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10 Simple Easy Ways To Turn On A Taurus Man In B*d

If you were lucky enough to fall in love with a Taurus man, there are some things that you will have to do to completely satisfy a Taurus man in bed. This sign is one of the most sensual signs of the whole zodiac, so it won’t be a big problem for you to make him reach cloud nine. You just need to be persistent in your decisions and to try not to make any mistakes. If you are nervous, make sure to hide it because a Taurus man reacts very badly to anxiety.

If you want to form a stable, romantic relationship with a Taurus man, you will have to learn some tricks to make him feel good and desirable.
So, for all of you who are trying to win this man over and make him yours forever, we have brought you some of the most excellent tips that will blow his mind. So stay tuned!

1. Your smell

A Taurus man is extremely driven by a woman’s smell. So, if you want to seduce him, choose a perfume that will sweep him off his feet. Let it be sexy and provocative, and you can wear nothing but the perfume on your skin. That will make him so turned on and he will lose his mind in the desire to just have you. Once he feels your perfume on his skin, he will be so fascinated and nothing else will exist but you and him in your hot game under the sheets. If you pass this test, you will make him kill to be your boyfriend.


2. Your voice

If you want to win over a Taurus man in bed, use your provocative voice. Don’t rush when you are talking and give him some time for his feedback. Ask him if and why he likes when you talk like that. Tell him that you really like to tease him like that and that he can’t do anything because you are the one who has control over him right now. I am sure he will lose his mind when you start talking slowly, looking him in his eyes all the time. You can also add a little bit of dirty talk just to spice up things in bed. With this kind of foreplay, only the sky is the limit!


3. Touch him

Since a Taurus man is extremely sensitive to touch, you can use that as your secret weapon. Touch him in the places he likes to be touched. For a Taurus man, these places are his ears, neck and lips. Make sure that you start kissing him gently in these places, asking him what he wants to do to you here and there. You can also use some sex toys like a feather to tease him on his erogenous zones. That game of touch and talk will drive him crazy, so only minutes will be separating him from tearing off your clothes and making love to you in a wild and amazing way.

4. Wear sexy lingerie

All men are visual human beings and so is a Taurus man. He wants what he sees, so make sure that he is satisfied with the way you look. Make sure that you wear something provocative but not something that will show everything immediately. Be a secret he would want to explore. Don’t give him yourself right away and tell him that he needs to earn you. In that way, he will do anything that you want and he will be amazed by your lover’s skills. You can wear some silky lingerie that shows off your amazing curves and makes him think about you all the time. With a mix of sexy lingerie, dirty talk and hot touches, he will be yours in the blink of an eye.

5. Music and candles are your friends

A Taurus man likes a nice atmosphere while making love. So, if you want everything to work fine for both of you, make sure that you light some scented candles and turn on some soft music. That will relax him even more and he will just be focused to dance with you, until he smells your seductive perfume that will make him so turned on, that he will tear your clothes off and make love to you wildly. And yes, he will make love to you more than once in one night. The good thing is that your neighbors won’t hear you moaning because it will be mixed in with the music.


6. Kiss him gently

This man is driven by touches and kisses. So what you need to do is kiss every inch of his body and while doing it, show him that you really like to do so. He won’t be pleased if you just kiss him here and there and get straight to the point. He is sensitive and he likes to take it slowly. Give him all he needs and I am sure that he will reciprocate the same way. Bear in mind that he wants to enjoy every second of making love with you because that is what makes him masculine the most. Be prepared for a lot of orgasms because he is very good at using his tongue.


7. Take it slow

Whatever you do with a man like this, make sure that it is slow. Undress slowly, talk slowly, and dance slowly. He just wants to capture every moment with you and he will cherish that memory and keep it in his mind forever. He wants to enjoy every touch, every smell, and every moan of yours. He wants to feel that he has you and that you are completely his. This is a big turn on for a Taurus man so make sure that you don’t forget that. So, if you want to keep him only yours, do things slowly in the bedroom. He will know how to appreciate that and I am sure that he will know to return the favor.


8. Be honest

If you want to turn on a Taurus man in bed, make sure that you are honest all the time. If you think that you will turn him on by telling him how big his dick is, forget about that. He knows his body better than you and he knows his size. So, in the end, it can just make him feel sad because he won’t feel good enough for you. Instead, tell him that his size is perfect for you. That is something that he will appreciate and he will know that you really always say what you think. Therefore, you are the ideal woman for him.


9. Tease him

What is better than good, old-fashioned teasing to seduce a man? Try to think of some things that you could use in teasing him. Undress and dress again in front of him, ask him what he wants to do with you, or what he wants you to do to him. Also, make sure that you are talking slowly all the time, looking him straight into his eyes. Be confident and show him who the real master is. After he sees that you are the master in running that game in the sheets, he will choose you and only you. And when I say choose, I mean that he will choose you not only once that night.


10. Show your vulnerability

A Taurus man likes to be protective, like all men. So, if you want to take your relationship to a whole new level, show him your emotions. Show him that what you feel for him is real and that no other man is above him. Let him know the real you with all your pros and cons. It is true that he likes some wild sex but underneath it all, he wants a woman whom he will take care of when all the adrenaline from making love has gone. He wants to protect you and he wants to feel that you are a human being and not just a sex machine! Because, even if it doesn’t look like that, he is just a good soul who is looking for a woman who can be his partner through life.



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