It is not easy to end a relationship, especially a romantic one. When two people spend so much time together, they start to think that the other one will always be there. But unfortunately, that is not possible. If you don’t get along with someone, it is better to let them go. Let them find happiness with other people. Staying in a bad relationship is not an option.  
We are rulers of our destiny and we should think about the people who are part of our life. Letting someone know everything about you makes you so vulnerable. And you know why? Because that person will know all your bad sides and when you are no longer friends, they can take advantage of you. So, always be careful when you are revealing your secrets to people around you. Only special ones deserve to know them. And you need to choose those people. Be smart and decide wisely. Just like a lot of people around me, I once had a lover. The special one. He was the world to me. But the sad news was that he didn’t deserve me. I was the one waiting for hours for him to show up for our meetings. I was the one calling a thousand times and texting endlessly. See also: Unrequited Love Is Not What You Deserve I was the one crying and asking myself, “Why is he doing this to me? Doesn’t he love me? Yes, he loves me, he said so.” But I was wrong. He wasn’t capable of love. Not only me, he wasn’t capable of loving anybody. Demons from his past made him a monster.   Someone who just plays games with girls and in the end, just dumps them. Without a word, a phone call, a simple message. I was thinking to myself, “Why me? Why is this horror happening to me? I love him so much.”   I texted him every morning before work to wish him a nice day. I called him during my breaks to check on him. And he did this. Unbelievable. I figured it out that guys respect girls who act bitchy more than the normal ones who act nicely. Guys always say they need love and care. And when we provide all the love and care they say they need, we get dumped. I didn’t want to have a life like that. A life full of tears and misery. I decided to move on.
So I quit: I quit on him. You will see what it feels like to live without me. You will experience the sadness of life when I am not there to say everything will be okay. You will just wait for my call or message that I won’t send. And then, you will miss me.   But I will not be there. I gave you so many chances and I don’t want to do it anymore. If you don’t respect yourself, nobody else will. So, my dear ex lover, I have a message for you: ”I’m done trying to make you love me!” Have a nice life but I surely won’t be part of it!’  


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