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Prepare for An Emotional Storm During November’s Upcoming New Moon In Scorpio

As we move past Halloween and into November, we’re quickly going to find ourselves headed for the next new moon. Often seen as a time for new beginnings and setting intentions, this new moon is a little more complex thanks to the energy of Scorpio. Are you ready?


There is no denying the fact that 2018 has been an intense year from an astrological perspective. This summer, alone, we experienced a total of 7 different plants and Chiron all in retrograde, which is enough to turn our lives upside down.

The great news is that we survived it, and here we stand, staring down the final months of the year. However, it’s not over yet. We still have a solid 2 months of astrological energy yet, and it’s not all going to be easy.

When we consider the energy of the moon and its phases, the first thing that pops into your mind is likely the power of the full moon. Well-known for bringing out the chaos and the craziness in the world, the truth is that the moon’s energy is all about our emotions.

The full moon brings the peak of those emotions, and when our thoughts and decisions are all led by intense emotions, its no wonder that so many people act in such an erratic and impulsive way.

The new moon is the start of the moon cycle, the opportunity to start something new and fresh. It is the time when we are encouraged to look forward, setting our sights on where we want to go during this time and discovering the best course of action to take advantage of the changing energy with the moon’s coming phases.

The next full moon is just around the corner, , but this one is going to be a little interesting.

The November 7th new moon is going to occur in Scorpio, a sign known for its passion and intensity. This month, as you are getting ready to set your intentions for the month ahead, the energy of Scorpio will call on you to see past the happiness and positivity of a ‘fresh start’ to the potential roadblocks that are laid out before you.

This includes unresolved issues, suppressed emotions and underlying motivation, whether you are aware of it or not. If there’s ever been a time to focus on why you do what you do, this would be it!

Before you make any decisions during this time, take a step back and take a deep breath. Consider why you are drawn to the actions before you, including what you hope to gain from this decision and, arguably more important, the potential risks.

Scorpio will increase the intensity of your emotions, and you want to be sure that you are including logic in your decisions as well. Try to explain why you are choosing a specific course of action, and break it down into clear terms.  If you can’t put your finger on the motivation, it’s possible that there is no underlying logical reason to find.

If you do identify an emotional response, don’t stop there. It is likely that this is going to be a pattern of behavior moving forward, something that will come up again in the near future. Looking back on your past, can you identify a trigger.

Is there a traumatic event that would explain your reaction, or unresolved emotions that may be influencing your mind? If so, you must identify this cause first before you can put it behind you. It’s not going to be easy, but there will come a time when you look back at this chapter of your life and you will thank yourself for stepping outside your comfort zone.



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