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What Each Zodiac Sign Means When They Say ‘I Love You’


Ever wondered what your partner means when he/she speaks those three words which you so desperately want to hear from her/him? Well, a whole lot hides behind it when they utter those three beautiful words. Here is the answer to what they mean when they say ‘I love you’ as per zodiac.



Aries are the straightforward ones. They really mean it once they have decided on something, though arriving at the decision might take them some time. They are die-hard lovers.

Once they make a commitment, they can do anything for it. Extremely loyal and dedicated by nature, Aries are people worth keeping. So when they say ‘I love you’, they think you are everything to them.



Taureans are those the incredulous ones when it comes to relationships especially love. But once they bestow their trust in somebody, they are very loyal and do all they can to keep the relationships a forever bond.

Thus, if you ever hear these words from a Taurean, you should know that you are among the small list of people they really trust.


Though some Geminis might sometimes seem to speak a lot, they avoid speaking on matters that are too personal, since many a time they are not so sure about their own emotions.

Thus if you hear those three words from a Gemini, cheer up, you are among those that they are so sure about and whom they can open up. Seemingly social but actually private, when Geminis say ‘I love you’, it is no small an achievement.


Cancer are those who seem mischievous outside but are disciplined inside. They are deeply emotional people though they might not look like one. Their heart develops strong and bonds deeply.

Sometimes it might become overwhelming. So when a Cancerian says those three words before you, know that they are passionate about it and might want to spend the whole life with you.

LEO: JUL 23-AUG 22

Well, it would not be wrong if we say that winning Leo’s heart would be a tough and a praiseworthy achievement. They like everybody but do not fall in love with all of them.

While they might give you a compliment for your clothes and looks, it does not mean at all, that you have made a place in their heart. When they love somebody they are very sure about it and it might be their solely taken big decision.


Virgos want a safe and comfortable love life. They are so cautious that sometimes they might seem conservative. Well-planned Virgos mean that they are ready to commit to the relationship when they say ‘I love you’.

The organized life that they look forward to, needs honesty in the relationships. So when a Virgo says ‘I love you’, you should know they are referring to the long-term relationship and want you to be there only if you are serious about it.


Libra can understand your situation well enough, but the only problem they face is crossing their own wall of emotions. Once they are in love with you, they do all they can to keep the relationship going more than happily.

They are extremely honest and caring, not just in love but in all other relationships as well. Their ‘I love you ‘ means they understand you and need you in their life.


Generally, the manipulative and jealous Scorpios would not fall in love with you if you are among their competitors. When in a relationship, they will try to save you whether by hook or by crook.

They would not publicly showcase their affection for you. But inside their heart, they feel for you deeply when they utter those three words.


Sagittarians generally love freedom more than anything. They have a temperamental personality and get bored easily. When a Sagittarian says he/she loves you, his/her heart might be truly in love with you, but their restlessness might make the relationship short-lived.

But of course, that does not mean at all, they can not keep the relationship last longer.


The Capricorns are workaholics, ambitious and career conscious personalities. Success means a lot to them and they want no disturbance in their way. They get irritated easily if someone tries to come between them and their professional goals.

So when they say they ‘I love you’, believe that you are lucky enough, as they have chosen you to be as important as their profession.


Not much in favor of serious love and monogamy, the Aquarians might start dripping a little away when they think that the relationship has started becoming serious. Though, they will stay serious once they have deliberately decided to.

So when Aquarians say they are in love with you, both the cases are possible. While on one hand, they might not see the relationship as a lifelong one, on the other hand, they might give their whole self into it if they feel like.


The highly romantic Pisces are honest, caring and peaceful most of the times. They are emotional and the biggest part is that they can forgive you for almost anything. Probably that is the reason their partners are generally the ‘not-so-good humans ‘.

They find it hard not to forgive but once they decide to leave you, they might be so sure about it. So when they say they feel for you, they might mean to have accepted you the way you are.



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