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Will He Regret Losing Me? 7 Signs He Will & How To Make Him

Will he regret losing me? 

That’s the most frequent question every woman asks herself after ending a relationship.

In fact, some of us don’t even ask ourself, we take that question and turn it into a vow.

We swear to God that he WILL regret losing us.

Well, that’s anger and hurt talking.

That’s not exactly what we feel at that moment.

It’s more of a vindictive instinct rather than a true feeling.

When we get dumped, we only feel pain and humiliation.

We mope around, wondering how it all got to the point we are at now.

That can get pretty frustrating.


One moment, you have a best friend by your side and the next, you’re completely alone.

The next moment that best friend is not your friend anymore.

His title has become ex-boyfriend, your ex-boyfriend definitely responsible for losing you as he will realize later on.

So, yes… I have the answer to your question and the answer is YES!

He WILL regret losing a good woman like you. Stay with me to find out how to recognize when that moment comes.


1. He calls you often

Although he broke up with you, he is still in contact with you.

This can be interpreted in two ways.

Firstly, maybe he really doesn’t have any romantic feelings left for you but he wants to remain friends’ he wants to keep what you had alive and turn it into friendship.

Secondly, it’s very possible that he truly regrets his decision and that’s why he’s calling and texting you.

It’s very possible that all the friends stuff is pure BS and the true intention behind his behavior is simple—he wants you back.

The only way you’re going to find out what his intentions are is if you carefully look at his behavior and the reason why he chooses to do something related to you.

For example, why is he calling you?

How often is he calling you?

Is he calling you right after you broke up or a few weeks after?

The last question is particularly important.

The time he’s calling you has a great influence on what is really going on inside his mind.

For example, if he’s calling you right after you broke up, or the day after or even a week after, he is probably feeling guilty, which means it’s not real regret.

But if some time passes, two weeks or more, and he starts to call you then you should probably start thinking in ‘ex regret’ mode.


2. He knows he screwed things up with a good woman

Men sometimes don’t know how to appreciate something they have at that exact moment.

At that time, he has no idea he will be regretting whatever hasty decision he is making.

After breaking up with you, he will remember how spending time with you made his life more beautiful.

For some reason, he has given up on everything you had and now he aches for the serious relationship he had with you.

Maybe the timing wasn’t right for him, maybe he was too inexperienced to invest his time and love in you.

Whatever the reason is and it’s possible that he didn’t even have a reason, he is crying over the true love he once had.


3. He became a loner

Over time, he has retreated into his own life.

Whether in real life or on social media life, he tends to operate situations all by himself.

What does that mean? He stays away from people and he does everything he can all by himself.

He simply went ‘no contact‘.

And why is he doing that?

The simplest explanation and the one playing in your favor is he wants his ex back.

He is choosing to be alone to plant a message in your subconscious that he’s available for you to come back to him.

This could easily be classified as manipulation but desperate times seek desperate measures.

And he is really desperate in trying to win you back.


4. Now he knows you can do better

‘I want you back’ is his thoughts exactly.

When he was with you, he didn’t appreciate you.

He took you for granted because he didn’t think you were that special.

However, when he jumped into the dating pool, the tables turned.

Suddenly, he came to the realization that every time he would meet someone else, she wouldn’t be good enough, she wouldn’t be as nearly as perfect as you.

But that is something I’ve already talked about.

When men have things in their life, they don’t know how to appreciate them until they lose them.

You are exactly the same kind of thing and now he regrets making that terrible decision of breaking up with you.

Although, somewhere deep inside his mind, he wants what’s best for you, he is well aware that you are so much better than him and that you can do so much better.


5. He goes on a drunken spree

Something is bothering him and he’s drowning his sorrows in alcohol.

He’s acting all crazy, talking to strange women in bars.

Naturally, his friends would say that he’s moving on, trying to find someone else because he’s completely over you, which is so far away from the actual truth.

Men who drink continuously and flirt with other women every night are men who are deeply unhappy.

He is trying to fill the void he has from the moment he broke up with you.

This proves to be true even more if he drunk-dials you.

All of his drunken attempts to hit on other women are actually cries for help.

He will never sleep with anyone, nor will he hit on other women.

The only one he wants is you and he’s regretting he let you go in the first place.


6. His social media posts are suspicious

His Facebook posts, his Tweets or his Instagram pics are designed to look he’s having the best time ever.

Don’t fall for the cheapest trick in the book.

The harsh reality is that he is not having a good time, he just wants you and everybody else to think that.

Because the truth is far more complicated than it seems.

The truth is he’s hurting and regretting he ever let you go.

That false happiness is designed to deceive people who don’t know him that well.

You are not one of those people and if you look closely, you’ll notice that something’s wrong with his posts.

Maybe they even seem too happy, far happier than they should.

So, the next time you open up his profile to do some snooping, leave your emotions behind because he’s aiming right at them.

He’s manipulating you into thinking he doesn’t need you and he never needed you.


7. He’ll go after your best friend for information

Be positive that he will be suspiciously close to your best friend. He will stay in contact with you too but he won’t be able to ask you all kinds of information he wants to know about you, e.g. how you’re doing and how you’re handling him not being around.

For that, he has a different plan.

He’s coming after your best friend and not only them but all the people who know you and are around you.

To convince yourself that he is indeed regretting his stupid decision of leaving you, ask around to confirm your suspicions.

If he’s contacting your best friend, then you shouldn’t have second thoughts about your assumptions.

Now that you know the signs he’s regretting he left you, you can decide what to do next. 

If it turns out that he is truly sorry he left, your decision is the most important one in that scenario.

Is he worthy of you coming back or are you going to move on with your life after having the closure that you needed?

Or is it the other way around?

Is he cold-blooded and doesn’t give the slightest damn that you’re no longer together?

If that’s the case, you can take care of it without any fuss.

You can make him regret losing you.

Before I write anything else, I want you to know that you shouldn’t give a sh*t about someone who hurt you or disrespected you.

But I’m a woman and I understand.

I know that you’re burning with desire to get an answer to that question of whether he regrets losing you.

We all do, in fact.

We are all human. We all have blood running through our veins and we all feel pain.

If this question doesn’t bother you then you have to think hard about if something’s wrong with you.

If this is the first time something like this happened to you, read carefully how to make him regret losing you:


1. Get your ex-boyfriend back by bringing up the good ol’ days

Make him regret losing you by bringing up your old memories.

Emotionally ambush him and leave him no choice but to want you back.

Play this tactic carefully because you don’t want to overdo it.

You don’t want to bring positive emotions from your relationship back to make them look forced.

They have to be presented with ease, so he doesn’t suspect that you’re planning anything.

Subtly remind him of the good times you’ve had and the places you visited.

Remind him of how you laughed together by bringing up the funny situations you’ve been in.

However, involving emotions doesn’t have to be limited only to good times.

If you’ve been through anything bad together, remind him how you were there for each other when you needed each other.

It’s important to bring back the memories which will make him realize what a catch you actually are.

Because flaws… we all have them.

No one can guarantee him that he will find a girl whose flaws won’t bother him.

2. Why did he fall for you in the first place?

Once again, bring back the old memories but this time turn up your confidence to the highest.

You had him once, you can have him again.

Just think hard about what you did the first time.

Maybe you’ve changed over time and he fell out of love with you.

Maybe all he wants is that old you back.

Take a look at what you were and bring that lady back!


3. Fill your life with positivity

Even if he left you, don’t be bitter.

Don’t be sad and don’t let anything bring you down.

Have you ever heard that bad energy brings out the negative in your life?

When you’re thinking about something negative, odds are that it’s actually going to happen to you.

So, out with the negativity, in with the positivity.

Being positive and having positive thoughts will definitely attract good things to happen to you.

You’ll even look different if you put your thoughts in order—you’ll become more attractive.

So, let’s wrap up everything we’ve been talking about.

Will he regret losing me, you wonder?

There are signs that clearly show that his decision was probably the worst one he ever made.

If you look at the signs and discover he is indeed regretting it, you can take the next step.

On the other hand, it’s possible he is completely fine with the two of you breaking up.

In that case, look for for different solutions.



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