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10 Signs You’re The One Who Cares More In A Relationship


When we’re in love, it’s normal that we want to do everything to make our significant other happy. It’s in our human nature. We finally decide to let someone in, to trust our heart with someone, but what do you do when out of the blue the thought of being the only one who cares starts haunting you? At some point, we all ask ourselves this question. But how do you know if you’re in a one-sided relationship? Here are the most common telltale signs that it’s time to give up on the relationship and save yourself from another heartbreak.



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1. You initiate most of the communication

You’re the first to text, to call and to plan evening dates and meetings. You’re the only one who shows any desire to keep in touch, and if you don’t do so, days pass by where you don’t see each other or even exchange a single word.

2. He keeps you away from important people

This is a major red flag. If he has family members or friends he cares about, and he talks to you about them, but you haven’t met them or they don’t even know your name, he has no plans to stick around in that relationship.

3. You feel the need to apologize for things – all the time

If you are truly in a one-sided relationship, then your partner could be a true pro at guilt-tripping and making you feel bad about every little thing, such as being emotional or asking questions about things that are bothering you. You feel the need to apologize for being you, for wondering where that relationship is heading and every other little thing that doesn’t fit into his plans.

4. You have to ask for favors and small signs of affection

You have to ask for even the smallest of things, like a cup of coffee or dinner to be ready by the time you get home from work, because you’ll be too tired to cook it yourself. It gets especially hard when you start asking for a kiss, a hug or a bit of comfort. When someone truly cares about you, you don’t have to beg for their touch. When someone cares about you, they don’t really want to keep their hands off of you.

5. Plans together never move on from the planning stage

You have been talking about a getaway weekend, going to the movies or even for a simple dinner at a restaurant. But those plans never leave the planning stage, simply because you’re the only one who shows initiative, you’re the only one who cares about spending time together. He always has some kind of an excuse—he’s busy, he’s tired, he forgot, etc. Dangerous Words And Phrases That Kill A Man’s Attraction For You


6. He takes you for granted

Every time you do something special for him, no matter whether it’s a big or small gesture of love, you get that monotone, “Thanks”. Like you’re supposed to do that, you’re supposed to dance around him and his needs and your only purpose in life is to make him happy.

7. One-sided openness

You find yourself being the only one who’s talking about your life, your work or your past. He rarely talks about him, and even if he does, it’s usually some nonsense to get you to stop asking questions. If he’s not into sharing the story of his life with you, he could be already planning on an escape route.

8. You need to justify his behavior to your friends and family

You always have to make up excuses for him forgetting your birthday, or for not showing up for a family dinner. You have this need to reassure your friends and family, and yourself, that this relationship is right for you, that he really cares about you. But maybe it’s time to take those rose-colored shades off and look the ugly truth in the face. Are you the only one who tries and loves in this relationship?

9. You are constantly stressed out

A relationship should be a calm place where we can hide from the storms of life. But when your relationship becomes the number one cause of stress in your life, when you’re constantly on the edge, worrying about your relationship falling apart, or him getting angry again, it’s time to say, “I’m done” and put yourself first. Dangerous Words And Phrases That Kill A Man’s Attraction For You

10. You don’t touch anymore

We all crave someone’s touch, someone’s hug or kiss, someone’s love. But when all those little signs of love, like touching, hugging and kissing, begin to fade away, your love is also fading away along with them.



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