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Your Worst Personality Traits Based On Your Zodiac Sign



Horoscopes tend to sugar coat our fortunes based on our zodiac signs. They talk about the great things that are going to happen to us and how wonderful we are.

What they don’t usually talk about are the ways we might be kind of insufferable. We learn a lot more about ourselves from our weak points, not our strong points.

When is the last time you read a horoscope that didn’t just give you a bunch of vague, positive statements? Keep in mind, this is just for fun, but this article is going to be a little more real.

So let’s get into it, here are the worst personality traits for each Zodiac sign.


You’re bossy, demanding, and at times arrogant. You can come off as combative and, if left unchecked, you suck to work for. Here’s a tip for you, Aries: chill out. Take a deep breath.

Lower your high expectations of others. Remember that you’re just one person of 7 billion.


Taurus, you’re reliable, but you’re also stunningly stubborn. You have an appetite for money and often steamroll people in your way. Try not too be vindictive with your stubbornness.


Gemini is both likable and two-faced. You tend to lose interest in people and things pretty easily. You can be a little bit immature at times too.



Cancer is so sensitive that they feel like life is a battleground. Cancers are moody to say the least and can lash out in anger especially easily. They often perceive people as attacking them. Remember, that’s almost never the case.


Leo are among the more vain and self-centered signs. You thrive on attention and require praise in order to be happy. Learn to be happy with yourself for once.


Virgo, I’ll put it bluntly. You’re a tightass. You’re a perfectionist, and when you think something is perfect and another disagrees, you tend to go off the deep end. Calm down and understand there will be faults.



Libra, you’re indecisive. Seriously. Make a decision. Please. It’s fine to fly by the seat of your pants sometimes.


Scorpio tends to be the most demanding and controlling over people and things. You hate change and have trouble forgiving. The latter in particular is something worth working on. Learn to let things go.


Sagittarius is a know it all, blunt, opinionated person. Yet at the same time, you’re detached, making cruelty come easy to you. Remember to feel empathy with others.



Capricorn is a total worrywort and is often way too rigid. Don’t spend so much time working, and definitely don’t give in to your using nature.


Pisces is the airhead of the zodiacs. You have trouble being a part of reality and it shows to the people around you. Imagination is good, but don’t forget your drive.


Aquarius is silent but deadly. You give people the cold shoulder when you’re mad and have trouble opening up. Learn to be forward with your thoughts.



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