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What True Love Is Like

Disney movies have ruined love for every little girl. At least, this is what the majority of grown princesses think when they first start to date, longing to be swept off their feet by the perfect Prince Charming and taken to a castle to live happily ever after, only to discover real life isn’t exactly like the movies.


Dating is about trial and error, accepting imperfections, and discovering what we can and cannot live without. Bottom line—no one is perfect.

However, true love does exist. It is rare, it is beautiful, and it is unlike any other kind of emotional connection. For these reasons, it’s largely misunderstood and impossible to adequately explain to anyone who has yet to experience it.

So, how does this love feel? For those who have been lucky enough to experience it, there really is no need for an explanation. You just know when you’ve met your soulmate. This individual…

Feels like your other half.
Understands you.
Makes you smile and laugh.
Makes your heart flutter for no reason.
Is impossible to get over if they get away.
Will come back if you let them go.

This person makes you feel unlike you have ever felt before, and you just can’t get enough. It
doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in, either. So, don’t let anyone convince you that you are too young to experience true love, that it’s ‘puppy love’ or nothing more than a passing teenage crush.

Believe them? Try letting your soulmate go. There is no greater tragedy for the heart. No matter how convincing your mind is, your heart just won’t let go. No matter how much time goes by, how much you evolve, how life changes, or how wonderful your new partner is, you will always feel the void of letting go of your soulmate.


And don’t even get me started on what happens when you hear their name in social circles! Does your heart skip a beat? Do people tell you they can see in your eyes what your words try to avoid? Do you cry when no one is looking? This is because you don’t want to hear about your ex’s new relationship, how happy they are, how great they’re doing, you just can’t hear this if you’re not there with them. It’s utterly devastating.

But, rest assured, oftentimes, life presents us with challenges or sets us on a misguided path so we can learn about ourselves and the world around us. Only in learning about ourselves and from these mistakes, do we grow and begin to understand what we truly want in life. And only when we know what we truly want can we appreciate the beauty of true love.


So, fear not, princess. There is light at the end of the tunnel…

If you have experienced true love and have made the mistake of letting this person go, they will come back. You see, life is a bit like the movies, after all, and true serendipity does exist. This is because true love is never one-sided. Everything you feel toward your soulmate is reciprocated. This is the very meaning of ‘soulmate’. You two cannot live without each other.

If your ‘first love’ is really meant to be your always love and your last love, it will happen. You two will be together again. There’s a reason why you had to spend some time apart, and you need to trust the process. Know that while you may not understand all the reasons at first, you will understand everything in time. Don’t give up. Have faith in a happy ending.



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