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It Takes A Lot Of Courage To Walk Away From Someone You Love

When we talk about break-ups and the ending of a relationship, we always focus on the person left behind. Everyone is always concerned about how this person feels and about their emotional pain, assuming that walking away is a piece of cake.

Everyone assumes that leaving someone and breaking the relationship off is the easiest thing which can be done.

Everyone assumes that the person who has taken this step doesn’t have any emotions and that they don’t feel any pain. Otherwise, they wouldn’t end things, would they?

But the situation is completely different if you are walking away from someone you still have strong feelings for. It is completely different when you are leaving someone you still love but you simply know it is the only option you have and the only choice you can make if you want to save yourself because there is obviously no future for you with this person.


Because sometimes love is simply not enough.

Sometimes you love your partner to the bones but you know it’s about time to start loving yourself more.

Sometimes you are very well aware of the intensity of the emotions you feel for someone but you simply have to choose yourself over that person.

And the only way to do that is to walk away from the person who is making your life harder, despite all the love that might exist between you two.

There comes a time when you feel like you are losing your sanity around someone. You see that you are losing control of yourself because of that someone.


And most importantly—you see that you will lose yourself if you stay by this person’s side.

You see that this relationship is bringing you more bad than good things. You see that it is making you feel miserable and bad about yourself and you’ve noticed that you’ve spent more time sad than happy around that person.

And it’s not like you never tried to fight for this relationship, because you definitely have.

You put a lot of effort into making things between the two of you work but it became clear that some people are simply not compatible and that some people simply can’t function together, as much as they want to.

You realized that some people and relationships are simply not meant to be, as much as you try.

After a lot of reconsideration, you came to the conclusion that you simply had to leave that toxic and harmful relationship before it destroyed your mental and physical health completely.


And when you finally did it, the guilt came.

You were constantly asking yourself if there was anything you could have done to save your relationship and if you had given up on it too easily.

You were wondering if there was anything more that you could have done for this guy and you felt guilty for being the one to walk away. You felt guilty for leaving this guy hanging and for not fighting for him more.

You thought of yourself as weak and selfish.

You simply couldn’t stand being in the relationship anymore and that made you think you weren’t strong enough to confront all the problems. You felt defeated and like you couldn’t win the most important battle of your life.

You chose yourself over the person you loved and for the first time ever, you thought about your own needs and about your own good and the guilt consumed you for doing something like this, although this was the only reasonable thing to do.


Well, let me tell you one thing—you are anything but weak.

Because walking away from someone you still love is the bravest thing you can do.

It means that you were strong enough to disregard your feelings, despite how strong they were.

It means that you were strong enough not to listen to your heart, because you knew it wasn’t going to bring you anything good.

It means you were strong enough to choose what was right for you in the long-term, even though you knew you would be heartbroken because of that decision. It means you were strong enough to break your own heart, for the sake of the greater good.

It means you were mature enough to do the only thing that needed to be done if you wanted to save yourself.

And that is why you should be proud of yourself.



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