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This Is When You Know You Need To Cut Him Out Of Your Life

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You’re going through a massively difficult break-up and the last thing you want to hear right now is how everything happens for a reason and similar clichés. You’re really not in the mood for those right now.

You’re exhausted, you’re in pain and you’re so tired of trying to find a reason behind this horrible break-up and why this always has to happen to you.

But you need to at least let yourself believe that even though it definitely doesn’t feel that way right now, this will end up being the best thing that could’ve happened to you.  


You will go through this thing, you will come out on top and you will survive. Like you always do. And when you do, you’ll see why this is exactly what you needed to be able to experience that once-in-a-lifetime happiness that is waiting for you.

At this very moment, words of encouragement don’t really mean much because you are just so tired of loving so deeply and committing one hundred percent to a guy who just left you like you meant nothing to him.

You can’t come to terms with the fact that someone you believed was going to be there for you can just leave in the blink of an eye. Life is really unfair and you’re sick and tired of things going to shit all the time.

You’re wondering how you will ever find someone whose body will make you tingle with excitement like his did and whose mind will stimulate yours with the most profound conversations and most beautiful sentiments.  

All you can think about is how unbelievably good you felt in his presence and you are consumed by the love you have for him and the lust that takes over you at the very thought of him.

This horrendous pain and emptiness you’re feeling right now is totally valid, so let yourself feel all of this and don’t fight it. Cry your tears and think your thoughts. Just don’t hold on to them for too long. They may lead to a dark path you don’t want to go down.

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You may not be aware of this right now but at this very moment, this unfortunate twist of fate is bringing out the badass chick you have inside you, in a weird, perverted way.

I understand that right now all you need are answers but heartbreak is something that you simply have to be able to accept for the unfortunate reality that it is, for it to work in your favor in the end. And believe me, it will.  

One day, when you let go of this anger you’re feeling right now, you will be able to see with more clarity the reality of your situation. You will be able to see it as a lesson learned. And you will see things for how they really were as opposed to how you may have emphasized it in your head.

Things that made absolutely no sense a few weeks ago will start to make sense. The reasons why it had to turn out this way will come to the surface and you will see it better than ever. You did love him and it was good for a period of time but things took a turn for the worst after a while, you just didn’t want to see it.  

But you see it now and you’re glad you do! Because now, you know exactly what to avoid doing and what to work on in order to find and maintain a healthy, long-term relationship.

A brutal heartbreak is really just a blessing in disguise. In the end, it always shows you what you’re made of and makes you see how strong you really are.

And yes, heartbreak sucks, there’s no denying that. But it is here to teach you that the thing you really want is not always what your heart deserves.

At the end of the day, after surviving this and getting back to your old self, you will see that this heartbreak only made you tougher and showed you what a brave, strong, badass lady you really are.

And now you know you need to find a man who will know how to appreciate this incredible strength of yours and never leave you feeling this way again.    

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