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12 Unmistakable Signs He Wants To Kiss You

We can all agree that first dates are really and truly stressful. You’re trying to do your best, to look amazing and hoping that there will be enough chemistry and connection for the second date to happen. But what about when you have it all? Your conversation is going great, there are no awkward silences, he’s really amazing and sounds really interesting and smart. But one thing is still on your mind. Did he enjoy your company as much as you enjoyed his? Is he going to kiss you? Luckily for you (and every dating woman out there), there are signs he wants to kiss you and here they are.

1. Eye contact

If he’s locking eyes with you often and for a longer period, that’s a sign that he really enjoys your company and can’t look away from you. Men who are not interested or are planning on escaping a date will never make direct eye contact with you. Instead, they will look around, and they won’t be able to focus on anything for longer than three seconds. But if his focus is entirely on you and your face, you got him!

2. Accidental and not so accidental touches

He’s suddenly clumsy and nervous and he touches you all the time. He strokes your hair, touches your arms, tickles you and basically he uses any excuse he can find to touch you. You had an eyelash that fell out, he moves your hair from your face, he pushes you gently while telling a joke. Braver men will openly take your hand or put their arm around you, but on the first date, most of them are still testing your boundaries and the way you react to their touches.

3. He’s flirting

If he’s flirting with you the entire time, that’s a sure-fire sign that there’s going to be a kiss. Pay attention to his words, the way he says them and his face. He may try to hide his intentions and feelings, but his body language will tell you everything you need to know.

4. Distance

When it comes to the kissing part, well, distance plays a big part. If he’s far away from you, then there won’t be a kiss. If he’s sitting opposite you at dinner, but still seems distant and avoids touching your hand (or even accidentally touching your feet with his), there won’t be a kiss. But if he moves closer to you, touches your hand, hair or any other part of your body, prepare for a kiss.

5. He lingers

If he hugs you and hesitates while pulling away, or lingers at the doorway before he leaves, that’s because he’s thinking about whether you want that kiss too. This is probably one of the cutest signs, because even if he feels that you like him and you want that kiss, he’s still giving you the chance to say no if you want to. At this point, even the slightest encouragement from your side will be enough for him to finally go for it. Tell him how you had a great time, touch his arm or even be brave and kiss him first. He won’t turn you down, that’s for sure.

6. Lips

He keeps bringing attention to his lips-either he’s biting his lower lip or he’s touching them with his hands. He’s doing this unconsciously, because humans tend to touch parts of their body where they want to be touched. So, pay attention if he touches, licks or bites his lips, as that could be a sign that he’s planning on using them on you.


7. He compliments you

You may think that this is something they all do on a first date, that it’s not really a sign. But trust me, not all of them do. If he’s showering you with compliments, you can actually feel if he means it. If he notices how your eyes change color, how adorable your blushing cheeks or freckles are, that’s a sign he’s really into you. You’re not just some chick he took out on a date, he truly enjoys your company and you.


8. He seems nervous

If he’s normally super-confident around women and was around you at the beginning of the date, but all of a sudden he’s not anymore, that’s a sign that something else is on his mind, and that’s how he’s going to approach you for a kiss. He’s probably going over a million scenarios in his head, like if you will turn your head away, how his breath smells, if you will enjoy his kissing technique, etc. He lost his focus and confidence, because he was simply disarmed by you.

9. Glances at your lips

If you notice that his focus shifts from your eyes to your lips and back while you’re talking, he’s thinking exactly what you think he is. Or your lipstick could be smudged. If it’s not and his attention is torn between your lips and eyes, don’t think much of it anymore. Unless you’re not really that interested, in which case, begin planning your escape route.


10. Tone of his voice

Psychologists say that a whisper goes along with passion and proximity. If he speaks in a calm way and whispers something at you every few minutes, he really likes you. While whispering, he’s getting closer to your face and has the perfect opportunity to kiss you. Paying attention to his voice and movements is an easy way to know how your date will end—with a kiss or an awkward goodbye and an even more awkward, “I’ll call you, I will!”

11. He noticed your fragrance

If he leaned closer toward you to notice how amazing you smell, that’s not because he is interested in what kind of perfume you’re wearing. This is the ultimate sign he wants to kiss you, because smell is the most intimate of the five senses. He probably came that close to see how you would react and soon enough, he will end your first date with a kiss.

12. Taking care of oral hygiene

If he’s chewing gum, okay, that’s not exactly a sure-fire way to know if he wants to kiss you. There are guys who are simply obsessed with their looks and strive to look perfect, but you’ll be able to tell the difference anyway. If he uses a breath freshener every five minutes and chews gum while showing any of the signs he wants to kiss you, he’s preparing for it. If he offers you a piece of gum, then there’s no place for doubt.



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