and a grimacing-face emoji. Okay. You sit there trying to figure out if he’s keen on seeing you or not. Does the smiling face mean “yes”? But then the grimacing face seems to contradict it, no? If his emojis are usually vague or he relies on them too much, ask him to explain what he means so he’ll hopefully get the hint to use words instead.

19He Answers With One-Word Texts

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Is there anything more frustrating than sending your guy a long text only to receive a one-word in reply, like “cool” or “k.” It’s like he’s not even reading your messages! He’s probably busy with something else, but honestly, it feels so rude. The thing is, maybe he’s not sure what to answer. Sometimes it’s best to ask a direct question at the end of the text so that he’ll be encouraged to answer something instead of just make a lazy comment about what you’ve told him. This should work to keep the conversation going.

18He Sends A “Typing” Text That Never Materializes

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You’ve sent him a message and can see he’s online. He’s busy typing a reply – it says so at the top of the screen – so you eagerly await it. Only, it takes forever to reach you! Is he busy with other things or just not sure what to say? It makes you bite your nails in anticipation of his response. The best thing you can do here is leave your phone and go do something more productive because it can drive you crazy to wait for him to send you his message, especially if he’s an insecure or indecisive texter.

17He Double-Texts When You Don’t Reply Quickly Enough

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You haven’t had a chance to reply to your boyfriend’s message, and then you receive the dreaded double-text. This is when he re-sends the same text or sends a new text, as though hinting that you haven’t answered him. It can feel a bit clingy, unless, as pointed out by Elite Daily, there’s a good reason for that second text. For example, if he has to tell you something urgent. The best thing is to ignore his double-texting, unless he’s doing it all the time. In this case, you should tell him that you’ve received both texts or will get to him when you have some time, as hints that he doesn’t have to double-text you so much.

16He Sends You A Thesis-Long Text

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It’s a bit overwhelming when you receive a super-long text from a guy that you have to reply to when you’re busy. The best thing way to deal is to tell him something like, “Gimme a bit of time to read this.” That way, you don’t feel pressure to respond right away, especially if he’s online. It’s also a good idea to turn off your phone’s read receipts. Dating coach James Preece tells The Independent that read receipts can cause problems because they highlight communication preference differences between people. Turn them off and give yourself some breathing room.

15He Answers Your Question, But Then Doesn’t Ask You About Your Day

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You show interest in your partner’s day and life, but sometimes it feels like the interest is one-sided. He might not ask you how you’re doing or how your day was, which is frustrating because it can make you feel like he just doesn’t care. The best thing to do is talk to him about it. If this selfish texting behavior happens regularly, you should tell him that you feel like he’s not interested in your news. If he cares about you, he’ll make more of an effort to show you that he does, such as by replying to your kind text by asking you about your busy day.

14He Texts At Midnight When You’re Already Asleep

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You settle into bed and fall asleep. A few hours later, your beeping phone wakes you up. It’s your boyfriend – again. He tends to send you messages in the middle of the night. Ugh. It’s annoying because you’re trying to get your beauty sleep. But, you might also feel guilty because you’e not in the mood to chat at this time of the night. The best thing to do is ignore the messages. When you respond the next morning, let him know you were already asleep. This should break his habit of texting you so late.

13His Spelling Is Terrible

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With spellcheck, there’s really no excuse for bad spelling these days. Sometimes people make spelling errors because they rush when typing or they abbreviate their words so that it looks like a pre-teen wrote their messages. It’s annoying to have to re-read messages a few times to understand what the guy’s trying to say. You might not want to tell him he’s bad at spelling – that can be hurtful – so maybe save important conversations for when you see him in person. That way, you don’t have to feel frustrated at trying to decipher his messages.

12His Message Is Generic As Though He Sent It To Lots Of People

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You receive a text from your boyfriend that seems like it was sent to lots of people in his contacts. You can tell this by how general it is, with nothing personal in it to signify it was meant for your eyes only. This can feel like he’s a lazy texter who doesn’t make an effort to keep your personal communication interesting. If it happens regularly, it can also make you feel like he sees you as being one of his friends or acquaintances. Tell him it feels weird receiving such an impersonal message so that he’ll stop doing it.

11He Sends A “Sorry, Didn’t See This Message” Text Hours After You Messaged Him

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It’s not always easy to know if the guy who tells you he was too busy to check his phone is being honest or not. Everyone seems to be glued to their phones these days. But, you can’t really judge him. Maybe he’s just not the type of person to carry his phone everywhere. The best way to deal with this type of text is to tell him you were busy yourself. This shows him that you’re not waiting around for his texts, which is much more empowering than asking him why he takes forever to reply.

10He Sends A Text That Contains A Link With No Explanation

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You open his message and see a link to a website. That’s it. Should you click on it? Rather don’t! As reported by Inc, it could be a scam and even if the person sending you the link is a trusted sender, it’s still best to type the link into your browser to make sure that it’s not something dodgy, the site explains. It might also be a good idea to ask him about the link and if he sent it to you before you open it. If it bugs you that he sends you these links, tell him so. He might not realize just how annoying and spam-like they feel.

9He’s A Fan Of The “Hey” Message

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You haven’t heard from him in a while, and then he texts you one word: “hey.” What does it mean? Does he want to check in with you or is he looking for a real conversation? You might reply with a long text, only to get no reply because he wasn’t looking to talk. Yeah, it’s weird how people sometimes do that. The best thing to do is reply with “hey” back and see what happens. He might not actually be texting to have a fat conversation, but then at least you’ve saved yourself from wasting time.

8He Asks You Something, Then Doesn’t Reply When You Answer

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He asks you about your day or how your new job’s been going. It’s sweet and you’re eager to chat to him, so you fill him in on the latest news. You then ask him about something in his life, whether it’s his crazy colleagues or his recent holiday. Instead of replying, he goes AWOL. He might be the type of texter who just pops in looking for news without wanting a full-blown conversation. Or, he doesn’t want to talk about himself. Sneaky. Talk to him about it when you see him. If you have different texting styles, you could reach some compromise.

7He Writes “LOL” At The End Of Every Text

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LOL gets overused a lot in texts, even when they’re not that funny. Why do people do this? As a Reddit thread on the subject shows, there are many different opinions on this issue. For example, using LOL in every message could be a bad habit or it could be that the person’s trying to soften their messages to appear friendly. Yes, it’s irritating, but you don’t have to make a big deal of it because it comes down to texting quirks and personal styles, so ignore it as much as you can.

6He Replies To Your Text With A Meme

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Memes can be fun to share and have a laugh at together. But there’s a time and place for them. If your boyfriend sends you memes when you’re trying to have a conversation, it can really be upsetting. It’s like he just wants to keep things light all the time instead of get real and connect with you. Don’t ignore this annoying texting habit – tell him you hate memes so he’ll nip the habit in the bud and you can have a real conversation with words and feelings for a change.

5He Says “Cool” To Everything So You Don’t Know If He’s Actually Fine With It Or Not

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Similar to the frustration of dealing with “LOL” after ever sentence, when a guy overuses the word “cool”, it can make you doubt the sincerity of it. Sometimes “cool” can prevent real emotion from entering the message, like he’s hiding his feelings behind that word. The best thing to do is ask him directly if he’s keen on the date/meeting/whatever he’s replied “cool” to. It’s also good to ask him to tell you more about where he’s at. If he still can’t talk about his thoughts or feelings after you’ve reached out, maybe it’s a sign he’s not really invested in the relationship.

4He Sends Vague Texts About Hanging Out Sometime

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You’ve shown interest in meeting up with him, but he still keeps his plans really vague. He might say that you can meet up for a coffee or dinner “sometime.” What does that mean? Is it a way for him to string you along? It really feels that way if he can’t commit to making definite plans. You might want to suggest a specific plan and see how he responds. If he still can’t fit you into his schedule, then you have your answer: he’s just not that into you. Don’t waste your time being strung along via text!

3He Writes A New Thought Or Sentence On A New Line, So You Get 13 Text Notifications

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Some people prefer to write different thoughts or sentences of their messages on new lines instead of sending everything in one message. The problem is that you end up getting loads of notifications on your phone, which can be irritating. However, this is the way he texts and bringing it up as a problem might make him think you’re controlling. You don’t have to listen to all those beeping notifications, though. Mute him on WhatsApp or set a silent profile for him in your contacts. There, sorted.

2He Says He Has To Text You Later Even Though He Initiated The Conversation

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What is up with guys texting but not wanting to have a chat? When he sends you a message to see how you’re doing and you get into the conversation, he then says he’s got to go do something so he’ll chat to you later. Ugh. Maybe he thought he’d just check in with you in the few free minutes he had in his day, but it’s frustrating. A good way to deal with this is to tell him you’re busy later. Don’t be so available to him whenever he wants to chat. Research reported byShe Said has found that people tend to put higher value on things that are less available. He needs to understand that you can’t always fit into his texting schedule.

1He’s More Open Via Text Than He Is In Person

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When you chat to him via text, he’s outgoing and charming. In person, he’s introverted and less funny. When his texting persona is different to what he’s like in real life, it can feel like dating two different guys! Communicate with him about this to find out why it happens. Maybe he feels more confident when talking from behind a screen. It might also help to try to limit texting time in favor of spending time together in RL so that you get what he’s really about. Bonus: the more you chat in person, the more comfortable you’ll become with each other.



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