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Pisces Season Is Here And It Brings End To Important Karmic Lessons

19th February 2020 sees our Sun positing itself in Pisces one last time before the new astral year begins.

This event expects us to remember that we need to do away with the old before we are ready to bring in the new.

When the season of Pisces is on us, you get all the time in the world to introspect. You could try reflecting on your past while prepping up for what’s new to come.

The Pisces season gives us the freedom to enjoy what life has for us, and we should use it to celebrate the path that we have walked on, along with the opportunities this path brought us.

Since this period isn’t really a long one, the higher realms are supporting us in our zeal to make some changes, or cut things out of our life which we wouldn’t be taking with us, as we prep for the new cycle.

2020 will definitely heighten up the process of moving towards newer pastures as after we welcome the new astrological year, Saturn comes into the play. With this planet moving and changing signs, we will find a huge energy shift.

The effects of Saturn are such that they would be felt in Pisces season even though Saturn wouldn’t be working until Aries season comes up. This planet may be heavy and strict, but it doesn’t fall behind on rewarding when the work gets done.

Since February is soon drawing to a close, we should keep an eye out for the rewards that might come by our door during the New Moon in Pisces.

Our knowledge of New Moons being places of new beginnings is horribly inadequate, which is why we wouldn’t be able to decipher the newness in the atmosphere. We would be able to feel it, but never have a clue as to what that is.

This ‘newness’ might make us get excited about doing something new, but we also might not have an idea as to where to begin.

As Mercury retrograde will also be a major part of Pisces season, this feeling of inadequacy and uncertainty will be a major highlight of this period. So, the best thing you could do was simply wait and see.

With Pisces, we come to the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn anything from this period. Powerful energy blows, which helps one understand and enhance our spiritual growth.

With things decelerating, we have an opportunity to look inside ourselves which would help us make some plans for the New Year.

The upcoming Pisces season would also result in a sextile between Neptune and Jupiter- a chain of alignments that are quite rare for this year.

In fact, this event is so rare that the Neptune-Jupiter sextile would occur thrice in the whole year. And the first one would be in the Pisces season. The first sextile would be on 20th February.

As we know, Neptune rules over Pisces and is hence responsible for not only connecting to the soul of an individual but also connecting to the soul of the Universe.

So, when Neptune links up with Jupiter, we can easily acquire several spiritual awakenings, which would allow our souls to manifest in different forms.

The Full Moon in Virgo heralds the end of the Pisces season. This Full Moon is extremely generous and harmonious, and it will simply follow through with the process of releasing, to accept something new.

Pisces 2020 is not a period which you should be afraid of, for this period will teach you the importance of being kind, generous, and patient.

It will always teach you how to connect with one’s soul and use your choices to define who you are.



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