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Male Signs Of Attention That Women For Some Reason Do Not Notice

Male signs of attention that women for some reason do not notice. It is difficult to notice love when you are constantly in a hurry… either to work, then home or to the bank to repay loans. In a hurry, you don’t notice anything at all, let alone feelings.

But in vain we do this… Sometimes we pass by true love and do not see signs of his attention. Here are a few signs that will help you recognize interest in yourself.

Male signs of attention that women for some reason do not notice:

Wandering Eye

A passionate man’s gaze will glide over the woman. Most likely it will stop on some parts of her body.

This happens instinctively; it’s rare that a man can control his gaze, but not out of weakness, but because his loving gaze is unconscious. He thinks he’s just watching…


A man in love will try to touch you: he will remove a strand of hair from your face, and extend his hand to help you go down or up somewhere….

In general, he will find a way to become physically closer.

Unconscious actions

A curious phenomenon: not all men, but very many, in the company of a woman they like, will “undress”: take off their jacket, unbutton the top buttons of their shirt, loosen their tie… sometimes straighten their hair.

Instinctive jealousy

Jealousy can tell a lot about a man’s relationship with a woman. If another man is next to the woman he likes, he will most likely become angry and irritable.

These emotions will have to be endured not only by the girl herself but also by those who show interest in her. Jealousy is perhaps the most honest sign of falling in love.


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