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How It Feels Like To Be An Anxious Person?

  People who are healthy don’t know how lucky they are. When you are anxious your whole life is spent in trying and trying to look or feel good. Every time you start doing something new you will be nervous and anxious because of that and honestly that sucks. It sucks having that acid in your stomach that is eating you away and taking away any feeling of hunger. When you are anxious even you are hungry you want to vomit the same moment you put something into your mouth. It is constant feeling that something is wrong even you don’t know what that is. Anxious people analyze everything for 100 times and even they are tired they tend to think about some problems. They think something bad will happen to them in the future and nobody will be able to protect them.   In fact they are scared of dying and that feeling is so strong and intense that they can’t shake it off. That feeling is their favorite drug and they can’t get rid of it.  For an anxious person it gets very complicated to enjoy in small things. Even playing with their kids makes them feel worried for them and their future. Sometimes anxious people feel so detached and numb, like their body is present but their mind isn’t. There is that inner voice that tells you are different from other people and that feels so bad. Anxiety is a liar even it looks so real It is such a strong feeling that something is not good. If you feel this way you should stand up for yourself and fight against it. You should think about all your irrational fears and problems. Tell them out loud. So you can hear yourself and once and for all realize that everything is okay and being worried about things won’t change anything. Unfortunately, anxiety can happen to anyone no matter how old they are. I know some 8 year old kids who suffer from anxiety and they don’t even know what is happening. Symptoms like strong heart beating, sweating for no reason, dizziness and similar things happen all of a sudden. From my experience I would say they happen in the worst situations like being at the college doing your exam or trying to make some job done.   The most important thing is that anxiety shouldn’t be ignored. If you ignore all that hustle that is happening in your head you are just making things worse. You need to spend so much time talking to yourself and explaining that there isn’t any rational way that things will get worse. Don’t be anxious because you moved to a new apartment. Don’t be nervous because you found a new job. Don’t be anxious because you don’t see your parents as much as you would wanted. Things can be fixed and this is only one of them. So next time you get a panic attack talk to yourself. Explain to your panic that it can’t control your life because she is part of you. She is just a roommate and you can kick it out whenever you want. Fight for yourself because if you don’t do that, nobody else will. I know it is difficult and that you are exhausted but you should never give up. Only cowards do that and you are not one of them. You are a freaking survivor so raise your voice and defeat that mother fuc*er! You will realize in the end that it was just a bump on the road in your life and you shouldn’t have been worried about it. So my dear anxious people, I want you to know you are not alone. I am one of you and I am still fighting with those demons but I won’t quit until I get rid of this bastard. One day I will, I am sure about it!  


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