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These are 8 signs that he is playing with your feelings

If you happen to be dating a guy and he has told you that he has cheated on women in the past, how would you feel? Well, maybe you would be appreciative of the fact that he’s staying honest with you.

And you would also probably think about whether that means it’s likely for him to cheat on you once more. There are some men who would only ever really cheat once and then never again.

And sometimes, relationships can even come out stronger after a single episode of cheating and infidelity. Maybe your man is just like that. Maybe he has cheated once in the past, learned from it, and no longer engages in shady behavior.

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But what if he is still a cheater and he’s only gotten better at hiding it from people?

Sure, you could risk just becoming the crazy girlfriend who copes with all the suspicions by spying on your man and invading his privacy all the time.

You can even take it a step further by hiring a private investigator to just tail him around 24/7. Or what if you took a more subtle approach to look into his life?

There are a few signs that you can be keeping an eye out for. If he exhibits a lot of these signs, it’s likely that he’s still a cheater and you have to be really careful.

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1. He doesn’t really introduce you to the people in your life.

He doesn’t want to introduce you to the people in his life for one simple reason: he’s trying to keep you hidden. He doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s in a relationship with you because that would take him off the market. You should never really be too trusting of a guy who is very secretive about his relationship with you.

2. He’s unavailable to you a lot of the time.

What kind of relationship do you have if you just can’t seem to grab a hold of your boyfriend whenever the two of you are apart? It’s as if he’s making a deliberate effort to be unreachable. And that’s always going to be a cause for concern for the both of you. You can never really be too happy about being with someone who doesn’t want to be found.

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3. He always guards his phone from you.

He knows that there is a lot of incriminating evidence that you would find on his phone about his unfaithful adventures. He would never want to give you the ammo that you need to accuse him of being unfaithful to you.

That’s why he’ always going to do his best to make sure that his phone is practically Fort Knox to you.

4. He gets hot and cold with his treatment of you.

He doesn’t really show any consistency with you in your relationship. He is always so very chill and nonchalant. It’s as if he’s not really so invested in the state of your relationship at all.

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He only ever shows up when it’s convenient. And that’s because he’s getting fulfillment from other sources – maybe from other women behind your back.

5. He surrounds himself with guys who cheat on their girls.

You should always believe them when they say that you typically become the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. And if he’s always spending his time around men who cheat on their women, then that can’t be good for you at all. It shows that he’s okay with keeping the company of people who believe that cheating in relationships is acceptable.

6. He cheated on someone else with you.

If you have tried being “the other woman” to him in the past, you shouldn’t be so sure that he isn’t going to have another woman if he’s with you in the future. Sometimes, it can be really hard for a cheater to change. And if he has cheated with you while being with someone else, you can’t expect the karma to be good for you either.

7. He is unapologetic about cheating in the past.

Sometimes, people make mistakes. And when they learn from those mistakes, then it absolves them of their sins somewhat. However, it’s important that they are able to apologize for it. They have to exhibit remorse and regret to show that they are truly sorry about their faults. But if he’s unapologetic about cheating in the past. It might prove that he isn’t going to be shy about cheating on you in the future.

8. He refuses to seek therapy with you.

And lastly, if he refuses to seek therapy with you about his unfaithful escapades, then that shows that he’s a man who doesn’t want to be cured of his sickness. You should probably just dump him and try to move on to someone better.



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