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The Damn beautiful women by Horoscope sign, Based On Zodiac Sign

Damn lovely women according to the sign of the zodiac. Top beauties!


( Woman of difficult actions).

Even if this woman appears like an angel, don’t flatter on your own! Inside she has a little steel device that manages not only the vestibular apparatus, but additionally throws away thorns from time to time, making your method progressively to the body, your course will be cluttered with thorns, and she will certainly develop the same thorny fence in the household, where the days of cleansing the house are purely according to the schedule, parenting and also rare days for sex are circled, yet in this situation, you should not flatter on your own. Do you love thorns? Alienation in the air will certainly produce an overbearing atmosphere of the civil battle routine, you are not predestined to be the proprietor of a comfortable nest, of course, you will certainly have your location in your home and they will also aim you to it … Much from everybody should have to have a Capricorn partner, she was produced for respect, caste, clan, Olympus as well as God knows what optimal, as well as if you are not from a worthy household after that do not make dirty strategies to catch the Winter months Palace by a tornado, Capricorn will certainly stay in your memory like a femme fatale. If you still have a “pure type”, after that Capricorn will assume: “It is a sin to delight in despondency when there are other sins worldwide.”.

So, with wrong in half, arranging outbursts once a week to remove your principles, it will slowly become yours. In the continuous look for troubles, where there are none, Kozya is an example of non-sublimated complexes: stiffness, callousness, pragmatism, and pride – much from the total list of her virtues. Progressively holds 2nd place after Scorpio in widowhood. The mix of restriction as well as lustfulness makes her sort of one-of-a-kind: Capricorn’s mind has the principle of a Western woman – you do not require to play love sexual activity with her, cash regulations the globe, and her love affairs will be an example of this. Commitment to a hubby is loyalty to his revenue. Dens and also brothels are not areas for the appearance of the noble Capricorn, she will certainly maintain them and also have revenue from them.

This lady’s keywords are “I’m utilizing” and also discussing sensations and also love may just run out of location. It is easy to make Kozya satisfied, but it is tough to remain happy at the same time.
Discover a footing in her, she has something to respect for: she, like a snow queen, does not seek easy areas as well as lives in a separated world of organization, a world where beliefs have no worth, a globe where the lively wind of romanticism does not penetrate … Ahead, with thorns to stars!

( that’s where 2 loneliness satisfied).

” Love your enemy” – evidently the well-known astrologist Sergei Vronsky suggested this when he said that the world without Gemini females is the same as joyful dough without dough. A lover of the French language, as well as the French, constantly asks questions that can not be responded to, this provides her satisfaction because the man feels guilty. Varied, her brain is a design of curiosity, extremely talkative, silence frightens her, she has nothing to be quiet about, and feels the need to load a vacuum, even if there is nothing to claim. She enjoys giving away the treasures of her intelligence. The constellation of twins is responsible for hands and also speech, and also verbal diarrhea turning into sarcasm in intimate partnerships makes this girl unforeseeable, what will she saturate next time!? Favorite present – position of superiority! Voila!

When she is currently over 30 (before her, as Monica Lewinsky checks out with passion all the delights of the style), sex seems to her a ludicrous and also pointless line of work, spiritual intimacy, as well as cash, are more crucial, but if the person somehow shocked the imagination, why not? To call Marilyn Monroe a sex angel was truly unreasonable because any kind of Gemini can remove nude. Indecent exposure is not in her spirit, but why not try? She will certainly never derision a phone call of any kind, yet she constantly “dresses” to go to a show, to the store, to water flowers, open the door, or obtain mail. Every little thing in her life is at very first hypertrophied, after that overemphasized and ultimately nihilated, although the loss of a pal triggers her sporting interest in returning him. The search for the missing out on lipstick may finish in a Shakespearean misfortune, but an additional divorce from her partner will not hurt her feelings at all.

A particular coolness is occasionally mistaken for high love, yet as Lermontov made use of to say: “There were two individuals in Pechorin: one was resting, the other was standing,” to make sure that an honest affirmation of love does not mean that it was claimed by the same lady. Having fallen in love, she always brings her someplace additionally as well as past, the same point in the relationship, consequently, her buddy turns out to be a diamond, which, in principle, is additionally not bad.

Gemini, like a salute: first to the fig, and then not a fig! If she claims that she has a date, after that this does not mean at all that it is loving, nevertheless, she can quickly be called a persistent coquette.
Her eternally stunned expression and also eyebrows with a home seem to state: “Where did it all fail? Only yesterday we commemorated the New Year, and today I, in superb isolation, locate my underclothing on the Xmas tree … “.

Golden Telchikha
(Midnight is approaching, yet Herman is still gone …).

The majority of them have been birthed by Cleopatra as well as Catherine II, camouflaged as homemakers. And in reality, Taurus is the neck on the astrological body, on this event the phrase is remembered: “the spouse is the head, and also the spouse is the neck”, where he turns, the head goes there, specifically. It happens that myositis takes place (in medical terms, this is when the neck can not be transformed), it already smells of simple stubbornness: no, that’s all … a brake, a dealt-with indication after all … in this state, a man needs to open her second bottom in a calm lady – Taurus and also take preventative measures such as buying a warm layer or pricey French perfume. To state that she is an opponent of the people suggests undervaluing her top human qualities: she will feed and also cozy, especially if a guy from the Orlov counts or with the voice of Caruso, then it will just thaw,

Obsessive thoughts concerning sex will gently turn into reality as well as you will certainly start to live and live well … soon the fairy tale is told. Still, the job is not done quickly … method reveals that many Telchikhs are disappointed with life, as well as after the initial outbursts of love, disassembly ends in the cooking area by breaking dishes and smearing a companion on the wall. Right here she is in all her Cleopatra charm and also intransigence, like the change of the 17th year.

Using a guy as a day-to-day toothbrush, both in sex and in kind, with full equanimity as well as peace, jumps on men’s nerves, well, there is no enchanting take-off in Heifers and that’s it, solid as well as impregnable, like the Berlin Wall surface, they trigger repellent desire in men demolish this wall to the ground, yet if they can not manage such a block, then it is much better not to push. The seasoned human being hides under the weak stare of the farmer Oksana, when realizing that Mirgorod is not the same currently, she discovers pleasure in simple basic lesbian video games and also plain food (a sort of satisfaction) as well as, in a Freudian method, comprehends that sex drive should be valued … Summing up every one of the above, one verdict suggests itself: if you want easy and tender love, concerned the hayloft … with a blacksmith.

( Daily journey – the sibling of skill) – not all that glimmers is gold.

” However what if we stick Ivan Ivanovich’s nose to Ivan Nikiforitch’s face?” or go across a woman with a fish?, most likely such ideas led humanity to genetic engineering, to be sure, Aquarius is great!

A humanist, a competitor for civil rights, flexibility as well as freedom, depending on bathroom soap boxes, can scream hysterically about the legal rights of feminists as well as lesbians, although, deep down, she is much comfier with guys, she will try all the postures of the Kamasutra at the very least as soon as, just for fun! Takes pleasure in resistance and also disobedience. A guy of extremes: either nothing in all or way too much.

Extremely expressive: the style of garments is unpredictable (for example, she does not wear underwear), in bed she is unforeseeable, yet astrologers still took care of to “figure it out”: this is a man of understanding, so whatever new thrills her: new lovers, new fashion trends, brand-new religious beliefs, yet if the companion is diverse enough (there are additionally purple unicorns amongst males), after that she can hold on to a marital relationship, and also, purely philosophically, remain in it. The fact is that Aquarius in the family gives the impression of an outsider … and also regardless of spiritual devotion, it is Aquarius who is the divorce record holder.

It is very original, among the advertisements, such pearls come from her pen: “I’ll obtain wed – do not provide sex” or “Sociable, rather lady will offer a wagon of cement”, “Outsiders in …”, a sense of humor is not to be inhabited.

Constantly prepared to help and also if you draw, even sleep with you without asking where you are and where. A person can say that she is inefficient as well as hysterical – do not believe it, she is quick-witted, loves to attract, and also fight back, because she sees perverts everywhere. Among the very best advisers, because, I will certainly not hesitate to duplicate myself, she is fantastic!

By the age of 40, when the ruling planet Uranus becomes in opposition, its behavior is opposite, that is, in the language of the blvd, a sexual revolution embedded in, and also below anything can happen … fascist successful strokes, along with the theory of a glass of water, remainder! She is the personification of a future lady, and looking at her you can see yourself in your future, exactly how are you comfortable there?

( Discreetness adorns an individual and also silver is by no means worse than gold).

To be straightforward, discreetness is simply a picture as well as seasoned individuals will quickly understand this. Raksha objectifies a beaver as well as his hut, the entrance to which no person knows. She exhibits magical eroticism or erotic mysticism, which in concept is all the same. Without stating a word, dragging the victim into her hut, she states in a whisper: “You are chosen,” in such a vague semi-conscious state, the man offers himself up to reproach, since the beaver pleases only herself without any interest in the ward. Her maternal impulse informs: the boy is speechless, he is warm and also comfy in the arms of his mom. The pose from behind, as one of the American psycho therapists, placed it, is one of my faves, since Rakin’s modesty does not enable them to reveal their faces during the climax. Uchiha Pamela Anderson would be surprised, this is a very uncertain disagreement because she still requires to be given orgasm, which not everybody succeeds.

Despite her domesticity, she can be preoccupied and also wonderful: pushing a couch in shoelaces and swirls, she dreams of a royal prince that turns every evening right into an insatiable beast. influenced by the stages of the moon, it is better not to get close to a full moon. The whole apartment is covered in wax smudges from romantic candlelights, Buddha statues, and Egyptian sarcophagi. The East is a delicate matter, she states dressing up in an odalisque.

Clever is an infection, writing for her a heartbreaking book with the title “As well as in the morning they got up” costs nothing, yet Rakinya hesitates to enter into the actual networks of love, as she is afraid of any kind of criticism, being rejected as well as fraud. If you don’t wish to be her vouched adversary, leave comments regarding your mother-in-law on your own and ignore it completely, be smarter and a lot more mild, even milder… and keep in mind, Rakinya is not so much sense as receptor: somebody did something nasty to her … then you need to subtly yet competently revenge.

As a rule, she coincides blonde about whom jokes are made: two blondes speak about psychosomatic problems, and youngsters come up, and the reaction among them: “Oh, the individuals are coming, let’s talk about dustcloths!”.

He recognizes exactly how to use the weak points of a companion, and slaughters like a girl. She requires crying like air, however, she will never do it alone if she knows that a man will certainly not hear her. Her married life exists solely for the sake of comfort. Raksha is loved by her other half, and liked by her lovers because she has parapsychological abilities: she always recognizes what a male wants, yet she additionally plainly understands what she does not desire. Living with such ambivalence gives the impression of being out of this globe, yet it is simply a perception …


( gilded statue of freedom named after Venus de Milo).

Soft, with dimples spread throughout her body in addition to moles in the most unexpected locations, Vesikha has long been a favorite of kings as well as not just kings, but also bohemians. The canvases of Botticelli, Titian, as well as Rubens, speak eloquently for themselves: a portrait of the Venus de Milo … the sly smile of the eyebrowless Mona Lisa – this was certainly born under the constellation Libra because shrewd is characteristic of Venus (we leave out the Penitent Magdalene – she refers to the repentant Fish).

” Art should come from the people,” one vulgar peasant once said, and also it occurred … after that, they broke Venus’s arm or legs, they pawed with their hands, however, the appeal needs to be admired from a distance … beauty is an awful force! For centuries, people, utilizing the right of the strong, want to possess, well, wanting is not dangerous. beauty is, to start with, pricey!

Logic, as well as law, are worshiped psychologically of this appeal, yet it did not exercise with interest. She will certainly comply with the belief of traditions that a person ought to marry a virgin, and afterward try grass. Pink dreams gradually turn into gray daily life as well as marriage responsibility, like a foolish banality, begins to jump on her nerves. She hates vulgar views, and what sort of a male will act for years to be a customer of the arts as well as Beauty Platform? Yes, Shreks are not born, Shreks come to be …

Serve her, a visual woman, cakes right in bed, while she will come under a philosophical mindset: “I assume I love you, I open my eyes – no, not you …” Therefore distracting from sexual relations, as from a problem that constantly with you, she aids her subtle nature to reside in a globe of desires, transforming companions like handwear covers, moving from one to an additional – the main point is to enjoy and also be liked. An endless daytime soap “Swan Lake” with a dying swan and also Anna Pavlova to boot.

Every single time when the ending stage of falling in love involves an end as well as the American delighted end counts on a healthy, eye-pleasing sexual episode, Vesikha breaks off as well as starts to dynamize. There is no smell of compromise here, yet there is more than enough alibi. It ends up that she lacks romance, it’s a shame, and the charm was denied of this, yet she’s damn wonderful! She can sagely remark: “I enjoy equally valuable presents, for example, I offer him bandanas, as well as he provides me a mink coat”, well, exactly how can one refute logic right here ?! As well as her love of approval? Particularly if the husband is angry, yet rich, after that, it’s better not to suggest to him, you can always find compatible top qualities in his nature … as well as alter the toaster for a mixer.

This girl, like a sculpture of freedom, despite her softness (the expression stimulates intriguing erotic associations), can sometimes stand strongly for justice, equal rights, and also freedom – okay either, the important thing is that the midsection is not too high and patch pockets do not stand apart much.

( I met you which’s it …).

Scorpio is possibly the only fall sign that does not misfire in sex. As a liable individual, she has her very own idea of the job of the genital organs as well as makes sure that everything that is done is right and also for the benefit of health. In the team as well as on the street, the Scorpio is offered a puncturing, unblinking appearance, along with a strict highlight in clothes, her favorite color is black, and her favored insect is the Black Widow. She truly possesses the black belt of the Kama Sutra.

She is laconic, her speech is chased after, and determined, and also does not attend to arguments (in some ways it looks like speeches transformed the graves of the recently deceased). Discovering a male, acting that she does not care, she asks in a low voice: “You, whose slave will you be?” as if making it clear that she is still curious about your marriage condition … in fact, your fate has currently been made a decision, it’s just that her methods are … Madame Bovary and also Girl Macbeth rolled into one. Demagogues, in addition to their impotent good friends, call Scorpio depraved, well, they know better, although she does not care what they think of her, since having hypnotherapy, she recognizes everybody’s innermost thoughts, it’s not surprising that there is not nearly enough love for her next-door neighbor.

She almost always loves to deal with smart guys, since there is a lot of careerism in her as well as she was born to command, if a wise man rejects to participate in the company of her career somehow, the penalty will certainly not slow down: accessibility to the body will certainly be ended. As a whole, Scorpa commonly awakens with a wish to eliminate somebody, she successfully sublimates it right into imaginative energy as well as directs it to work or sex.

Scorpa has a deadly, crazy power of love, she is great to outrageousness, as well as during outrageousness and also after outrageousness. A thrill-seeker, you can edit her bed: “Don’t fit in – she’ll kill you!” Any person who risks having a sexual act will experience all the delights of holotropic breathing with all reincarnations, as well as in the last it ends up that she was the bloodthirsty siren, Kali. Regardless of her gigantic power, she has an “Achilles heel” – she is a sadomasochist, usually Scorpio plays the role of a torturer, however often she intends to come to be a servant as well as ask you for grace, the policy of carrots and also sticks, both actually and also figuratively, makes her a feline with surprise claws. Isn’t it alluring to show guests a tame Scorpio?

( Concern the Danes that bring presents).

The desire for a charming as well as a pervert! Lots of consider sex (our smaller bros are additionally apes) as amusement. Obtaining familiarized with the pleasant Sagittarius, a male salivating with desire begins to assume that he has discovered his perfect. In some feeling, yes!

Sex for her is a means to feel the fullness of being, she extracts optimal pleasure from it. “Lastly!” Your heart celebrates. Full of enthusiasm as well as fantasy, she will certainly sing an ode to you right there in bed or in the back seat of the cars and truck and encourage you that she has been fantasizing about you all her life. The stand will be constructed quickly and also she will directly place you up there … Oh, rapture! This female, like sparkling wine, strikes not in the nose, but in the real crown of the head, experiencing a slight lightheadedness, do not forget that you are still on the pedestal …

Astrologists are additionally experiencing a stir concerning Sagittarius, the reality is that this sign is in some incomprehensible means getting in touch with spirituality, as well as on the astrological body of a person it is located just below the midsection, connecting this part of the body with spirituality, astrologists see a direct link: the much more, the higher spirituality, such are the mysteries of astrology …

Yet back to the truth: Sagittarius is aerodynamic and also feelings vanish with sparkling wine quickly sufficient. “Oh, why was this night so short, if my breast wouldn’t harm, my heart wouldn’t moan.” Enchanting as well as passionate, she is truthful in her actions, disappointed in you, she will try to throw you off the pedestal, having previously told the unbiased reasons for your fall in her eyes. Terrible … however helpful for you.

She is agitated, and also there are many fascinating points around: her resource of delight is people, and also the even more of them, the far better. Possibly a person does not like crowds, but this does not bother Archer whatsoever, even if you marry her quickly or out of concern, you need to recognize that your home will certainly be a passage lawn for theorists, artists, scientists, lawn dogs and also homeless individuals that speak the fact, and also she a nonreligious lady will certainly go to some foreign seminar back then, her authority is regularly expanding, to make sure that in concept she will certainly not depend on you. She will certainly react calmly to your dishonesties, and hers as well, intellectual communication is more vital to her than extramarital affairs, her creed is that her spouse must not interfere! So, sidekick, get off the pedestal, get off, they tell you!


Golden Olenka
( I erected a monument to myself …).

The indicator of Aries is accountable for its own “I”, on the human body behind the head, “one head is great, but with a body, it’s much better” … Occasionally it seems that Aries is a head without a body, and occasionally vice versa: a sort of “headless horseman” (this remains in those cases when it “impacts the roof”), after that it is an interesting view: those who have been wed to Aries know just how astonishingly the arms, legs and various other parts of the bodywork at the minutes of the greatest rise.

They are warriors, in ancient times they are the same hysterical Amazon. coms who eliminated poor men after the gang rape. Background attracts bloody images, yet the modern part of humankind (men consider themselves to be such) still endured, and the savage Amazons scattered all over the world and are currently fighting alone.

Pompousness as well as non-linear straightforwardness – the face of the Ovenka (do not assume that it is terrifying, like doors), sometimes their faces are particular, along with adherence to concepts. She will certainly not see football out of principle, but out of the concept, she will certainly copulate with a man to prove that she is a cost-free, contemporary female. She has a head loaded with principles … incidentally, ask at your recreation. In a calm state, this is the head of Professor Dowell, without which not a solitary meeting or legislative congress can do, however above all Ovenok in show business, where they strive to reveal not just their fantastic head in a hat (Alla Borisovna), but likewise other parts of the magnificent body.

To claim that Aries is hot means to say nothing whatsoever, all the views of the male body have a bewitching impact on her, excitement is a trademark of them in intimacy, so a male doesn’t even require to stress a lot, yet this is only in the beginning … having sensed gradually that you dynamize her, she will certainly get involved in a “present”.

” If they like me, after that it’s love, if not me, it dislikes” – Ovenka’s axiom.

In a fit of love, she can scream: “Equine! Half the kingdom for the horse! and if you are not an equine, then you can just identify with them, she will certainly leave you as well as will certainly live for years in the honored assumption of an Arabian equine, however, as a whole, these are ladies from the imperial court, the manners are still the same … after spending a rainy night on the sidelines of the Louvre, she did not blink an eye confesses to you in the early morning that it was she – the Marquise of Angels and Milady in a single person. During the night, this lady is three-dimensional … and also in the daytime, anything can take place: reaching her, volcanic-sexual surges await you with fading and also neglecting who you are (they have a girl’s memory), interrogations with interest (occasionally on the shelf), dazzling waste, frivolous betrayals, as a sort of impulse as well as pressing you about, Aries is a woman with camellias that you will certainly always remember …

Golden Fish.

The life of Pisces ladies is like one large sinusoid: psychological outbursts on the moon and a coma phase on the new moon. The drab Flounder pushing the coast on a new moon is a pitiful view, and also a guy, seeing her such as this, claims affirmatively: all Pisces females are cold, unsafe as well as amoebic. Brrr … It would certainly be a large blunder to take men at their word, method validates that this is one of the most preferred signs, because, in addition to beer with roach, God also produced angling … one of the most popular types of reflection, because Paradise (a state of bliss) features every fish caught. Fairytales regarding the golden fish sometimes happen, especially when the fish is rich, it will certainly meet all your impulses, if it is periodically fried (there are masochists amongst them), then as opposed to three, you can achieve 5 dreams.

The love of Pisces is opium for the people, it is challenging to identify what just the same she – Pisces found in you, however, her sacrifice is just illogical … she is true to her principles, which she keeps in an awful secret. Considering that she lives in the ocean, as well as the ocean is irrational, after that logic, like a tiny island in the ocean, is not her creed.

Breathing in spirits and also hazes, the Fish occasionally adventurously swims out of its native bay to invest the night with uncertain agents of the more powerful sex. Experiencing a lack of interaction, she, like Scheherazade, will spread her ideas along the tree and also rely on the fairytale, which she wove.

The master of astrology, Pavel Globa, once called Pisces a straightforward provider (he continues to viciously retaliate on his ex-wife Tamara!) The concepts of honor and dishonor merge in the planetary spirit of Pisces, like a sea with the Gulf Stream, without interfering with each other. The concepts of giving as well as mercy generally comes from the group of spirituality, so the Fish is holiness itself. She, like the biblical Magdalene, will first repent herself, and after that, she will repent of you.

In some way, one Pisces assured that sex was made dirty – people, it is sensible, but who else? Fish warrants everybody and whatever, as well as if you once again deceive her, Fish will certainly forgive you and also neglect, because she tends to neglect whatever (I am glad to be deceived!).

Do not believe, nonetheless, that Fish – a weak-willed creature – is an unsinkable cruiser “Aurora”, it does not sink under any type of circumstances, so you have just one point left – to love Fish not only on Fish Days …

The fantasy of a gourmet will be stunning, every day it shows up in various forms as well as with different sauces – this is herring under a mink layer and also unobtrusive Gobies in tomato and naked cod liver, yet on weekends it will certainly treat you at your leisure with chopped relish. Why not life?

Lioness (a holiday that is always with you).

When a Leo lady names her indicator, every little thing quickly becomes clear, and also you don’t even require to name it, you can see that you are managing by the feline’s eyes and also red nails.

Tiaras remain in no way suitable with dustcloths as well as sponges, however, if you place them on red tulle underpants, this will not only make the Lioness laugh but also make it possible to become her fan, it is missing in her unlimited restrictions, as well as for that reason having a couple of males in the retinue – jesters is also appealing. It embellishes her. Generally, if you have a typical appearance, after that there are a couple of chances of becoming her partner, as well as if you are strained with money after that things are very bad. This lady likes to celebrate on a grand scale, but she does not have such plans as well as orders at all.

Her constant medication is praised (a really solid addiction), sustained by flattery, she invests her life in a frenzy herself as well as, when attempting to sober herself up, asks a rhetorical question: “Why should I embarrass myself? I am the individual with whom I will live for the remainder of my life.” He’s freaking out from his hypocrisy.

The lioness was birthed to make a fairy tale happen, so you need to begin with costly presents. The best smell of fragrance in the theater belongs to her. Mentioning the theater, this is her house, life is a game, and most notably, there needs to be extra applause. Likewise, at this stage of life, she will flirt with every person she fulfills only for love and also admiration. Her whole being is directed toward this. Outer sexuality has nothing to do with the inner globe, where, like an imperial mummy covered with centuries and also mold and mildew, its soul reclines and whoever interrupts its remainder will certainly be cursed.

No, we must offer it her due – she is generous and can also offer you something from the master’s shoulder, if she instantly procured wed, this act will be thought about as charitable as well, although, incidentally, not binding.

Behind her, there is a report that she is loving … Guess three times in what setting she will have sex with a man? That’s right, sitting on top of it so that the crown does not fall.

In love, she shows her emblem to the greatest: having played enough, like a feline with her fan, she loses interest in him, and also the half-dead mouse remains where she lay. She does not suffer from cannibalism, but she flees from boredom like the plague. In between hunting and love, the Lioness rests lazily, mainly on couches or office couches, if you inquire about her pastime, she will certainly answer you: “I like stately males, apple pie as well as the name Roland.”.

Virgo (the art of being human or platinum chips).

Terribly photogenic and mostly small (it occurs to obscure in old age), Virgo is a specific danger. To call her smart is to underestimate her, she is completely smart: somebody mistakenly built a chip right into her brain that instantaneously calculates whatever.

Virgo is an up-to-date mix of Cyborg, RoboCop, and lawnmower, a collection named after Lenin as well as Cinderella, she plainly understands when and also for which round she should remain in time. Virgo is not a basic mechanic – it is the electronic device of the future because, in addition to instant calculation, she also has a tremendous sense of smell, so do not stand in all this, move away and also the smell will certainly disappear with you! This girl can be called a victim of minor details, yet when showing her your compassion, it is suggested not to caress her, not to put her on the back, and also much more so, she does not like familiarity.

Her logical abilities in the field of a male consider him as an international item, when it comes to marriage with him, he will continue to be a foreign object in her region. But before getting married, the choice of the candidate is executed on a first-come, first-served basis and also point by factor: the quantity of money in the bank, the size of the house, the construct from the automobile, weight, shade, mind (although this is not one of the most important points), you can simply have an education and learning, a certificate of condition health, yet let’s not speak about unfortunate points. She has guidelines for every little thing, even using a prophylactic. When you are finally permitted to the body, then in action to a kiss, she might discover that you are kissing not just with your lips, but likewise with a few of your teeth, and in general, she will certainly say: “people are likewise animals, however, we are the only ones who can copulate with the face to the face”, will smoothly undress and also smoothly fulfill the conjugal duty. And what else?

Marital duty – done for the first time! She will certainly not endure debauchery, however, to develop strong family members, you need to make love, she reviewed it in Japanese magazines. Sex is something that VIRGO can not manage since the occurring effects of sex are so gloomy that she considers it a necessity gave in feelings, as the presence of healthy protein molecules, yet not as a concept of torsion areas, behind which the future stands.

Nevertheless, in day-to-day life it is straightforward and also exec, for which our smaller bros, Scorpios, like it, just this grey computer mouse goes through them, they can complement each other excellently, in various other mixes, it’s buggy …


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