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Prove It: Only A Woman Who’s Truly In Love Will Do These 20 Things

Some girls think that cheesy romance is the only way to go and others are less into that, but one thing that we all have in common is that we want to be in love. Finding someone who we can share everything with is the goal for many of us. When we find him, we’re as excited as the main character at the end of a movie who has finally gotten her Prince Charming and happily ever after. We want full, happy lives with a great relationship, close friendships, a career that we enjoy, and good times with our family. Once we can add the boyfriend into the mix, we really feel like we have it all.

The truth is that there are many things that we might say that we would never do once we’re in a relationship… but once we find the right guy, all of our expectations go totally out the window. Suddenly we find ourselves acting in ways that we didn’t think that we would and we don’t even mind because we’re so in love.

Only a woman who is truly in love will do the following 20 things. They are definitely proof that this is the real deal kind of romance that we’ve all been looking for.

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20Hang Out With His Friends Even When She Has Nothing In Common With Them

It’s awesome when our boyfriend has amazing, funny, kind and intelligent friends and we legitimately love hanging out with them. He might have a group of friends who we like and think are cool — we just don’t really have much in common with them.

We’re polite and we talk to them but we don’t have the best conversations.

Even so, we still spend time with them because we know that our boyfriend loves hanging out with them and we want to be part of everything. When we’re okay to see his friends a lot even when we don’t connect with them that much, that’s proof that we love our boyfriend a lot.

19Stay At His Place During The Week And Wake Up Crazy Early To Go To Work

It can be difficult to spend time with our boyfriend during the week and this is particularly a thing when we first start dating each other. What do we do when our office is far from his place but we want to see him a lot?

Well, we stay at his place during the week and then wake up super early so we can commute to work. It becomes a balancing act of having lots of toiletries and clothing in our bags at all times and maybe we’ll start leaving some stuff at his place, too. It’s just fun to be at his place and our early schedule proves that we love him enough to do this.

18Act Really Cheesy And Romantic Even Though She’s Not Normally Like That

Anyone who swears against corny romance probably changes their tune once they fall madly in love. It’s hard not to want to hear how much our boyfriend cares about us and why he loves us and we might find ourselves wanting to do all kinds of cheesy things together.

If we ever wanted to prove our love, even just to ourselves, this is one way to do it.

We are super into him and into the relationship when cheesy romance seems like something that is normal and something that we want to let into our daily lives. Oh, and Valentine’s Day and Christmas are definitely great opportunities for romance.

17Ignore Her Hobbies When They Just Start Dating To Spend More Time With Him

It’s definitely problematic to never do the things that we love when we have a boyfriend. We can’t ignore our hobbies and even our favorite TV shows. We still have to be who we are and we don’t want our boyfriend to change, either.

The test of true love is ignoring our hobbies and interests at the beginning of the relationship. All we want to do is spend time with our boyfriend. It’s a special time and we’re giddy about each other and still getting to know each other. It’s okay to want to see him a lot and to put some things on the backburner (like the latest season of This Is Us… we’ll watch it later).

16Watch A Movie Genre She’s Not Into At All

We hate horror movies and know we’ll have trouble sleeping and yet have no problem watching a whole bunch with him. We love action or comedies but serious dramas basically put us to sleep.

When we’re in love, we’ll watch a movie genre that we don’t like because it means hanging out with the guy that we love.

Maybe we’ll let him know that we don’t love this genre or maybe we’ll keep it to ourselves (at least until the relationship is more serious and then we’ll be able to tell him the truth about our movie preferences). We’ll watch anything at first.

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15Clean His Bathroom When She Stays Over

Don’t bathrooms seem to get dirty pretty much every day? No offense to our boyfriend but sometimes his bathroom might not be the cleanest. This is even truer if he lives in a floor of an old house or has an older apartment because those types of bathrooms can be tougher to get clean.

We know that we really, really love him when we have no trouble cleaning his bathroom. Every time we stay over, we seem to find ourselves doing this. We might not even tell him but just quietly and secretly clean up. Hey, we like a clean bathroom, and we don’t want to lecture him or make him feel bad.

14Travel If She’s A Homebody (And Chill At Home More If She’s Got Wanderlust)

While no one should change just because they’re in a relationship, people who are really in love do things that they didn’t really expect.

We’ll travel with him if we’re homebodies and don’t really love going away or have as much wanderlust as some people do. If we’re full of wanderlust and never think that we’re traveling enough, we’ll hang out at home for some couch time.

We care more about spending time with the guy that we love so much than anything else.

We’ll do pretty much anything for him, including going on trips or staying home, depending on our personality.

13Make A Huge Effort To Get To Know His Family

There is no way of knowing if we’ll get along with a guy’s family. We just have to meet them and hope that things will be great but we know that it could very well end up that they don’t think that he should be with us.

We’ll make a huge effort to get along with his family, whether he’s an only child so it’s just his dad and mom or he’s got tons of siblings, and this is something that means a lot to us when we’re truly in love. He’ll be just as careful around our fam when it’s the real thing and he feels the same way about us.

12Learn To Cook When It’s Just Not Her Thing

It’s common for women to want to learn to cook when they fall in love.

We could have said “Nope, that’ll never be us” and yet, when we start dating a great guy, we realize, “Okay, that’s totally us.”

Whether we want to make more elaborate meals to really show off our skills or we’re more comfortable with simple meals like salmon or chicken and potatoes and vegetables, chances are, we’re super in love when we start learning how to cook. It becomes crucial that our new boyfriend sees that we’re trying to take care of him and be a good partner.

11Stay Up Really Late Just To Spend More Time With Him

We get bonus points if we’re early risers and love going to bed at 10 p.m. (or even earlier) and when we’re in a new relationship, we love talking to our new boyfriend so much that we find ourselves staying up later and later.

If it’s midnight and we don’t want to go to sleep because that would mean cutting our date short, and if it’s been several hours and we still don’t want to say goodbye, that’s an amazing sign that this is real love. It’s a great way to realize our feelings and proves to him that we’re really into this.

10Posts About Him On Social Media And Says Sweet Things

Sharing about our new romance on social media is almost too enjoyable. We’re posting photos of the two of us, sharing brunch pictures from when we go out on Sundays to our local place, and generally letting everyone know that we’ve found the real deal kind of romance that people really want.

Sure, not everyone wants to see these points, and yet that doesn’t really stop us.

We want to say really sweet things about our new guy and we love him so much that we can’t help it at all. This is just what we do now and that’s that.

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9Send A Text Just To Say She Loves Him

Couples who text just to say “I love you” (with emojis included usually… okay, all of the time) are so annoying, right? Can’t they wait until they see each other again after work? Is it really so hard to be without each other during the day?

That’s what we think… until we become that person. And then we can’t imagine not texting our boyfriend that we love him several times a day. Sometimes we have more to say than that, like a funny story or to mention a TV show that we want to watch with him, but other times, we’re literally just saying how we feel about him. That’s when we know that we’ve got it bad for him.

8Learn Something New To Impress Him

We might have a friend who is always up for adventures and trying new things. We respect that about her and are in total awe of her but don’t really see us ever being like that.

That totally changes when we’re in a good relationship.

All of a sudden, we’ve got a much more adventurous and curious spirit that we ever had before.

When our boyfriend suggests that we take up a new hobby together or go to a class or he has something that he’s really interested in, we want to impress him. We want to be good at something and we definitely want him to notice. If we even try a sport and we’re not into that at all, we’ll know that we’ve found The one.

7Can’t Help But Talk About Him A Lot Because He Makes Her So Happy

We all swear that we’re not into girls who talk about their boyfriends a lot. It’s one of those things that seems so frustrating until we’re in a relationship and we realize that this is who we are now.

When we’re really and truly in love with someone, we’re going to want to talk about him. And we’re going to want to talk about him a lot. We’re really not trying to irritate anyone. We just can’t help it because he makes us so happy and we’re so invested in our new romance. Things are going well and exactly the way that we want them to, and we want to share that with friends and family.

6Want To Get Married When She Never Cared About That Before

Girls who want to get married and have always known that someday they would walk down the aisle in a gorgeous white dress (and maybe a veil… although flower crowns seem to be more in than that these days) someday. They don’t really get people who say that they don’t believe in getting married.

How could someone not want to get married?!

When we’re in love, we will change our mind when it comes to marriage. All of a sudden, we’ll think that being this guy’s wife sounds like the best idea ever, and we’ll wonder how soon is too soon to get engaged.

5Enjoy His Dinners Even If He’s Not The Greatest Cook

We can think of cooking as an art or a skill. No matter how we view the act of putting food on the table, one thing is for sure: it’s not always the easiest thing to master.

If our boyfriend honestly isn’t the greatest cook but we still eat everything that he makes anyway, that’s definitely another way that we can prove how in love we are. Of course, we want to be polite and we would never dream of telling him that he’s not a good chef. Instead, we’ll smile and say thank you and appreciate that he made us dinner. It’s the thought and the action that count here.

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4Do His Laundry

Doing our own laundry can be a bit gross or sketchy at times, especially if we’ve let our dirty clothes sit in our basket or hamper for too long (and especially if we work out a lot… sweaty sports bras aren’t the best things ever). What about doing our boyfriend’s laundry? That might not be something that fills us with joy.

We do his laundry because we love him and we want to do something nice for him.

Maybe we live together and this is the thing that we always take care off whereas he always cooks or does something else to contribute. It’s what we have worked out.

3Go Camping When She’s Not Sporty Or Into Nature

Camping is one of those things that is pretty dividing and subjective. Some of us think that the great outdoors really is awesome, and others, well, not so much.

When we’re truly in love, we’ll go camping or hang out in nature with our boyfriend even when that’s not something that interests us at all. It wouldn’t even occur to us to say no or pretend that we have other plans just to get out of it. All that matters to us is being able to spend as much time with him as possible. If we have to go on an hour-long hike, so be it.

2Give Up Her Apartment (That She Loves) To Move Into His

Depending on where we live, it can be really hard to find a decent apartment, let alone a really fabulous one.

If we’re lucky enough to have found a really great place, we never want to let it go.

(Plus there’s the fact that moving is a huge stressor in many people’s lives. We might not want to go through that again.)

What’s another way that we can prove how much we love our boyfriend? If we have an amazing apartment that we love so much and yet we’re willing to move into his place. We would literally live anywhere if it meant that we could live with him.

1Move To Another City Or Country With Him

This is the ultimate test of a relationship: would we be willing to move for the person that we supposedly love?

Could we move to another city or even another country? This is a huge deal and would mean leaving our friends and probably our family behind, along with our job and everything that we have known. If we’ve always lived in the same place, it’s an even bigger deal. But like the other things here, if we’re truly in love and have found the right guy, we are more than willing to do anything that it takes to stay together. We love him and he loves us and that’s the only thing that we care about.

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