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I didn’t leave you because I stopped loving you. I didn’t do it because I’d met someone else or because I thought I could do better. I didn’t do it to teach you a lesson or to make you chase me either.

I walked away from you because I couldn’t take it anymore. Because it was the only option I had and because it was my last attempt to save myself from your toxicity.

I did it because I’d had enough. Because I’d reached my breaking point and because I knew that staying by your side for just one moment longer would be the end of me. That staying in that relationship for just one more day would destroy me completely.

I did it because I had no other choice. Because I finally looked the painful truth in the eye and saw that you’d never become the man I needed you to be, that my love couldn’t change you and that sadly, I couldn’t fix you, as much as I’d tried.

I did it because I saw that you and I were actually never meant to be and that we could never have a future together. That our relationship would never become healthy and that it was doomed to fail from day one.

I walked away because you didn’t give me a reason to stay. Because you were making my life a living hell and because you were making me miserable. And that is not how the person you love should make you feel.

I left you because I finally realized that you would never put me first, that you would never choose me for real and that you would never fulfill your promises of being different. That you would never love me the way I loved you and the way I deserved to be loved.

I walked away because I grew tired of chasing you. Tired of being the only one fighting and the only one trying. Tired of all the arguments and tired of trying to make something out of the relationship, while you couldn’t care less about it.

Tired of all the second chances and of all the false promises. Tired of believing in something that was obviously never real and tired of waiting for something that would never come.

Tired of justifying you mistreating me and of looking for excuses for your shitty behavior. Tired of lying to myself just so I could continue loving you. Tired of being your second choice, tired of second-guessing your emotions, tired of you not being consistent and tired of you not giving me what I needed.

I walked away from you because I had to do so even though it was the toughest decision of my life. Because I had to find a way out one way or another, even though it was tearing me apart and even though it meant I had to break my own heart.

I left you because staying by your side would have hurt even more. Because I couldn’t stand being trapped in a one-sided, loveless relationship which never had the potential of becoming real.

Because I finally saw that you never deserved me. Because I finally saw my own worth and because it was time for me to stop settling for less.

I walked away because I realized that I needed someone better. Because I realized that I was way better off single than stuck in that toxic relationship and because I am sure I can make it without you.

I left you because I still have faith that one day there will come a man who will give himself completely to me, a man who will love me in all the ways I should be loved and a man who will be worthy of me.

So please, don’t try looking for me once you start regretting the fact that you lost me. Don’t try coming back into my life once you see that no other woman will love you like I did and once you understand what you’ve done.

Just for once, be fair and let me go. Let me be happy far away from you because that is the least I deserve.


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