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12 Signs That Fall In Love Fast, And 12 Who Take It Slow (His And Hers)

When it comes to relationships, some people are ready to jump right in and make things official right away while others would rather take their time. And if a guy wants to take things slow while the girl is falling head over heels (or vice versa), it can be tough to figure out what to do. After all, there are benefits to both approaches.

For instance, when you take things a little slower and just go one step at a time without major expectations, you can really take your time to get to know each other and decide if you’re meant to be together. But let’s be honest–when you set your inhibitions aside and just go for it, it feels exciting and passionate—and it could end up being the best decision you ever make in your life.

What makes some people want to take things slowly while others would rather speed up the whole process? Like many other aspects of our personalities, our signs always have a little influence! Sometimes, it seems like our romantic destinies are written in the stars. Here are 12 signs that fall in love fast, and 12 that would rather take it slow.

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24Falls In Love Fast: Scorpio Girls

It’s no secret that Scorpio girls just don’t hold back when it comes to love. They fall head over heels before the guy they’re interested in even says, “Hey, I like you.” And yes, they are used to getting their hearts broken because of this, but the truth is that it’s just in their nature.

They just love, love—and they have no intention of changing their ways.

They would rather put their feelings out there right from the start and just go for it with everything they have. They are not the type to keep their emotions a secret.

23Takes It Slow: Taurus Guys

Taurus guys always like to take it slow. They are earth signs, and that means they are not the type to rush into any decision whether it’s a job offer, a move to a new city, or a relationship. They really like to be able to weigh all the pros and cons of everything before they make a move—it may not sound romantic to everyone, but that’s just now Taurus guys operate! They would rather feel like things have a really good shot of working out before they make their feelings known, so they don’t just jump right in.

22Falls In Love Fast: Pisces Girls

Pisces women are known for being highly emotional. They are also one of the most sensitive signs—even more so than Pisces guys. Therefore, everything they feel, they feel deeply, and they find it impossible to hide those feelings—especially when it comes to romance!

If you’ve ever met a Pisces woman, you know that she wears her heart on her sleeve.

When she is in love, the whole world will know it within days. Yes, she is used to the rejection that can accompany this, but she loves the rush of being with a new guy.

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21Takes It Slow: Virgo Guys

There is definitely a trend amongst earth sign guys—they are not going to get into a relationship with someone until they have known them for a while. As you can see, Virgo guys are no exception to this rule! These guys are super practical, so they really like to think everything through before dating someone. And they’re not really into flings, so if a Virgo guy can’t see himself dating someone for the next few years, he probably won’t make a move–even if he does have a bit of a crush. They are definitely careful when it comes to romance.

20Falls In Love Fast: Leo Guys

Leo guys just love to fall in love. They love those moments before everything is official when they can think about all of the romantic possibilities in the future. And here’s why they are so comfortable with just going for it when it comes to relationships—they have no problem bouncing back if things don’t work out.

Rejection can certainly bruise their egos, but they have never let it keep them down—they will be right back at the romance game the moment they meet someone new.

Those feelings of heartbreak won’t last–Leo guys are just way too confident!

19Takes It Slow: Cancer Girls

Cancer girls are very romantic deep down, but they don’t usually like to make their feelings known right away. They would much rather take things slow and see how it goes before putting a label on the relationship and making it official. This is because Cancer girls really like to develop a friendship with a guy before doing anything romantic. They know that their kind and caring nature can be taken advantage of, so they try to protect their hearts and find out a guy’s true intentions before committing to him. Their motto is basically, “Well, better safe than sorry!”

18Falls In Love Fast: Gemini Girls

We don’t need to tell you that Gemini girls fall in love fast—they have no patience when it comes to relationships, and they would rather just lay all their cards on the table right away and let the guy they’re interested in know exactly how they feel.

Their perspective is basically that life is short, so you might as well tell people how you honestly feel—and if things work out, great!

If not, they simply move on to the next one without a second thought. They recover from rejection more quickly than any other sign—besides Gemini guys!

17Takes It Slow: Aquarius Girls

You may think that Aquarius girls would move into relationships quickly—after all, they are confident, secure in themselves, and rarely get preoccupied with the fear of rejection. But that’s the thing—they are so comfortable with being alone, and they don’t feel any shame around being single. Therefore, any guy who wants to impress them had better do a really good job, because they are certainly not going to drop everything for just anyone! Nope, they are quite particular about who they date, so they will always take things slowly and truly think about whether they want a relationship.

16Falls In Love Fast: Aries Girls

Aries girls are always up for an adventure—and they see love as its own kind of adventure. Therefore, they are not the type to “play it cool” or hide their feelings.

They are very open when it comes to romance, and although they won’t commit to relationships as quickly as some other signs, they definitely like to be honest.

Truthfully, this sign just doesn’t know how to fib—even if an Aries girl is scared to tell a guy that she does want a relationship, she always ends up spilling the beans anyway and just putting the idea in his mind.

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15Takes It Slow: Capricorn Girls

Out of all the earth signs, Capricorn girls are some of the most serious and grounded. They really embody these prominent earth sign characteristics, and that applies to their approach to relationships, too. The truth is that Capricorn girls don’t really like to be distracted from everything else they have going on in their lives. They are always so focused on a million different things that they don’t usually feel like they have time for relationships. They want to be really sure about a guy before even hinting that they might have feelings—they move cautiously when it comes to love.

14Falls In Love Fast: Scorpio Guys

Scorpio girls are the first to fall head over heels—and Scorpio guys are really no different! Scorpio guys are the ones who will meet a girl one day, talk to her for a few minutes, and then suddenly feel like they can’t get her out of their heads.

They are open and honest about their feelings at all times, and if a Scorpio guy becomes friends with a girl he just can’t resist, he will typically just tell her straight up how he feels.

With these guys, there is no beating around the bush—they don’t play guessing games.

13Takes It Slow: Aries Guys

Aries guys may not be the first to jump into a long-term, committed relationship, but they do fall fast. It’s a weird contradiction—they don’t really like to feel any pressure to “settle down,” but they do develop crushes pretty often and they will let their imaginations run away with the thoughts of what could be. But don’t be fooled by the strong affections of an Aries man—it will take someone very special to get him to use that “boyfriend” label. It can be tough to understand what’s going through an Aries guy’s head, so just be patient.

12Falls In Love Fast: Sagittarius Girls

Sagittarius girls are undoubtedly free spirits. Although they are similar to Aries guys in that they aren’t huge fans of steady, committed relationships, is it any surprise that these carefree women fall in love so quickly?

A Sagittarius woman is the type who will meet a guy on a spontaneous vacation, enjoy a whirlwind romance, and then spend months daydreaming about him when she gets back home.

They crave that feeling of butterflies and excitement that you get when you first meet someone special, and they don’t shy away from those little crushes that randomly occur.

11Takes It Slow: Capricorn Guys

Capricorn guys just love to take it slow—they can’t imagine just diving headfirst into a new romance. In fact, these are the kind of guys who can spend long stretches of time single without even worrying about whether or not they’ll find someone one day—they’re so content with their company that being single simply doesn’t bother them. They never seem to stress about getting into relationships. That’s why they don’t rush themselves. They are totally comfortable with being single, and they don’t want to date someone just for the sake of not being alone—they don’t see the point.

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10Falls In Love Fast: Libra Guys

Libra guys are true romantics at heart. They may not show it on the surface but just trust us—these guys love planning fancy dates, doing cute spontaneous things for their girlfriends, and just being affectionate in general. They definitely fall in love fast!

Out of all the signs, Libra guys just might be some of the most romantic.

Don’t be surprised if a Libra guy is the one who asks you out shortly after meeting you—he’s not trying to rush, this is just how he approaches relationships. Libra guys just want to express their love for you.

9Takes It Slow: Cancer Guys

Cancer guys are total sweethearts—any woman would be lucky to date a Cancer guy, and once you’ve dated one, it’s hard to imagine being with a guy born under any other sign! They simply know how to treat a woman right. They are total naturals when it comes to romance. So don’t be surprised if you end up falling fast for a Cancer guy—but be prepared for the possibility that he’ll want to take things slow! These guys always have options, but they’re also comfortable with being single, so they tend to take their time figuring out their feelings.

8Falls In Love Fast: Gemini Guys

Gemini guys fall in love fast, it’s true—but they also have a tendency to move on fast! And yet they’re so charming that even if you know this is how they operate, it’s practically impossible to resist falling for these guys.

They know exactly what to say and do to get you to fall in love.

If only we could figure out how to get these guys to settle down! It’s true that getting a Gemini guy to be your boyfriend is no easy task—they fall in love at the drop of a hat, but the feelings don’t often last.

7Takes It Slow: Aquarius Guys

Aquarius guys are so laid back, especially when it comes to romance. They really don’t feel the need to rush into anything because truthfully, they are more than happy to stay single until the right girl comes along. And the right girl won’t pressure an Aquarius guy into dating her—because she’ll have the same attitude towards relationships! Aquarius guys don’t want to put all that time and energy into forming a connection with someone unless that they know it’s the right person and the right time. Otherwise, they will probably just move on and forget the whole idea of dating them.

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6Falls In Love Fast: Leo Girls

Leo women may not always show it, but they are true romantics. They simply love to be in relationships! They can’t help it—yes, they can sometimes end up being those girls who jump from boyfriend to boyfriend, but having that reputation doesn’t bother them.

They basically think that if you have feelings for someone, why not try to make it work?

After all, you’ll never know where the relationship could go if you don’t try! And Leo women are not the type to hold back when it comes to getting what they want. They’re just going to go for it.

5Takes It Slow: Virgo Girls

Virgo girls are the last people to rush into pretty much anything—let alone romance. They are the type to think “wait and see” when it comes to love. They know that the right guy will wait for them to come around, and anyone who wants them to run full speed ahead into a relationship is simply all wrong for them. They don’t feel the need to compromise their independence for a guy, either—and we all know that women who are fine with being single are the ones who really call the shots because they won’t lower their standards.

4Falls In Love Fast: Libra Girls

Libra girls want nothing more than to be swept off their feet. That’s why they tend to fall in love so fast—they just adore being the center of a man’s attention, and who can really blame them?

There are few feelings better than the feeling of falling in love, especially when those sparks start flying with someone new.

They want those fancy dinner dates, those adorable selfies, those Valentine’s Day gifts, and everything else that comes along with a happy relationship. Libra girls just feel like they’re at their best when they have someone they love by their side.

3Takes It Slow: Taurus Girls

Taurus women take everything one step at a time, including falling in love. They do have a tendency to remain guarded—they are definitely not one of the signs who are willing to make themselves vulnerable right off the bat. They would much rather really get to know a guy on a deeper level before making any real judgments about their own feelings. They’re a more rational earth sign, not an emotional water sign, so they don’t like to make decisions based purely on their feelings anyway. They really make sure to think everything through before making that big leap.

2Falls In Love Fast: Sagittarius Guys

Sagittarius guys are no strangers to love—these guys fall in love more times than they could ever count. They can’t help it–so try not to take it personally.

It’s just how they are—it was written in the stars that they are meant to be hopeless romantics.

Don’t be alarmed if you meet a Sagittarius guy and it seems like he’s flirting with you right off the bat—he’s not trying to come on too strong, he just feels those butterflies already and wants to see how you’ll respond! These guys are known flirts, and they are super charming, too—they’re easy to fall for!

1Takes It Slow: Pisces Guys

While Pisces women like to run right into new relationships without a second thought, Pisces men are a lot more likely to want to take things slow. They simply don’t fall in love as fast. Yes, they are sensitive and emotional water signs, but the men and women of each sign can still have different traits. Pisces men know that they can be hurt easily, so they try to keep their feelings in check when they realize they’re attracted to someone. They don’t want to make that big move only to be disappointed in the end, so they take their time.

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