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If He Does These 8 Things, Don’t Even Bother To Text Him Back

1. He sends short, effortless replies

You really put an effort into the texts you send him. You make sure that they are not boring, that they show just how interesting and funny you are, and he replies with a one-word message.

He is not cooperating. Texting is a two-way street. Efforts must be mutual or you are not moving anywhere. It’s the first small indicator of the one-sidedness you want to avoid at every cost.


2. He is too busy to get back to you

Most people are stuck to their phones 24/7, so it’s really funny when someone doesn’t text back immediately. But people take showers, eat, sleep, work, etc. without their phones.

However, if he is too busy to reply within one day, you don’t have to even bother to keep on texting with him. Nobody’s that busy, and he is just stringing you along.

3. He forgets to text back

Ask yourself this, “Have I ever forgotten about him?” The answer will most probably be, “No.” That’s because you like him and you care.

If he is so wrapped up in his day that he can’t find a minute to text you, he is just not that into you, and that’s the only truth.


4. He mentions sex way too early

A man who hasn’t taken the time to get to know you but jumps at the first chance he gets to mention getting busy between the sheets with you is not a good man. He is not the man you can build a relationship with.

He has only one thing on his mind, and he is telling you that all he is into is messing around. He doesn’t want to get to know you on a deeper level.

So remember sexting—sending nudes and every mention of sex—early on is a huge red flag that he is not into something more serious.

5. Delaying his reply is part of his game

He believes that the only way to keep a girl interested is to mess with her mind. It all begins with texts. He will send something and then wait hours to reply. He will ignore your last text for as long as he thinks he should.

If you are into him, this will work. You will be on your toes at all times craving his next message. But he is just openly showing you that he has PLAYER written on his forehead. Stop texting him back—you don’t have time to play games.


6. He forgets to mention that he is already in a relationship

It must have “slipped his mind”. Yeah right, as if you can forget that you are in a relationship, engaged or God forbid married. Sadly, the dating scene nowadays is filled with scum like this.

Needless to say, don’t even think of texting him back. The best thing you can do is to block him from your phone and your life.

7. He doesn’t text you back

This goes without saying, but it’s still worth mentioning: there is no point in sending one text after the other when your first was left unanswered.

It will look like you are texting with yourself and not with him. It will make you seem desperate, and it won’t make him reply any faster. All in all, there is no point. If your text is left without a reply, let it be.


8. He gets mad because you haven’t texted back immediately

This is a big warning sign. You have a life of your own for God sakes, and there are a number of reasons you couldn’t reply right away. And him getting mad might alert you that it’s better you don’t text him at all.

Getting mad over something that is so insignificant as not getting an immediate reply is a sign of controlling and jealous behavior. So, be very careful.

All in all, there is one rule you should apply where texting is concerned that will put all this texting mess in order: If your friend was in a similar situation and your advice would be “ Don’t text him back”, give the same to yourself—don’t reply.

We usually achieve more with the text that gets ignored than with the one we send.



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