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These Are The 25 Things He Says Or Does When He’s In Love With Her 

Chances are, if you’re reading this right now, you’re lying in bed at night reading love horoscopes and perhaps you’re swinging back and forth wondering if he loves you or not.
Is it because your boyfriend still has not professed his feelings for you verbally? Is it because you are so confused about the way he acts around you? We always want to hear those three words to feel bliss and confirm to ourselves that he is in love, but little do we know there are so many ways guys say “I love you” without saying a single word.By any chance, has this man brought you coffee in bed? Has he invited you to stay over at his place and then made you pancakes for breakfast? You might have found the pot of gold without even realizing it!

The problem with men is that they’re not as vocal about their feelings, and some find deep difficulty in trying to express their emotions. But, just because he hasn’t said those three little words, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

Here are 20 things he might do that show his love, without him having to say he loves you.

25She Talks? He Listens Carefully

If he has been silent and kept the three words on the down-low, do not fret it; this does not mean that he has no feelings for you.

The next time you’re with your love interest, pay attention to him when you talk to him. If a man really cares for you, every time you open your mouth to talk, it will be vital for him to listen intently.

24All Eyes Are On His Partner

Does he look at you like you’re some mystical creature? Does he look at you like you’re his entire world?

If so, then that is all you need to believe that he has feelings for you. It’s important that you’re able to differentiate a look of lust from a look of love, though.

If he is in love with you, it will be a look of awe; he will look at you like you’re the most beautiful person on the planet. He won’t be able to stop gazing at you. Even if there are a million people in the room, you’ll feel his eyes on you.

23He Gets Nervous When His Girlfriend’s Around

When a man’s in love with a woman, he’ll likely get a little nervous around her. He might fidget or run his hands through his hair. If he does this sort of thing around you, it’s a good sign he has strong feelings for you. Aww, its really sweet! Once he gets more comfortable around you, he’ll start to behave a bit more comfortably, so don’t miss those early signs that he loves you.

22He Is Always By Her Side

Life is not always sunshine and rainbows, so one way to tell if a man really loves you is when one of your ships sink. If something bad happens in your life, you’ll want to pay attention to how he responds to the crisis. If he loves you, he will constantly assure you that he is there for you. You’ll feel that he’s supporting you, no matter what.

21He Lingers Around

If you guys engage in an activity together and he’s always close by, it’s a sign of love. He wants to be close to you. He might even find reasons to be close to you, such as by helping you cook a meal or walking your dogs with you at the end of a busy day. He might also find reasons to touch you, such as by brushing his arm against yours or taking your hand during a walk.

20He Laughs At Just About Anything

You might not find this point as critical when you first think of it, but it actually is. Straight and simple, if a man is in love with you, ladies, he will laugh more than usual. He’ll make you feel like the funniest and most entertaining person in the world, and that’s because he just sees the good in you. That is a definite sign of love!


19He Does Not Shy Away From His Feelings

When it comes to opening up, for men it can be a foreign concept. So, if a man can open up to you and tell you how he feels about you, he’s really showing that he’s in love with you. He doesn’t have to say those three words, but he’ll give you compliments and go out of his way to tell you how much value you bring to his life. And, if you notice that he is confiding in you instead of his friends ― cha-ching, you’ve got his heart.

18He Goes Out Of His Way

Do you feel like he goes out of the way to make time for you?

Keep in mind that everybody is busy with their own lives, whether that involves doing their work or other priorities to which they need to attend, so if he is making a point of always being in your company, it means more than words.

When a man is into you, and more than just friends, spending time with you will automatically become a priority.

He will make room for you in his schedule.


17He Squeezes His Partner’s Hand

Men do tend to try and show you how much they love you, because sometimes, words just won’t cut it. When you start thinking about it, there are probably tons of things the man you adore is doing to show his love that you have not caught on to. And, one of them is as simple as holding hands.

If a man is holding your hand in public, he is showing the world that you’re his girlfriend. Without saying “I love you,” he is making it clear that you are his beloved.

He should be proud to be the man by your side.

16He Just Cannot Stop Smiling

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When you’re with him, do you find yourself smiling for no reason at all? Probably because you’re head over heels in love with him, right?

Surprise, surprise, the same applies with men.

If he is with you, and he feels silly because he just can’t stop smiling, and you notice he does, guess what? He got bit by the lovebug. If you both exchange a kiss, and after that, you catch him smiling at you intensely, it’s a sign of love.


15He Rings In

Is he calling you “just because”? A sign that he is in love and has the hots for you, is if he is texting and calling you for no real reason.

You might not hear from him all day because he is caught up in life, and you’ll feel bummed out, but then he’ll dial your digits just to talk to you. This is an obvious sign that he cares for you, as he wants to check up on how you are and hear the sound of your loving voice. If he did not think about you throughout his day, he would not make the call.

14He Always Wants To Show Affection

If a man is always gesturing to touch you, whether it be holding your hand, rubbing your back or putting his arm around your shoulders, he’s very into you. Physical touch is a way of connecting with you. He doesn’t have to engage in lots of PDA, but subtle affection goes a long way to showing you how he feels about you.

13He Talks About A Bright Future With His Partner

If a man starts making future plans with you, it’s a clear sign that he loves you. He doesn’t have to tell you that he loves you for you to get a clear message of where he stands. If he is afraid of committing you, then he evidently will not discuss the future with you. So, yes, if he’s planning a beautiful and bright future with you in it, he’s definitely in love and sees long-term relationship potential.

12He Brings His Partner Into His Social Circle

If you find yourself constantly getting introduced to his friends, well, you are more than just a friend to him.

The boys are very important in any man’s life, and if he is scared to say the “L” word, he’ll show his fondness for you instead by making you meet his gang. 

Bonus points if his friends like you and enjoy your company. This means that they know how much you mean to him and they’ve embraced you as one of their own.

11He Arranges His Posture

A guy might do this without you even noticing, but pay attention to his posture when you spend time with him. Does he slouch or stand up straight? If you see him always standing up straight, he’s paying attention to you and paying attention to how he looks around you because he wants to impress you. Those are really good signs that he’s got feelings for you.

10He Gives Up Things For His One True Love

You have found yourself a real Prince Charming if he has stopped going out partying to spend his nights at home with you! If you met this guy and his priority was to always hit the bars with his friends on the weekends, but now he’d rather spend time inside with you playing a game or cooking up a storm, you have got some real love in your relationship. No guy will just ditch hanging with his friends if he’s only casually dating the woman in his life.

9He Treats Her With Sentimental Gifts

If, by any chance, he still has not declared his love for you, pay attention to what gifts he gives you. If his gifts are meaningful and it’s clear that he’s paid great attention to buying you something that he knows you’ll appreciate, this means a lot more than the value of the  material gift. He’s paying attention to what you say. He’s making an effort to show you how much he loves you.

8He Makes His Partner Win

Many men can be competitive, but they turn into softies when it comes to the women they love. If he’s letting you win, whether during conversation or a sports game, you’ve got him under your spell. He might also be trying to impress you and flatter you, which is a sign that he’s going the extra mile to win you over.

7His Casa Becomes Her Casa

Is your man making his own little drawer of stuff at your place, and letting you leave your things at his apartment? Are you questioning his feelings for you? We’re here to give you a reality check: he wants to be with you and is crazy in love!

He won’t just open up his personal space for anybody.

If he’s letting you move in, such as by freeing up some cupboard space in his bedroom for you, he’s making it clear that he wants to commit to you.

6He Makes His Girlfriend A Priority

If he puts you first, then you should not question his love for you. We get it, he still has not murmured those words you’ve been longing to hear, but an action like this speaks louder than words.

If you have never known real love, listen to this: if he puts your happiness before his, that is love.

Men will always feel like they want to make their women happy, which means they will push their own feelings aside for their partners.

5He Works On Himself

It’s never a good idea to try to change your partner, and it doesn’t work. However, a man can and will make himself better for you if he wants to be with you. Pay attention to what he does. If he works hard at improving himself and becoming a better man, those are good signs that he wants to keep you around. He wants to make you happy.

4He Starts Doing Things His Partner Loves

He doesn’t have to like everything you like or take on all your hobbies, but if he makes an effort to do things you like to do now and then, that’s a good sign he’s making an effort to meet you halfway and be part of your world. So, he might be keen on watching romcoms with you or going to the spa for a heavenly scrub or treatment. It’s so much fun because you get to share real quality time together, and that’s what he’s after.


3He Caters To His Partner

You had a stressful day at work and your boyfriend offers to cook for you or he runs you a pampering bath. You know what this means? He loves you. Just like you would spoil him if he had a bad day, he’s doing the same thing for you because he wants to make you happy. He doesn’t have to go OTT with pampering you, though. Even if he just listens to you rant about the stress you experienced, it shows that he cares.

2He Takes His Girlfriend Back Home To Visit The Family

If a man, without even being forced to, decides to take you home to meet his mom, he’s clearly in your relationship for the long haul. It’s not a small thing for him to introduce you to his loved ones. If he’s taking that step, it’s a big leap in your relationship and shows you that he loves you. Yup, it’s a huge deal, so don’t take it lightly or doubt his feelings for you.

1He Hates Being Apart From His Partner

If a man starts missing you and expresses this to you, it’s a clear sign that he’s getting strong feelings for you. If he never tried to reach out to you when you’re not together, that means that you’re never on his mind. He might be fine with not checking in to see how you’re doing. But, if he calls or texts to tell you that he’s thinking about, or missing, you, that’s a sure sign he’s in love – and he cannot live without you.



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