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Never Make Your Boyfriend Do These 8 Things With You


Having a boyfriend means sharing everything with him, going on adventures, having your partner in crime, laughing your ass off together, eating like pigs and so much more. Having a boyfriend means spending lots of time together because you simply can’t get enough of each other (which is completely understandable).

But there are some things you should avoid expecting him to do with you. Instead, you should ask your friends to accompany you or simply do it on your own but never make your boyfriend do these 8 things with you and you’ll see how much your relationship will improve.

1. Dragging him shopping for the perfect lipstick color to match your outfit

Every woman understands the troubles of finding the perfect lipstick for every occasion or when you’re indecisive about the right color tone. But explaining this to your boyfriend is a mission impossible, so why would you bother bringing him with you when you know that the make-up section for him is more like being ‘Alice in Wonderland’?


2. Your third cousin’s son’s birthday

Your third cousin’s son’s birthday really is a cause for celebration but have you asked yourself if your boyfriend even knows his name (or your third cousin’s name)? Maybe he genuinely doesn’t like celebrations but how can he reject you when you’re convincing him that he should accompany you?

3. Getting a root touch-up at the hair salon

Similar to shopping for make-up, getting a root touch-up at the hair salon is for guys like the biggest enigma they’ve ever witnessed. If you ask him if he notices that you need a root touch-up, the first thing he’ll do is ask you what the hell ‘a root touch-up’ is supposed to mean.

And if you tell him that you’ll need an hour or so for it, he’ll think that you’re joking. Do you really want to watch him there sweating and going through the same hair magazines on repeat? Do you really want him to lose his mind while still trying to decipher what the thing about your roots is and why it lasts so long? I didn’t think so.

4. Going to see ‘Fifty Shades Darker’

If you ask any man to watch ‘Fifty Shades Darker’, their reply would be: “I’d rather walk forty miles barefoot through the darkest, snowy alleys and fight bears and other animals than watch those two trying to make sense of nonsense.”

It’s like stabbing them right in their heart and telling them to keep bleeding until the movie finishes. ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ and other movies that men are appalled by are best to go see with your friends or alone because if you take a man there, he might fall asleep and start snoring (which would be a little bit embarrassing).


5. Accompanying you lingerie shopping

Lingerie is supposed to be a surprise for him when you get home and show him that hot thing you’ve just bought. Asking him to go with you shopping for lingerie is the same as asking him to go and help you with your choice and at the same time pretend that he didn’t see what you bought so that you can surprise him when you get home.

It’s like taking him to the candy store to choose candy for himself and not giving it him to eat until he gets home. But when you already know what’s on the menu, it’s not that interesting anymore, is it?

6. Forcing him to try things he’s not interested in

If he’s a strict meat eater and he’s never, ever expressed a wish to try go vegan, there’s no point in taking him to a vegan restaurant that someone suggested to you. If he’s never been into sports or certain concerts, there’s no point in buying tickets for this.

Forcing him to try things he’s not interested in could backfire and create more damage than fun. And it’s definitely not worth it.

7. Going to the gynecologist

Let’s say that he’s accepted to accompany you to the gynecologist for a regular check-up and now he’s there awkwardly smiling at others, impatiently waiting for you to finish so that he can forget everything he heard or saw while he was there.

Words like gynecologist, hair salon or beauty salon simply don’t exist in a man’s dictionary. They are things they’re even afraid of saying out loud, let alone visiting. So, have mercy and leave your man drinking beer with his buddies and do what he’s best at and that’s being a man.

8. Dragging him on a girl’s night

Do you think he’ll enjoy listening to your latest updates about PMS, your new dieting regimen, babbling about cramps and other culprits of a woman’s mood and well-being? Dragging him to what is evidently a girl’s night is equal to telling him to commit suicide and pretend that he’s still alive. Spare yourself and him the trouble and just don’t do it.



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