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The One Emotion That Rules His World, A/c To His Zodiac Sign

Emotion is an unavoidable part of the human experience. Those feelings that rush to us sometimes make life harder than it would otherwise be, and they definitely complicate things. Who hasn’t done something silly because they were driven by feeling rather than by logic at least once? Emotions can be stressful, but the good ones—those undeniable feelings of joy, excitement, gratitude, and love—tend to make all the struggles worth it. There’s no escaping emotions, so we might as well embrace them.

Some people are naturally more emotional than others, and there are pros and cons to being both passionate and sensitive, and cool and composed. But everybody feels emotions at some point, to some degree. Even those who wouldn’t describe themselves as typically emotional have that one feeling they’re prone to. Thanks to a combination of factors, including their personalities and the circumstances of their lives, they can feel one emotion much more frequently, and much harder, than the others.

A person’s Astrological sign can be one of the factors that determine which emotion is present enough to totally rule someone’s world. Read on to find out which emotion he’s naturally predisposed to and most likely to spend a lot of time feeling.

The Fire Signs Live Based On Their Emotions

Some signs are more emotional than others, and the fire signs definitely fall into that category. Rather than living based off logical decisions, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius tend to follow their hearts.

These signs are extremely passionate and find it hard to ignore emotions when they pop up.

They tend to feel things more strongly and can often lash out without really meaning to because their emotions can overpower them. In particular, they’re prone to strong, fiery emotions like anger, but they also feel pride, ambition, and gratitude in abundance. Their lives are filled with emotions that rule their world.

Aries Is Hungry (And Not For Food)

Aries, the leader of all the Astro signs, is hungry in the sense that he is extremely ambitious. When he sets his mind to something, he won’t stop until he achieves it. This is one sign who follows through on his promises. He’s also not the type to be content with the simpler things in life—his dreams tend to be big, and he is always eager to see them realized. Of course, he’s also prone to being hungry for food, since he lives passionately and loves experiencing new flavors. But ambition drives him, and only the very best can satisfy his cravings.

Leo Is As Satisfied As The King Of The Jungle

Anybody who’s dated a Leo will tell you that this sign can’t help feeling proud. Those who have had negative experiences with him will tell you that he’s arrogant or cocky, but really, it’s just belief in himself and satisfaction in what he’s achieved.

He’s very good at looking at the bright side of life, so even when things don’t go totally according to plan, he finds a way to be proud of himself.

Anybody who struggles with loving themselves needs to take a page out of Leo’s book! He certainly knows how to feel good enough to hold his head high.

Most Of The Time, Sagittarius Feels Grateful

Sagittarius is a spiritual sign, which means he understands the importance of expressing gratitude and radiating positivity. Because of his natural sunny outlook on life, he feels grateful a lot. Even when it doesn’t look like things are going his way, he flips them around and finds something little to smile about. This sign is less ambitious than the other fire signs and is content with the simpler things in life, so he very often does have many reasons to smile. His gratitude is also infectious, and he usually encourages those around him to start giving thanks for the little things, too.

The Fire Signs Pretty Much Never Feel Self-Doubt

There are a few emotions that the fire signs are less likely to be overpowered by than others, and one of those is self-doubt.

At times they can feel insecure, but the majority of the time, the fire signs are extremely confident and sure of themselves.

Other signs would love to have the belief that the fire signs have in themselves. It gives them the courage to attempt things that others wouldn’t dare and chase their dreams, even when they seem really unrealistic. The fire signs don’t rely on people to support them as much because they have their own backs.

The Earth Signs Control Their Emotions

The earth signs—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn—win the prize for being the signs who have the most control over their emotions. Of course, they have feelings that get hurt from time to time, but these signs are very emotionally intelligent. In other words, they acknowledge their emotions without feeling compelled to respond to them in unhealthy ways. These signs are very good at thinking about the future and won’t do anything that will cause consequences down the track, like losing their temper and going off on somebody. Every now and then they have a slip-up but more often than not, they’re in charge of their emotions.

Taurus Feels Homesick, Even When He Doesn’t Travel

Taurus is prone to feeling homesick, and the funny thing is he doesn’t even need to be traveling for it to kick in. He craves the familiar and his usual routine, so if anything jeopardizes that, he starts feeling homesick in the sense that he misses the way things normally are.

He doesn’t like change and only wants what he knows.

Taurus isn’t great at adapting to new situations that are out of his comfort zone, but if they’re truly good for him, he’ll come around eventually. And he does like to travel, but his favorite part is always coming home at the end!

Virgo Is Ruled By Anticipation

They say that it’s nearly impossible to surprise a Virgo, and that’s because he’s basically always anticipating a number of situations. Being a classic over-thinker, this sign imagines all the outcomes for a situation in his head and plans for most of them, so you have to be very sneaky to be able to take him by surprise. A little bit of a worry-wart, he tends to obsess over things that he knows are coming and is always in a state of anticipation for something in the future. Once the future has come and gone, he’ll find something new to start preparing for and stressing over.

Capricorn Is Always Motivated

Some signs fall prey to the claws of procrastination when they need to get things done. Luckily for Capricorn, he is not one of them! This sign is always motivated to do what he set out to do. Even when he’s not feeling as passionate about it, he still has enough discipline and dedication to stick with it.

Because he’s almost always feeling motivated, this sign is never a quitter and never gives up.

In fact, he doesn’t really have a lot of time for people who do give up or don’t follow through on their promises, because he makes the effort to follow through in rain or shine.

The Earth Signs Pretty Much Never Feel Enraged

You could say that the earth signs are the cool and composed cucumbers in Astrology. The one emotion that they’re really not prone to is rage, and it takes a huge amount to work them up to it. They can be quite judgmental of other people, but don’t usually become emotionally invested enough to feel truly furious at anybody or anything. And they’re also good at anger management techniques for when they do start to feel furious. They’re natural at writing down their feelings rather than voicing them, waiting to calm down before choosing a reaction.

The Air Signs Sometimes Ignore Their Emotions

Like everybody else, the air signs feel emotions. But Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are blessed in that they sometimes are too distracted by everything going on in their lives to truly be dominated by their feelings.

Their attention spans are probably the shortest out of all the signs, so even though they may feel angry or sad, those feelings are usually fleeting because they’re so easily distracted.

The air signs also tend to be good at balancing things and don’t allow one emotion to fully take over their lives. Instead, they pay equal attention to everything that is going on so they don’t feel overpowered.

Excitement Overtakes Gemini

Gemini is prone to excitement. It’s true that this sign can get a little anxious and carried away and even as an adult, there are certain things he shouldn’t be left to do alone. It really depends on the individual, but typically, a lot of Geminis shouldn’t be left in their favorite stores alone because they’ll get overstimulated and buy everything in the store, or shouldn’t make decisions about ordering food because they’ll get everything on the menu. Though Gemini is very smart, logical thinking tends to get thrown out the window when he gets excited, which is pretty often.

Libra Feels Guilty, Even When He Shouldn’t

Some signs go by without a care in the world, but Libra can’t help feeling guilty, both for things he did and didn’t do. Especially when he’s done something wrong, he’ll feel bad about it for weeks afterward, even if he’s apologized and been forgiven.

You wouldn’t know it because he keeps it concealed, but he does feel guilty.

He likes to keep the peace and sees himself as a bit of a judge or moderator, so when people around him get into conflict, he can sometimes feel responsible for failing to be the voice of reason and keep them all on good terms.

Aquarius Is Always Filled With Compassion

Romantically speaking, Aquarius has been described as being emotionally distant. But the truth is, he does have a lot of compassion for people who have been burdened with bad luck. Whether he knows them personally or not, Aquarius will always be moved by the plights of others. A lot of the time, he will be actively involved in various charities and will give what he can to those who are less fortunate. Sometimes in a relationship, it can seem like he doesn’t care about his partner’s feelings, but that’s because he’s not the best at reading others. When he knows for sure they’re in trouble, he wants to help.

The Air Signs Pretty Much Never Feel Hatred

The air signs are the best at forgiveness. These guys don’t hold grudges because they feel that holding onto resentment and past negative feelings stop the flow of life, and they like to keep things moving in their natural order.

Of course, they can feel annoyed with others, but it really takes a lot to make them truly abhor someone or something.

Even if they think they do, they’re usually over it before they have a chance to react. Libra, in particular, is great at seeing all points of view and rarely comes across someone he completely misunderstands and grows to hate.

The Water Signs Can Drown In Their Emotions

The water signs are basically driven by emotion. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces can try to think rationally and be very intellectually intelligent, but in most cases, they still lose control of their feelings. These signs are very sensitive and feel things more strongly than others. The upside to this is that they’re also the best at reading other people and are very considerate of other people’s feelings. Their intuition is highly advanced and they’re very good judges of character, so it’s hard to surprise them. But although they’re great swimmers in life, they tend to sink under all their feelings.

Cancer Is A Ball Of Nervous Energy

Everybody gets nervous from time to time, but Cancer is like a master at it. A sensitive soul, he is more affected by how other people are feeling than the average person, and all that pressure can sometimes lead him to feel quite nervous.

He lacks belief in himself from time to time and wants to impress the people around him, so all of that is just a recipe for anxiety.

He tends to worry about things that other signs wouldn’t even think twice about and often needs to get his worries off his chest by venting them out to his friends.

Desire Dominates Scorpio

Scorpio is a sign who knows what he wants and goes after it. Even though he usually gets what he wants, he spends a lot of time feeling unsatisfied because once he gets one thing, he starts craving another. Put simply, sometimes his desires can get out of control. When Scorpio wants something, he feels so passionately about it that he can’t stop thinking about it. This is good in the sense that motivates him to pursue what he wants, but can also make him a little challenging to be involved with because his appetite is almost insatiable.

Pisces Lives In Empathy

The emotion that Pisces feels frequently is basically whatever the people around him are feeling. This water sign is truly empathic and has an amazing ability to feel what others are feeling as though he were in their bodies.

Pisces feels down when his friends are down and shares in their happiness in the good times rather than being jealous.

He’s worried when his partner is and feels angry on behalf of his family when something goes wrong. He’s so good at understanding how people feel that he actually takes it to the next level and starts feeling it too.

The Water Signs Basically Feel Everything

We’d love to pinpoint the one emotion that the water signs never feel, but there isn’t one. These are hands down the most emotional signs in Astrology, so of course, nothing is off limits to them. Very often, they can feel like they’re stuck on roller coasters and are rushed between incredible highs and serious lows. They can feel happy, sad, lonely, grateful, and anxious all in the same day, then feel a completely new range of emotions a few hours later. It all comes with being a sensitive person and being especially touched by the world around you.


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