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These Are Your Top 3 Bad Habits, According To Your Zodiac Sign


1. You act before taking the time to think 

This has gotten you into trouble more times than you can count. This was the very thing that caused a few of your work, social, and romantic relationships to break.

2. You cut in when somebody else is speaking 

When you have something to say, you have to say it now. You don’t pay attention to anybody else speaking, and you shamelessly interrupt. It’s rude, to say the least.

3. Caffeine addiction

Every zodiac sign has its addiction; yours is definitely coffee.

Your hardworking and ambitious nature doesn’t allow you to sleep as much as you want, so you drink a lot of coffee to stay up and work on your projects.

This bad habit is only affecting you in a negative way. Slow down a little before you get ill. Work won’t go anywhere.


1. Shopping

For you, shopping is a form of therapy, but if you are not careful, you are known to cross your credit card limit in no time, and that leaves you broke for the rest of the month. It’s not a great feeling, is it? Be careful with that.

2. Overreacting 

You’ve been accused of this bad habit a lot of times. You tend to jump to conclusions or misinterpret things people say. Try to listen before you react, and you will have much better results.

3. Fearing change 

Small changes you can handle; big ones not so much. Change is not something that sits well with you. That’s why you often get stuck at a lousy job or in the wrong relationship.

This is a bad habit you need to quit. Try to step out of your comfort zone, and you will see that change can actually be a good thing.


1. You get bored easily 

There are a small number of things that can keep your attention, but if they can’t, you are already on the next thing.

There are always half-finished projects because you can’t force yourself to do what’s necessary if it’s boring.

2. Overthinking 

When you overthink, you take it to the next level, and you overthink the reasons of your overthinking.

All in all, it usually makes you create problems where there aren’t any.

3. Gossiping 

Geminis are great storytellers. They can memorize a lot of information and a unique way of transmitting it. So if you are not careful, you can become a real gossip girl, and the stars have everything to do with that.


1. Worrying and not doing anything to change that 

You are a worrier by nature. If you feel anxious about the situation you are in, you will keep on worrying before circumstances force you to change something.

It’s time to quit this bad habit and be more proactive in your life. You are not as helpless as you believe.

2. Bottling up your feelings 

On the outside, you are all fun and perky. On the inside, you are one big bundle of stress and resentment.

Face your feelings, negative situations and toxic people. Don’t hold it in because you are bound to burst, and it won’t be pretty.

3. You are too sensitive

You are empathic and emotional which is a great trait, but you take it too far. You keep everything too close to your heart even when there is no reason to do so. It’s time you grew a thicker skin.


1. Too competitive

Nobody wants to be on your team because you are a sore loser.

You just can’t stand defeat, and people around you can’t stand you when you get like that.

It’s OK to want to be the best, but try not to take the fun out of something that should be fun.

2. Oversharing on social media 

Whether you like to admit it or not, you have a lot of moments in which you simply misuse the share button.

Your Instagram stories are packed with pics and videos of your recent adventure. Everybody knows where you’ve been and what you had to eat, and it’s all a bit too much.

3. Taking things too personally

Nobody would ever take you as someone whose feelings are hurt easily, but you have a soft heart underneath that tough exterior. You are easily upset by the things people say or do, and more often than not, you believe their behavior has something to do with you even when it really doesn’t.


1. Nit-picking 

You are a perfectionist by nature, and you simply can’t help yourself. You find fault in everything anybody else does, and you criticize them for it.

Not everyone can behave or do things the way you imagined them.

2. Procrastination 

Although you have remarkable organizational skills, you are prone to putting things off until the last moment because they are not interesting.

Sadly, not everything can be interesting, and delaying them will make things worse. Procrastination will come back and bite you hard.

3. Self-criticism 

As a Virgo, you are hardest on yourself. You expect a lot from yourself in both your work and private life, and you are taking it too far.

Go easy on yourself. Not everything can be perfect—not even you.


1. Inability to say “NO!”

As a Libra, you care a lot for other people and their feelings, and that’s exactly why you find yourself unable to say no when you know you should.

You end up going places you don’t feel like going to and socializing with people that drain your energy—not to mention that you postpone your own stuff in the process.

Do yourself a favor and say ‘NO!’ to people when it needs to be said.

2. Avoiding conflict 

Even though you can’t stand conflict, you will learn that some things demand it.

Otherwise, you allow people to stumble all over you. So don’t be afraid to fight and bicker when it’s necessary.

3. Lazy 

Once you kick into your lazy mode, there is hardly anything that can move you, so you end up paying the high price for all the things you haven’t done when you were supposed to.


1. Obsessing 

As a Scorpio, you obsess pretty much about everything. The worst is when your obsession is a person. You can’t get them out of your mind no matter what you do.

2. Controlling

You don’t like to admit it, but you get overly controlling at times. This is a case with every segment of your life.

Try to find a way to loosen up a bit. Your controlling nature can be the thing ruining your relationships.

3. Closed book

While your veil of mystery can be interesting and seductive to other people as they are getting to know you, it can also cool them off as the relationship progresses.

If you want something meaningful, you have to let people in regardless of the risks.


1. No filter 

While you don’t have the intention to hurt anybody, you can be brutally honest with your words and offend other people.

Not everything needs to be said. Count to ten, and think before you speak.

2. No patience

When you want something, you want it right now, and you can’t wait. Sometimes you do a lot of damage by rushing things. Try to slow yourself down.

3. Breaking your promises 

You don’t like the feeling of being tied down with schedules or plans, but at the same time, you hate saying ‘No’ to people.

That’s why you make a lot of promises you don’t keep or forget to keep. You love having the freedom to do what you want when you want it.


1. Overwhelmed with thinking 

You often stay up at night when you have a problem or your feelings are hurt.

You want to solve the situation, but you don’t know how, and your thoughts can’t stop running. You will figure out sooner or later that not everything is in your hands.

2. Overworked

You are ambitious and driven, and that is both your blessing and your curse.

You don’t know when enough is enough. Remember to rest from time to time. Work won’t go anywhere.

3. Being negative 

You will probably have a hard time admitting it to yourself, but you are always that one person who emphasizes the negative aspects of the situation. If you start complaining, there is no stopping you.


1. Getting lost online 

Dawn is breaking, and you are glued to your phone watching YouTube, Facebook or Instagram posts.

It’s the same with online video games. Once you start, you don’t know how to stop, and you can’t function properly in the morning.

2. Spacing out 

When you are overwhelmed with thoughts, you have a habit of losing yourself in them.

You are physically present, but you are not participating. You are doing it unintentionally, but it’s rude towards people you care about. Try to be present.

3. Jumping to conclusions

Although you are really open towards new ideas and other people’s opinions, once your mind is fixed and once you come to a conclusion about something or someone, there is no changing your mind, which usually leads you to unnecessary fights and arguments.


1.  Getting lost in a fantasy land 

Your imagination and ability to dream of nice things is admirable. Sadly, the reality is usually not so pretty.

You shouldn’t romanticize certain people and situations. Try to look with your mind not your heart because some might hurt you.

2. Spending money like you have it piled up somewhere 

Unnecessarily spending money is your profession. Before the end of the month, your cards are maxed out.

You always say you will make a financial plan, but you never do. It’s time to make a plan and smarter choices.

3. Postponing 

You delay all your tasks and obligations as long as you can. You procrastinate and leave things to later until you have a million little things to do at once. Try to do most of them on time, and you will be stress-free.



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