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Ranked: How Into PDA Is He? Based On His Zodiac Sign


Some of the most exciting moments of a new relationship are those first touches. And we’re not even talking about the super steamy ones that happen behind closed doors. We’re talking about the first time he takes your hand and intertwines his finger with yours. The first time he puts his arm around you. The first time you lean on his shoulder. The first time you hug and it lasts just a little bit longer than a regular platonic hug would. And of course, there’s the first time you kiss. It doesn’t get better than that first sweet kiss. But once you’ve had your kiss. What next?


When it comes to PDA just how comfortable is your guy? Is he the type who wants to always be linked and in physical contact? Or will he blush if he has to give you a peck on the cheek? It’s hard to know, especially at the beginning of the relationship. You’re not sure if he’s doing it just to be polite and not hurt your feelings. Is he holding back? Is he doing more than what he’s comfortable with? It’s tough to tell at the beginning. So you can look to his star sign to figure out a bit more of what’s going on in his head. And of course, don’t forget to go with your gut too. If you’re not a PDA person or you really are, let him know and find a compromise that works for both of you.


He’s Really Into It:

17. Taurus Pays Attention To Your Entire Body

Of all of the signs of the zodiac, a Taurus guy is most into PDA. In fact, he might be too into it! He loves touching you and paying attention to absolutely every part of your body. He’s the guy who will give you a back rub while you’re waiting for your coffee order, hold your hand while you’re drinking and lean in for a long passionate kiss once you’re done with your drink. A Taurus guy is a sensual guy. He loves to express his emotions through physical touch. Touch is very important to a Taurus man. He uses this to feel close to you and to show you how he feels. If you’re also someone who expresses themselves through touch, you and your Taurus are in for a hot and heavy time together!

16. Libra Likes To Stay Close

Libra is the next most PDA-friendly sign of the zodiac. He’s not quite as hands on as a Taurus, but a Libra guy really does love to stay close. He shows to the world that you’re his by keeping you right by his side all of the time. When you’re sitting on a bench, he’s going to want to have your legs touching and his arm around you. Libra guys don’t like to be alone, so it makes sense that he’ll seek out your company and your touch whenever he can. This makes it super easy for your guy to get into some PDA since he’s already so close to you. A Libra man also doesn’t like to hide his emotions. If he’s feeling affectionate, you’re going to know about it!

15. Scorpio Is So Full Of Passion

A Scorpio man is all about the passion! They can’t contain themselves even if they wanted to. They just feel so much and they have to let those feelings out. Plus, a Scorpio man loves to show off his girl. He’s going to be so proud to have you on his arm. He’ll want the whole world to know that you’re his so he’ll lay on all of the hugs and kisses when you’re in public. Hope you’re into this level of PDA. And hope you’re in the mood for some long and passionate kisses, because that is a Scorpio guy’s specialty. He’ll pull you into a corner of the cafe and give you the kiss of your life. He also loves to look at you. Can you handle being this adored?


14. Sagittarius Loves To Be Outspoken About Their Love

Sagittarius guys are some of the most extroverted of the zodiac. They love meeting new people, exploring new places and traveling the world. So it makes sense that they’re so at ease with PDA. They’re happy to try new things and have new experiences. Plus, your Sag guy is not shy. He never gets embarrassed. He’ll have no problem laying a big kiss on you no matter who is watching. You could even be at his parents’ house or your parents’ house and he’ll be ready to smooch. He won’t even notice if your parents seem upset about it. Because he’s just living his life and he won’t apologize for that. A Sag is another sign who loves to express his love through physical touch.

Sometimes He’s Into It:

13. Natually Social Gemini Loves To Express Himself

Now we’re into the group of zodiac signs that don’t love PDA but they don’t hate it either. It will really depend on each individual person and what mood they’re in. If your man is a Gemini, he probably won’t mind a little PDA. And that’s because he’s a super social person. He’s used to living an outgoing life and doing things in public. He’s naturally very expressive – and that means expressing himself through his affection as well. He views PDA as a loving and acceptable way of sharing his emotional connection with you. Having that connection is super important to a social butterfly like your Gemini. An expressive Gemini also can’t hide his emotions. So if he feels compelled to give you a hug or a kiss, he’s totally going to go for it.

12. Or Gemini Will Be Too Busy Talking For PDA

So while your Gemini man is usually pretty into PDA, there is one thing that can distract him. And that’s his own talking! Like we said, Geminis are social butterflies. Your guy loves to hit the party, the club and the bar to chat up absolutely everyone he sees. He loves shooting the breeze and getting to know people. So if you’re wondering why he hasn’t come to give you a smooch in a while, it’s probably because he’s busy talking. Or if you’re dropping all sorts of hints that he should hold your hand or put his arm around you, he may not notice if he’s gabbing away. Don’t be offended. He’s just using his social skills to make connections and get to know you better.


11. Emotional Pisces Loves To Connect

Pisces are one of the most emotional and sensitive signs of the zodiac. They really feel everything. Which means they’re definitely open to PDA. It’s easy for a Pisces guy to access his emotions, get in touch with how he is feeling and translate that into lots of love and affection for you. He loves to express himself. He wants to show you exactly how he is feeling in the moment. So if he’s feeling super romantic and attracted to you, you better believe he’s going to be piling on the PDA. He’s also the kind of man who will cry if something gets to him or tell you he feels hurt if you say something that cuts him. Not all men are brick walls without feelings.


10. Or Maybe Pisces Just Wants To Hug

Yes, it’s true – your Pisces man does love to connect with you and doesn’t mind doing it in public. But his favorite form of connection is the hug. Pisces guys are huge huggers! They just really love the warmth and connection that comes from a full body hug. You may start to wonder if your guy even likes you when all you get is hugs. Where are the kisses? Where’s the hand holding? Where’s the playful footsies under the table or arm around you at the movie theater? Don’t worry and don’t read into any of that missing stuff. His hugs are important. And sure, hugs may be platonic for some people. But your Pisces will show you he means more than that with hugs that last extra long and seem super sweet.

9. Leo Is Not Afraid To Take Action

Leo is one of the boldest signs in the zodiac. This is a guy who is not afraid to put himself out there. So when he is going to kiss you in public or hold your hand, he isn’t shy about it. He’s super confident in himself. In fact, your Leo guy probably asked you out in a really bold way. He’s not about dropping hints or acting shy. This guy is unafraid and more than happy to make the first move. And even if he does get rejected or turned down, he doesn’t take it to heart. He’ll simply dismiss it and move on. If you’re into PDA, your Leo man is happy to oblige. He has no problem showing off his emotions towards you in public because he’s just not shy about anything.


8. Or Leo Doesn’t Express His Love Through PDA

So while your Leo man is more than happy to take charge and be bold in any situation, PDA isn’t his first choice. He has no problem kissing you and being touchy feely in public, but it’s not naturally how he shows his love. Unlike Taurus and Libra guys who show their love through touch, Leo isn’t like that. He prefers to show his love through the everyday things. He’s not about making these grand gestures and sweeping you off your feet. He’s not into the crazy makeout sessions. He wants to be there for the simple things. So he’ll drive you to work in the morning, walk the dog when it’s raining and kill the spiders you’re scared of. That’s how a Leo guy shows his love.


7. Cancer Man Is All About The Touch

Cancer guys are another one of the most sensitive and emotional signs of zodiac. Cancer is known as the mother of the zodiac. But don’t get freaked out! Your Cancer man is nothing like your mom. But he does have that burturing side to him. So if you’ve had a bad day, this is the kind of guy who is going to give you a long hug and massage your shoulders. If he thinks you’re feeling down, he’ll surprise you with flowers and a sweet kiss for no reason. A Cancer guy totally feels his emotions and loves to be in love. He enjoys showing you how he feels about you and touching you whenever possible. It doesn’t always have to be a super romantic touch, but he does like to hold your hand while you’re out shopping or keep an arm around you while you watch Netflix together.


6. Or Cancer Guy Prefers Affection At Home

Yes, your Cancer man is emotional and likes to touch you. But does he like to do it in public? Not so much. It’s not that he’s shy or embarrassed. Cancer men are just most in their element when they’re at home. They are natural homebodies and enjoy spending time in their own space. You’ll probably notice that your Cancer guy takes a lot of pride in his home. And that’s because he really loves to be there. So while he may not be laying on all of the kisses and sweet touches out in public, he’ll definitely make you feel cared for when you’re back in his nest. Of course, he isn’t totally against PDA. He’ll show you some love in public. But it’ll be way more once he’s back to his place.


5. Aries Is Down For Some PDA

An Aries man is a Jack of All Trades. You never know exactly what you’re going to get with him. He’s a dynamic soul and loves to experiment. So PDA is definitely one of the things he’ll be happy to try. He’s open to expressing his love for you in lots of ways. He might go for some PDA-heavy smooches one week and then mix it up with a secret flower delivery or helping you with house chores the next week. An Aries man will definitely keep you on your toes. And while PDA might not be his first instinct, he is still a man with passion. Aries men are known to be bold and open to showing off their love. He’s game for PDA if you are.

4. But Aries Will Never Initiate

Yes, your Aries man is happy to have a bit of PDA loving with you. But he’s not going to initiate. It’s not that he’s shy. Quite the opposite, actually. Aries guys are super bold and direct. He has no problem with the idea of kissing you or making the first move. It’s just that PDA doesn’t come to his mind when he thinks of ways to show you how much he cares. PDA isn’t his natural instinct. He’s happy to do it, but he won’t come to that conclusion by himself. One thing your Aries man usually does have on the brain is athleticism though. If he can show off how much he loves you and how manly he is by using his physical prowess, he’ll do it.

He Hates It:

3. Capricorn Has Too Much Self-Control

Now we’re into the men on this list who really aren’t too keen on PDA. Capricorn guys truly don’t care for public displays of affections. Don’t misread this – your guy still totally loves you. In fact, he wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t have a deep connection to you and consider you part of his family. But Capricorns are known for their self-discipline and self-control. He’s simply way too in control of his behavior and emotions to let himself get lost in a make-out session at the park or sensual caress at dinner. He’ll show you some affection in public only if it’s mandatory. Otherwise, he’d rather keep that stuff for when you’re in private. But just look into his eyes and you’ll know that your Cap guy is totally into you. He likes to pretend to be all stoic but he’s actually mush in your hands.


2. Aquarius Don’t See The Need For PDA

It’s not that Aquarius guys are against PDA – they just don’t understand why it’s necessary. They’re not the type to be grossed out when they see another couple going at it at the movie theater. But they’re also not going to suggest the two of you follow suit. Your Aquarius man simply doesn’t really pay attention to PDA and the thought of doing something affectionate with you in public never crosses his mind. In fact, if you ask him about it, he’ll probably have no idea that he’s been doing anything wrong. You’ll know your Aquarius guy is really into you when he introduces you to his friends. His friends are super important to him and he’s likely the most popular in the group. Bringing you in is a big deal.

1. Virgo Is Too Modest

You might not believe it’s true but there is such a thing as a man with modesty. Not all guys are pigs. And your Virgo man is the most modest of them all. He hates the idea of bringing negative attention to himself. So he’s never going to do anything in public that might come across as crass or offensive. He won’t be holding your hand in front of your parents or kissing you in the mall. He’s saving all of his passion for later when the two of you are in private. And don’t worry – it’s worth the wait. A Virgo man simply isn’t about being showy. He isn’t the grand gesture kind of guy. He shows you he loves you with the small things, like being really considerate and polite.



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