These Zodiac Hates About The Holidays (Dating Edition) Chrsitmas

The holidays are going to look different this year — but on any other year, this is what you hate the most about the holiday season:


You hate working hard to find the perfect holiday present for someone who won’t tell you what the hell they want.


You hate awkward conversations with your partner’s relatives you barely know.


You hate having extra people to buy presents for (your in-laws and their siblings and their pets).


You hate sending out holiday cards to your partner’s family because you have to track down all their addresses.


You hate how every holiday movie is about love and not being alone during the holidays.


You hate feeling trapped, like you’re not allowed to break up with anyone during the holiday season.


You hate feeling like you have to be cheery the whole holiday season or you’re being a grinch.


You hate being dragged to your partner’s office parties where you don’t know anyone.


You hate running into people from your partner’s past in their hometown.


You hate the expectation to show up to family gatherings with a partner.


You hate cooking and baking and buying gifts to impress your partner’s parents.


You hate having to spit the time between your family and your partner’s family.


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