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I’m Not Tired Of Loving, I’m Tired Of Trying

I’m done trying to fix you. I’m done being the last one on the list. I’m done being an option, a routine call or sorry I forgot.

I’m tired of feeling miserable after realizing you weren’t even thinking about me when I was counting on you. It’s so disappointing.

I’m tired of getting my hopes up just to be let down soon after. I’m tired of believing half-truths and holding on to nothing.

If you have no motivation to show me you care for me, just be honest about it. There’s no need to avoid my questions and talk about the least important topics while I’m waiting for a single sign you actually care.

I don’t want to wake up beside a man who can never tell if I’m sad or comfort me. I don’t want to wake up thinking I’m not good enough.


I was with you because you were special to me and I thought that feeling was mutual. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

I had to make up my mind. Because you didn’t. You were always waiting for me to make the first move, to do something.

When I love, I love hard; there’s no second-guessing, there’s no indecision. I do everything for the one I love. I wish I could say the same about you.

From day one, you were misleading me; you talked about the future and plans and I was in awe. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that was just a weak projection of your weak ego.

I’m not here to be taken for granted. I’m here to spend my life with someone who will show me I’m rare and treat me like I deserve to be treated.


I’m not scared of loving but wasting my time on someone who doesn’t love me back.

Not giving up easily made me lose my energy on the same things over and over again. It became exhausting.

When someone loves you, your energy is regenerated; they give love back. It’s not expendable.

True love shouldn’t be begged for or ignored. Your indifference and lack of effort made me let go.

Letting go has made me realize how pointless our relationship was.

Instead of respecting myself and seeing my worth, I spent a significant amount of my life caring for something that wasn’t even real; not for you anyway.


I’m not a babysitter, I’m a woman; I can’t and won’t tell you what to do and how to live your life. You’re a grown man and I expect you to act like it.

I lost my precious time and energy on a guy who didn’t have the courage to love me as I deserve to be loved. I hope others can learn from my mistakes.

Now I know I’m worthy of a love that’s encompassing and unconditional. I’m worthy of being accepted as I am.

I learned my lesson and I’m ready to move on. It’s going to hurt but I know that’s the best for me.

Despite everything, I didn’t lose hope.


I still believe that someday I’ll meet a guy who is going to be perfect for me but the thing is, he will have to find me because I’m done trying, searching and doing a man’s job.

If you want me, show me and make it clear.

I refuse to be a victim of someone’s ignorance and selfishness. I have my own needs and next time, I will insist my partner puts in the effort to meet them.

I want a man who will respect me and recognize that I’m worth dying for.

I want a ride or die love, passion. A man who’s going to be my backbone and my strength, someone I can count on.

I want a radical love because I’m ready for it. Only this time, I’m starting with myself.



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