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15 Zodiac Signs That Bring The Heat In The Bedroom


Some astrological signs mesh better than others when it comes to romantic relationships, whether or not you’re a particularly spiritual or astrologically minded person or not. This is definitely even more true when it comes to what goes on in the bedroom. Just as each person has their own individual moods and ways of communicating, each astrological sign does as well. It’s pretty fascinating once you get into it and start thinking about this kind of stuff. In some cases, two signs meeting up are pretty much guaranteed to hit it off, and in other cases, there are signs that are unlikely to get things off the ground no matter how much they seem to be a decent match to an outsider. Here are 15 of the zodiac sign matches that are going to bring the most heat into the bedroom. Check out if you and your boyfriend are any of these astrological pairings!

Scorpio Woman And Taurus Man

The Scorpio woman and the Taurus man can be a pretty hot match. The Scorpio woman tends to be confident and hot, and the Taurus man will be attracted to the easy way that she carries herself. The Scorpio woman might also make the first move on a Taurus man, which he will be impressed by. The Taurus man isn’t easily rattled so he can handle a lot that the Scorpio woman is throwing at him, and he has plenty of stamina in the bedroom to keep up with her flirty and sensual ways. To keep this up in the long term they might have to meet in the middle to find a common ground between her rambunctious behavior and his solid ground, but when they do it’ll be hot and not threaten to cool down anytime soon. He doesn’t like to play games and she can come off as a little hard to figure out, which is the main thing that they will have to come to terms with.  

Aries Man And Sagittarius Woman

Aries and Sagittarius are both fire signs, which means right out the gate you know that there is going to be a lot of heat flying around. The dynamic between these two means that things can be really passionate and fast moving, which means that they will generally end up in the bedroom pretty quickly. Both of these signs are pretty straightforward and love adventure, which can bring an interesting dynamic to their pairing. These two won’t be shy about showing their intense passion for one another, so they’re a likely duo to be pulling out the PDA and possibly even being asked to put it away from time to time. The good thing about this passionate bond is that neither of them uses getting frisky in the bedroom in a manipulative way or as a weapon, they both have a healthy outlook about it. However, the Sag woman can be pretty flirty and the Aries man might start to get a little jealous if she’s projecting it elsewhere.  

Capricorn Man And Virgo Woman

The Capricorn man and Virgo woman at first glance have a whole lot of stability between them, thanks to her high levels of duty and responsibility and his need to provide and be responsible right back. But they also have an interesting physical depth together, since they share the same sense of humor. What these two have to be mindful about is bringing enough fun into their relationship. A Virgo woman tends to be very feminine, while a Capricorn man is very ambitious so this can play off of each other in a nice way. He is protective of his lady and likes to shower her with attention when they are really into one another. The Virgo woman is actually very self-sufficient and does not feel like anything is owed to her, so she ends up being very loyal to her man which the Capricorn will feel great about. Sounds like a nice match!  

Aquarius Woman And Gemini Man

The Aquarius woman and the Gemini man are a very compatible match overall. They are both outgoing and social so it is easy for them to meet in the first place, and once they do they will bond over fun conversation. They both have an optimistic and exuberant way of seeing life. For many people, the dual personality of a Gemini man is an issue, but the Aquarius woman is a bit flighty herself so she is not as thrown by his sudden changes in emotional direction without warning. These two generally move to the bedroom pretty quickly, where they continue to be playful and might even enjoy some game playing. Both of them tend to be into trying new things, and if she ever gets rigid about something he is pretty good at convincing her otherwise. Sometimes he gets distracted but she is pretty good at getting him to focus.  

Pisces Man And Scorpio Woman

The Pisces man and Scorpio woman are a very compatible match unless there’s big trouble brewing and then they won’t be able to find a common ground. These are both water signs, so think of their union as being the ocean but also capable of flooding out the town. The Pisces man tends to go with the flow pretty well, which means that he can handle the Scorpio woman’s dominant personality. She likes to seem super mysterious, but the Pisces man is actually pretty sensitive and intuitive so he might be able to read her in a deeper way that she isn’t used to. He also doesn’t like to play games with emotions, so she might be happy to find some stability in that regard. When it comes to the bedroom, the Pisces man will be genuine and passionate with her, and while he might not be as crazy in bed as some of Scorpio’s past experiences it will resonate with her in a deeper way.  

Leo Man And Cancer Woman

The Leo man and Cancer woman can have a deep bond when it comes to physical intimacy. These two are a mixture of a fire sign and a water sign, which can create some steamy stuff in the bedroom. The Leo man will bring passion and the good kind of drama to a physical relationship, while the Cancer woman will bring the emotional depth that helps to create a soulful connection. Best of both worlds. When the Leo is really into the Cancer woman his attention can help boost her confidence will allow her to bring even more of herself into the relationship, where the Cancer woman can help the Leo man to value some of the emotions that he does not always give credit to. She can remind him to pay attention to the people in life in addition to his passions and goal chasing which he is apt to do.

Aries And Aquarius

The Aries and Aquarius will either have a really stressful physical relationship or a really exciting one, but sometimes that ends up being one and the same. Both of these signs tend to have a masculine energy which means that they can butt heads a bit, but that sort of power struggling can also make things interesting as well. What’s important between these two is that they trust each other and that generally means trusting in their communication not necessarily that they’ll be together forever. The Aquarius might have a little more of a wandering vibe than the Aries, and the Aries is prone to jealousy if they aren’t getting all of the attention that they need from their Aquarius. The only real conflict that they might have would have to do with other people, but when other people aren’t in the equation these two don’t have any reason to lie to one another.Featured Today  

Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman

The Cancer man and the Scorpio woman can have some challenges in a relationship, but they are extremely compatible in the bedroom. The Scorpio woman tends to be very sensual and the Cancer man brings in a bit of romance to the equation. They are both deep emotional in different ways and can find a match in those emotions. The problem with these two in a long term relationship is that the Cancer man is likely to be calmly loyal but the Scorpio woman will have a hard time believing it. She is more likely to think that trouble is brewing where it isn’t, and his sensitive nature will leave him insulted that she even thinks about such things when everything seems to be going great to him. He can also be a bit moody and she doesn’t usually slow down on intensity, so there can seem to be miscommunications and hurt feelings going around.

Aries Woman And Scorpio Man

The Aries woman and the Scorpio man are both very intense, so their relationships can also be a bit intense. This generally translates into a good thing when it comes to the bedroom, but so much passion can also spill over into a bit of drama. The Aries woman is confident and independent and will be attracted to the fact that the Scorpio man charismatic and a little mysterious. Both signs are very passionate and will recognize that in one another, which can play out as a really intense attraction between the two of them. However, it’s another thing they have in common that can cause some problems for them down the line. Both of these signs are used to getting their way and don’t like to compromise, which means that neither will be good at meeting in the middle to give the other what they want. This causes a lot of fights.  

Libra Woman And Cancer Man

The Libra woman and the Cancer man are both really romantic signs, which can work well in the bedroom. The Libra woman can be even over-romanticize things, but the Cancer man’s emotions can help to keep her focused on what’s really happening. The Cancer man might be prone to getting jealous if his Libra woman is getting attention from other men, but weirdly the Libra woman might like this because it makes her feel desired in the relationship. At the beginning, these two tend to be great together. Where it gets weird is over the long term when they are actually trying to build a home together. They tend to think differently when it comes to things like money and parenting. The Cancer man will want to save money and has specific ideas about parenting, while the Libra woman likes to spend money on the nice stuff and is a little more relaxed about raising kids.  

Taurus And Cancer

Male or female, the Taurus and Cancer match is an interesting one when it comes to heat. Neither sign is big on getting physical just for the sake of it, but instead, prefer to take their physical experiences seriously. Cancer has a distinct need for closeness, and Taurus is big on physical pleasure and likes to feel and experience everything about Cancer’s body… and loves to make Cancer feel good. Both of them go with their intuition and as long as they trust each other things go well. However, if one of them breaks the others trust they will have a hard time building it back up again. However, these two generally do not betray one another since stability and home are common goals. The only problem is that if they are not super into each other this can turn into a friendship when the initial heat wears off.

Capricorn And Taurus

The Capricorn and Taurus have an interesting bond in the bedroom because they can both be a bit rigid about it in comparison to the other signs. But in a weird way, this is what brings them together, and when they both learn to trust each other and relax they can create a really nice physical bond. The closer they are the less Taurus will worry about getting hurt, and the less Capricorn will feel the need to show off to impress the object of their attention. The key is for them to approach each other with the awareness that they are different people who have different needs, otherwise, they can confuse each other. Capricorn likes physical shows of affection while Taurus is the more emotional sign and can be turned off by anything that feels like aggression from the Capricorn. But when they understand this, things go well.  

Pisces And Scorpio

The Pisces and Scorpio are both very intuitive and can be intuitive towards one another’s needs. They can go so deep into each other heads that they sometimes feel like they’re thinking the same things. Since they can be so close in certain ways they are also eager to get to know one another on a deeper way which includes their physical nature. They tend to respect each other and feel a lot of passion for one another, and they aren’t afraid to get a little romantic either, so they bring a lot to the table in terms of their physical connection. Both might even be open to some sort of experimentation in the bedroom. The key in this situation is that the Scorpio keeps in mind that the Pisces has some emotional needs as well, so they want to feel respected in the bedroom while they are being enjoyed in a physical manner.

Leo And Sagittarius

The Leo and Sagittarius are both fire signs, which means that they can feel a really warm love for one another. They might even be surprised by how much they enjoy one another in the bedroom. They tend to be comfortable with one another, which also means that they can stroke each other’s egos a bit and raise their self-esteem. Sometimes these signs get into other relationships that can be seen as demanding or disrespectful, so they might be extra pleased to find that neither of those exists in this relationship. The more trust they have for one another, the hotter things can get. They both have a real passion for fun in the bedroom and tend to respect each other’s bodies throughout the process. When they happen to find love as well as a physical connection, then these two can create a really nice lasting couple as well.  

Libra And Gemini

The Libra and Gemini bond over their intellectual connection, which means some of these are probably the people on Tinder with “sapios++ual” on their bios. That means that you find intelligence to be the most attractive feature than any other. Both of these signs are air signs which means they are pretty serious about mental stimulation, and learning about someone else’s mind can be very s++y to them. They can both actually offer some sort of peace and understanding in their relationship by the fact that they just get each other. In the bedroom, this can translate into a good physical life since they vibe so well and they also trust that the other person understands them, which makes them feel wanted and desirable. They do not have to wonder if their partner is in it for the right reasons. And that can definitely be a pretty useful thing.  


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