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She Was Your Soulmate And You Will Soon Come To Regret Ever Leaving Her

You were so lucky. You managed to find a really great girl. She was someone who loved you with a fierce intensity. She always loved you in ways that no one else ever really did. She loved you more than anyone else ever did. But none of that was enough for you. You still weren’t content with how she treated you. You weren’t appreciative of the woman that she was for you. You left her behind and you just broke her heart. You destroyed her by abandoning her. You really f*cked her up in ways that you wouldn’t even imagine. You ripped her heart out of her chest and you just shattered it all into a million tiny little pieces. You were the one who left her behind but at the end of it all, it’s you who is going to regret it. You are the one who will be woeful. You are the one who is on the losing end of the draw. You will realize that you never should have left her after all. You will come to regret ever leaving her the way that you did. From here on out, she is forever going to be known to you as the girl who got away.

At the time, you thought that it was a good idea for you to be leaving her the way that you did. You thought that you were doing yourself a big favour by leaving her. You thought that abandoning a girl like her would be in your best interests. But you couldn’t have been more wrong. And now, it’s too late for you to take it back. You can’t turn back time. You’ve let her slip from your grasp and there’s no way that she’s ever returning. You are going to come to realize just what it is you lost by leaving her. You will understand the true despair of being helpless to a situation that you have brought unto yourself. You will really come to understand the real sorrow that attaches itself to regret and remorse. You will want to go back in time and do things differently. But you will never get that opportunity. You will never be able to turn back the clock and redo everything. This isn’t a video game wherein you get multiple tries. This is real life. And you had your shot but you blew it. And now, you’re left with nothing to show for it.
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Of course, you didn’t really care much about it in the beginning. At the start, you didn’t really think much of it. You were pretty sure that you wanted to leave her. You weren’t shy about just abandoning her to fend for herself. You knew that she was so in love with you but that didn’t deter you from your decision at all. And you might not even think that way now. But somewhere along the line, you will gain a better perspective on the matter. You will learn and you will mature. And you will come to the realization that she was the kind of girl you really should have held on to. You will come to realize just how important this woman really was to you and you still chose to cast her aside. You discarded her like an ugly poker hand that you just couldn’t wait to throw into the muck. This was a woman who loved you more than anything and anyone in the entire world and you still took it for granted. Whenever you needed her to show up, she was always there. Whenever you needed her to hold your hand, she was so quick to open herself up to you. Whenever you were sad, she did whatever she could to bring a smile to your face. And moving forward, you will realize that you’re not going to meet many people (or anyone for that matter) like this girl.


And even though she fought like hell for you in the past, she is going to stop fighting for you once you leave her. Why? Because she’s a girl who really understands her self-worth. She is a woman who knows that she needs to hold on to her pride and dignity. She is a woman who still practices self-love and care. And she knows that there is nothing noble in chasing after a man like yourself; a man who would just take a woman like her for granted. And so, she’s moving on the way that you wanted to do so for yourself. But in the end, you’re both going to come to two very different realizations. You will learn that you should have never left her at all. And she will learn that she’s definitely a lot better off without you.



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