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10 Signs It’s Just An Attraction That’ll Fade

Some couples have “made for each other” written all over them. Perhaps it’s the way they seem to have eyes for no one else except each other. Or the way they can’t keep a lid on their love even when they are out in a public place.

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From the hugs they share to their sweet and creative ways of saying “I love you,” there’s something magical about their relationship. Something genuine. Almost like it’s made of star stuff! And then there’s the other kind of couple.

The ones who cannot keep their hands off of each other for even five minutes but don’t have anything in common beyond that intense spark.

The ones who get breathless with pain when their partner even suggests taking some time off the relationship to hang out with their buddies or do something just for themselves.

The ones who are willing to let go of their dreams and ambitions if it means being together forever.

Honestly, in the heat of love, it’s difficult to know whether we fall in the first category or the second. So here are 10 signs we are made for each other, and 10 that it’s just an intense attraction that will fade.

20Made For Each Other: Instant Connection When We Met For The First Time

Have you ever had a déjà-vu moment when you met someone? Almost like you have known them forever but can bet your bottom dollar you are meeting for the first time?

Well, couples who are made for each other know what we are talking about. Because you cannot forget a moment as charged and serendipitous as that!

How can you when your eyes zeroed in on this one person who looked kinda familiar but you are absolutely sure you have never met them before? And then when you start talking, the conversation between you flows like you have been best friends for years?

It truly is a real-life fairytale kinda moment.

19Just An Attraction: We Think He Is Perfect


Nobody is perfect. Not even our favorite role models. That’s why if you think he’s perfect, you are only attracted to him (intensely), but not in love with him yet.

After all, when we love someone truly, we can clearly see their flaws and the areas of life where they still need to grow. We know they’re not perfect, but we love them despite it. And, basically, we learn to deal.

But that’s not the case when we are trapped in the rush of an attraction. At that time even his farts can smell like roses, and we don’t realize we’re just imagining his perfection.

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18Made For Each Other: We Get Dreamy Eyed In His Presence


You know you are made for each other when everyone and everything fades away when you are together. You don’t have eyes for anyone else but each other. And what eyes they are!

All dreamy and full of love. As if you can’t believe your luck that you found each other in a world where one fateful moment could have placed you in two opposite ends of the planet!

Only, it didn’t. And somehow in a sea of 7.5 billion people, you still found each other.

No. It can’t be luck. It’s the opposite of star-crossed. It’s star-blessed, and we’re here for it.

17Just An Attraction: We Want Him To Never Leave Our Side


The Hollywood idea of romance is actually not romantic at all. It’s a sign of extremely low self-esteem.

Why? Because feeling empty on the inside and incomplete when you are alone and away from him is a sign that you actually don’t love yourself. And that you find your own company extremely off-putting.

And such a person cannot truly love another. After all, you should be your own best company and have things you enjoy doing solo.

So if closeness to him is the story of your life, your love for him is not real love. It’s just an intense attraction that will likely fade with time.


16Made For Each Other: Our Love Has Grown With Time


You know it’s true love when time does not diminish your love for each other. It just makes it grow stronger and change in new and exciting ways.

Almost as if each new discovery, each new story, and each new fight reveals something vital about the other that draws you in closer. Like a book of puzzles that keeps churning out delightfully new and interesting insights every single day.

And bonus points if you love them more for their flaws. Because you know it makes them human. And that makes your reality all that more wonderful than dreams can ever be!

15Just An Attraction: We Are Jealous Of His Friends, Sister, And Pet


If you are jealous of his friends, mom, sibling, or pet just because he spends so much time with them, it’s a big sign you are not in love but only attracted to him.

It’s because when we love someone we don’t feel threatened by the other important people in his life. We want to know them too. After all, there’s a chance we might like them too!

But it doesn’t have to be his inner circle members. If you get jealous every time he speaks to another woman, whether it’s a colleague or an acquaintance, that’s an even bigger sign that you are only attracted to him but not in love.


14Made For Each Other: We Have The Most-Insane Love Story Ever!


Honestly, if you are one of those rare couples who experienced a first-meeting deja vú, you win the most-insane love story prize. ‘Cause that moment is so magical even a hardcore scientist cannot deny there’s something fated about it.

But it’s okay if you didn’t share that kinda moment when you met. Because couples who are made for each other always (ALWAYS) have an incredible love story. Complete with high stakes of almost not meeting each other and genius strokes of luck!

Remember what we said about star-blessed lovers? Yup. That’s exactly it, and only truly in-love couples have the story to match.

13Just An Attraction: We Can’t Think Straight Around Him


To be honest, the honeymoon phase of love blinds everyone. Even couples who are made for each other. But if you can’t think straight even after the initial haze of romance fades away, it’s a sign that your love is not love, just an intense attraction.

Wondering what we mean by can’t think straight?

For example, when you realize both of you are not compatible but are still unable to break things off and go your separate ways. Just because you are low-key afraid you will wither away as an old maid!

Or, when your friends tell you they have noticed something weird about him, but you refuse to believe them even though they are your besties and have never lied to you before.


12Made For Each Other: We Can Finish Each Other’s Sentences


Nope, not a cliché. Just something our ancestors picked up on subconsciously when they were in the presence of couples who were made for each other. Just the way Newton figured out gravity when he asked himself why objects fall to the ground when thrown up instead of continuing on skywards.

After all, it’s not like they were taught these things in school.

So yeah, if you finish each other’s sentences, you definitely are made for each other. Because you cannot fake being so in-sync with each other. It’s either there or it’s not, and when it is, you can tell.

11Just An Attraction: We Have Lost Focus On Our Goals


It’s weird how romantic movies make it seem like giving up your dreams to be with your “one true love” is the most wonderful thing anyone can do. The entire plot of 17 Again is based on that!

Only, that particular movie also showed us what happens to people who give up their dreams for love. They become unsatisfied with life and start resenting their partner as the years go by.

So if you have lost focus on your goals and ambitions in life just because you felt they were taking you away from your bae, then yes, it’s a sign you are only attracted to this person and not, in fact, in love with him.


10Made For Each Other: We Remember Every Little Detail


Have you wondered why you cannot remember what you had for lunch five days back but know the exact thing you ate when you and your bae went out for the first dating anniversary? Or why you sometimes forget where you kept your car keys but remember in great detail how he likes to have his coffee?

It’s because when you love someone truly, every interaction between you is charged with emotions. And these emotions cement memories into your brain. So you never forget even the littlest, most-inconsequential thing you tell each other.

If that’s what your relationship is like, you definitely are made for each other.

9Just An Attraction: We Are Cool With Habits That Usually Annoy Us


Here’s a quick way to figure out whether you are only attracted to someone or in love with them. Just ask yourself if you would be okay if your best friend started behaving the way he does with you.

For example, would you be okay if your best friend came to your house and cluttered up the entire place and went away? Would you be okay if your best friend canceled on you at the last minute? Would you be okay if your best friend partied with other friends every single day and only came to you when she was sad and lonely?

If that answer is no, you are not in love but trapped in an infatuation.


8Made For Each Other: We Fight Fair And Makeup Fast


Arguments and fights are an inevitable part of all relationships. After all, no one’s 100% alike. That’s why we all rub up against our loved ones the wrong way one time or another.

So the fact that you and your bae fight is a good thing. It means you are not brushing important stuff under the rug.

But what makes a couple a true made-for-each-other couple is the way they fight when they fight. Which is, fairly and with a lot of respect for the other. Because how can you be mean to someone you love even if you have a problem with them? You just can’t!

7Just An Attraction: We Crash Emotionally As Soon As He Goes Home


When we are attracted to someone, our brain gets deluged by a lot of feel-good hormones. Like, phenylethylamine, dopamine, and endorphins. The only problem is, these hormones are extremely addictive in nature.

That’s why we crash so hard emotionally when our crush does not show up to school one day. Or when our first date with him ends.

So if you still crash hard whenever he has to go back home or cannot speak to you (if you are in a long-distance relationship), it’s because you are trapped in an intense attraction which hasn’t translated into love yet.

6Made For Each Other: The Butterflies Are Still There


Honestly, this is the biggest sign you are made for each other. Because the truth is, most couples lose the spark after a few years of being together.

So if you still get butterflies in your stomach when he looks at you or he feels that rush when you hold his hand even though you have been together for more than seven years now, it’s because you are true soulmates and are lucky to have found your perfect match.

And no, there’s no way you can jinx it by talking about it. That’s not how star-blessed love stories really work!

5Just An Attraction: We Know What He Shared On Social Media 5 Years Back


To be honest, nobody can beat a girl when she decides to find out everything about someone. Everything! And that includes the person she has a huge crush on.

Doesn’t matter whether she knows his name or not. She will somehow find him on social media and know everything about him.

So if you still dig through his social media religiously even after being together, it’s a sign that you are intensely attracted to him and want to know everything. He’s like a puzzle you want to solve. And usually, in such cases, the attraction fades away once you feel you have learned enough.


4Made For Each Other: We Know We Will Be Together In The Future


When you are with someone for a considerable amount of time–and that can mean different things for different people–you always wonder if both of you are on the same page about your future. And it’s a rush when you find out you both are.

But that’s not how it is for couples who are made for each other.

Why? Because they know they will be together in the future without even having that discussion. They can feel it in their gut. Which is why they don’t leave such conversations for later but have them as soon as they can.

After all, they are not inhibited by the fear of rejection that most committed couples still feel.

3Just An Attraction: We Drop Everything Just To Be With Him


Were you going to a friend’s birthday party but decided to drop it because he wanted to hang out? Wanted to catch up on your studies but have put your books aside because now’s the only time he can speak to you? Planning to have a quiet weekend all to yourself but are now going to his fifth cousin twice removed’s wedding because he really wanted you to go with him?

These are all signs that you are intensely attracted and cannot control your impulses when it comes to him. And that’s not a good thing. Because it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important this way.


2Made For Each Other: There Are No Secrets


You know you are made for each other when you don’t keep any secrets from each other. At least, not intentionally.

What does that mean? Just that both of you are very open about your past with each other. Right down to the sordid skeletons in your family closets. And are also open about how you feel.

So even if you don’t know everything about the other, you know that if it ever came up in a conversation, you would never hide the truth from your partner. And that’s what true love looks like. A complete opening up of the self with no shred of fear.

1Just An Attraction: We Can’t Focus On Real Life Anymore


And finally, one of the biggest signs you are only attracted to him intensely is, you cannot focus on your real life anymore.

How can you when your entire sleep-wake cycle has become skewed from your late-night talks? When you drop everything to be with him. Even your friends. When all you want now is a happy ever after even if it’s getting in the way of your dreams.

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So yes, infatuation can make us lose sight of what’s important since our vision is clouded and hazy. Love never does that.

After all, love makes life better than your dreams. Not less than it.


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