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To The Girl Who’s Given More Second Chances Than She Can Count

You’ve always been the tough one. The one who could cut all ties with the toxic people who didn’t deserve a place in her life in the blink of an eye.

The one who never allowed people to play with her and the one who knew when it was time to say her final goodbye. The one who knew when it was time to forgive and when it was time to let go.

But everything is different with this guy. He is the only person you could never sever that final tie with, even though you know you should have done so a long time ago.

He is the only person you could never really walk away from, even when you should have. The only man you were always ready to take back and the only man you’ve wasted years on, even though you knew the two of you never had a future together. The only man whom you have given more second chances than you can count, even though he didn’t deserve them.


The truth is that you’ve been cutting this man off ever since you can remember. That you decided to finally call it quits a million times in the past.

But every time you decide to walk away for good, you think about all the beautiful memories you guys shared. You think that things might go back the way they used to be if you just give him another chance. Just one more shot to make things right and just one more opportunity for him to become the man you’ve always deserved for him to be.

For once in your life, be completely honest with yourself. How many of these second chances has this guy gotten? How many times have you sworn that this is the last one? How many times has he crushed all your dreams and hopes?

How many times has he begged you to take him back? How many false promises has he given you?

And what happened? Nothing. He always turned out to be the same man he’s always been. And he’ll remain that man forever.

So, what exactly are you waiting for to finally walk away from him? Why do you think that this time will be any different? Why do you think that he’ll realize what he is doing to you, that he’ll change and that the two of you will live happily ever after?


Are you aware that every time you give him another chance, you are just doing yourself more harm? That you are dragging yourself back into this endless circle of pain that’s been tearing you down? That you are only proving to this man that he can have you whenever he feels like it and that he can treat you the way he wants because you’ll always be there to forgive him with your arms open?

How many years have you wasted waiting for a miracle that will never come? How many chances for your own happiness have you missed out on because of this man who obviously never loved you enough?

I know it’s hard to give up on him, especially when he is always right there, one step away from you. I know it is difficult to walk away from someone who begs you not to do so. But it is something you simply have to do. And it is about time you do it.

I know you love him and I know you are convinced that you’ll spend eternity suffering for him. That your heart will remain forever broken and that you’ll always wonder what would have happened if you had given him just one more chance.


But the truth is different. Yes, it will hurt like hell the moment you really cut all ties. But that pain will be temporary and it will pass.

Not only that but getting rid of this sadness will open up the path to greater happiness. And when you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner, why you didn’t liberate yourself from these chains when this man blew the first second chance you gave him.

The moment you finally break yourself free from this agony is the moment in which you are allowing yourself to heal. And from that moment on, everything will be better.



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