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What Kind Of Psycho Ex You Are Based On Your ( Zodiac Signs )


Some people believe wholeheartedly in the power of the twelve zodiac signs. The alignment of the stars during the moment of your birth is thought to have effect on your personality traits. Thus, reading the horoscopes might help you gain insight into what kind of person you are and what your future holds. The Zodiac signs reveal your good qualities as well as the unflattering traits you might also possess, and it might give you a glimpse at what kind of ex you will be when your relationship implodes. Not many of us can hold it together after a difficult breakup, but our personalities offer a small prediction of how we might react. When we are faced with the awfulness of a relationship coming to an end, it can highlight our very worst characteristics and amplify craziness we might have never even thought we possessed. Your Zodiac sign could be a good indicator of how you will handle yourself when the person you loved most in the world has suddenly tossed you aside. You might just be the out of control psycho ex you never imagined. Here is just a glimpse into the twelve Zodiac signs and how the traits of your sign might manifest during a breakup.


As the eleventh sign of the zodiac, these people are dreamers and original thinkers. They want to make the world a better place, and they are anything but ordinary. However, all that unique energy can make them eccentric, rebellious and even extremists. This can be problem some in the event of a jilted lover or even a normal break up. If you are an Aquarius, do you find yourself impulsive and contradictory? Do you have a “If I can’t have him, no one can,” kind of mentality? If you have a messy break up, don’t be surprised if that stubbornness turns into irrational vengeance that no one can talk you out of. That dreamer in you might be trying to talk you into believing that their is a fairy tale ending if only you could get your ex back, and if it doesn’t happen, that ugly superficialness sometimes associated with an Aquarius may override the many good characteristics. If your friends are telling you that you are being crazy, take a step back and ask yourself if maybe they are right.



The gentle, empathetic nature of a Pisces makes them kind hearted romantics. They tend to be loners more often and are easily affected by criticism. With a tendency towards sadness, a Pisces can fall into the trap of depression and find it hard to discover a way out. This means they can easily settle into a situation whether it is good or bad. If you happen to be a creative, deeply emotional, stereotypical Pisces, you might find yourself continuing to crawl back to a terrible ex. Despite the terrible circumstances of a relationship, those deep seeded emotional needs can turn you into a dog that doesn’t mind being kicked. Don’t become the crazy ex-girlfriend willing to make anything work with a significant other that is worthless. No one deserves to be treated poorly. It might be easy to fall apart after a breakup and get sucked into a depression and want to fight your way back…but don’t. Go find what you want in life and stop obsessing about that ex.



This zodiac sign is known for its lively and passionate people that know what they want. Wrapped up in all of that energy is a bold fearlessness that drives them to adventure and also makes them arrogant. If you are a strong, stubborn ram, break-ups can be explosive. Your confrontational manner and arrogance might blind you to your faults. If your significant other reveals what they find off putting about your personality, do you believe them? Or do you launch into an offensive attack and deflect their claims with things you hate about them? If you find yourself badmouthing your ex and trying to ruin them, is it because you really hate them? Or are you shielding yourself from the truth about why you broke up? It can be hard to hear negative things about ourselves, but if you don’t recognize those unflattering traits, you might continue to drive away romantic partners.


The Taurus tends to be pragmatic and dependable. They are patient people that have are relatable and aren’t often deterred by failures. Despite all of their practicality, they can be possessive and even materialistic. This sign might also turn others off with their laziness and their inability to be receptive to emotions. A Taurus also tends to be self indulgent and unable to accommodate the needs of others. Were you born between April 21st and May 21st? Then you could be the kind of psycho ex that is overcome with jealousy when your significant other calls it quits. That possessive and self indulgent behavior may skew your sense of reality, and deep down you really believe your ex wants you and can’t go on without you. However, all those intense feelings might subside when it comes down to actually doing something. That sneaky laziness might make you put it off and put it off until you eventually move on to your next object of desire.



This sign is for those born in the warmer months of the year, and they are known to have a sharp wit and intense intellect. They have a good sense of humor and can easily adapt to new situations. All that intellect also makes them great communicators with a soft spoken way of talking but a great deal of confidence. Geminis can talk most people into just about anything, and their happy go lucky enthusiasm can be infectious. Do you fall under the sign of the twins? You may have a lot of good traits that will help you in life, but watch out for the double edged sword. For all that intellect, you get bored easily. There is a flirtatious side that craves something new and exciting. You also find it hard to make up your mind and can become mistrustful. In a relationship, you might be the one with a wandering eye only to project that mistrust onto your partner and accuse them of being the cheater like a delusional psycho.



If you are a Cancer, you are one of the most difficult zodiac signs to get to know. You are deeply emotional and sentimental but reserved to a point that makes it challenging to know what you are truly thinking under it all. Even though you are guarded, you have an enormous amount of empathy and compassion for people. In relationships, you can be clingy, moody and too sensitive. Your intense anxiety might also be a major barrier in a relationship and feed into your restless nature. In a breakup you might find yourself desperate and depressed, the kind of person that pours over old love notes and photos much longer than you should. You might even be willing to accept ridiculous excuses from an ex just to get back together. Don’t be the crazed ex that can’t let go of that long soured relationship and will do anything to get them back.


As a Leo, you are probably a sunny personality full of energy and optimism. You have a well of kindness and a deep sense of loyalty to others. As a sign of the sun, you also have a tendency to be straightforward and don’t waste your time with mind games or lies. With all that positive energy and zodiac ties to the sun, you might even recognize your tendency to enjoy the spotlight. And even though honesty is usually the best policy, you can sometimes be harsh and say things that are more hurtful than necessary honesty. In relationships, you might find yourself aggressive and dominating. When it comes to breaking up, do you find yourself smearing your ex’s name, and slashing his tires? The sun does a lot of amazing things but it can also be dangerous. As a sign of the sun, you might be a brilliant ray of light that can also scorch people the moment you are angered.



Virgos are a precise bunch of people. Those born under this sign are often very intelligent and have a great attention to detail. They are reliable and practical as well as akin to perfection. Being so perfect doesn’t sound so bad, but if you are a Virgo, you might be overly critical and skeptical of others. When you date, your significant others might find you very high maintenance and overly fussy about everything. Do you find yourself being harsh and judgmental in relationships? Do you always think that you deserve better and after a breakup you feel like the blame falls completely on the other person? You might be the kind of ex that constantly thinks there are always greener pastures and write off your ex as unworthy of anyone. As a stubborn, fussy Virgo, you might be the kind of psycho ex that gets an inflated sense of self after each breakup making you more and more difficult in every new relationship.



Born as a Libra, you are a gentle person that loves to keep peace and harmony in your life. With a strong desire to maintain calm, you are eager to please others. You are kind, almost to a fault, and you can be very indecisive. This usually leads you to take a backseat in your relationships. You want to please everyone, and it really only ends up stressing you out. With your attention on the needs of everyone else, Libras don’t have a strong sense of self, and they can be easily influenced by others. During breakups, these traits can make it easy for you to be duped and brought back into an unhealthy relationship. You don’t even know what you want so you can fall victim to staying in relationships that aren’t worth your time or energy. As an ex, you might also be the type that can be manipulated and taken advantage of performing favors or loaning money even after your ex has moved on. They might know how much you want to please others and take advantage of that kind nature.


Are you an intense, self confident person? Are you a Scorpio? These people born under the eighth sign of the zodiac are very intense and fierce. They have a commanding presence and fiery passion. Scorpios have a wealth of ambition and plenty of loyalty, but the moment they are crossed they can become malicious and vengeful. They are also highly suspicious of others and very secretive. In addition to these bold characteristics, Scorpios can also be very argumentative. During a relationship, you might be the key to its demise if you are a Scorpio. Your controlling and demanding tendencies might put a strain on the delicate balance of a relationship. If your significant other walks out on you, this action might be a blow to your self confidence, and it could launch you into an all out revenge mission. Sometimes relationships don’t work out. Don’t let your hot Scorpio nature lead you down a dangerous path of anger and vengeance.



The great adventure seekers and wanderers are often born under the sign of the Sagittarius. They seek truth in the world and are constantly in pursuit of knowledge. With this constant pursuit, freedom is also very important to the Archer. For as energetic and fun-loving as the Sagittarius may seem, when you get to know them, there can be a whole other side. That zest for knowledge may make them seem like a know-it-all, and it may even manifest into narcissism. Are you a Sagittarius that has a difficult time in relationships? Do you find yourself restless and unable to commit to one person? You might be the kind of ex that drives people away with your unpredictable and inconsistent tendencies only to be blinded be your own narcissism and refuse to see your faults. If you are a Sagittarius, you might be the kind of ex that is more in love with yourself than anyone you have or will date.



These goats are balanced and stable people that have a lot of ambition and enjoy being in control. Their goal oriented nature makes them sensible and comfortable in their own skin. Yet, with a driven sense of self, this also makes them very selfish and even arrogant. Their need to be in control extends to people too, and they want to force others to be what they want. Capricorns can also become overwhelmed by pessimism and have a hard time seeing the good in life, making them prone to mood swings. These traits can be disastrous in a relationship. If you are negative little goat, you might be the kind of crazy ex that tries to control your significant other and make demands or even threats to get them to come back to you. As a Capricorn you might also enjoy mind games and try to burrow your way inside the head of your ex and make them believe they won’t be able to find anyone better than you.



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