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Here’s Each Zodiac Sign’s Beautiful Traits

Let’s face it: we all have our annoying quirks that have the potential to rub people the wrong way. Different personalities pooled together have the ability to clash and really get under each other’s skin. Just like the symbol of the yin-yang representing the duality of man, here are good qualities and bad qualities about every human being. That is what makes us all human, as cheesy as that sounds. Sometimes the question that you have to ask yourself is how can you socialize with different personalities while seeing the good in everyone that you meet? It is certainly easier said than done.

Each one of the zodiac signs has its pros and cons. There is no such thing as a better or worse sign, it just depends on what you can tolerate. Sometimes, there are personality traits that are just deal breakers and you have to decide how much you can put up with. Getting to know someone is like peeling away layers from an onion. Once the polite facade wears off, you then start seeing them for who they truly are. This is kind of like an episode of the Real World if you think about it.

Here are the most shameful and unforgettable traits of each zodiac sign.

An Impetuous Aries Recklessly Does Things Without Thinking

Aries, you are a woman of action, which is what people love about you. You can take charge of any situation with rigor and speed. Sometimes, your need to take action causes you to act before you think, which can get you in trouble time and time again. Your impetuous nature can cause you to make mistakes that you will later regret and will be kicking yourself for. Patience is not in the psyche of this particular sign because you are used to things happening so quickly without having to wait for them. Aries people are known to rush into things and grab the bull (or in this case, the ram) by the horns without second-guessing. Learn to take a step back and assess situations before getting involved with them. You will better conserve your time and energy.


But You Will Never Forget Aries’ Fearlessness

The Aries is not someone who sits around and feels sorry for themselves after they have faced adversity. Their forward-moving nature lets them move on from bad situations quickly and without regret. They dive into new hobbies and skills and have the ability to master them with speed like no other sign in the zodiac. Anyone who has met an Aries will never forget their bravery and courage because they literally aren’t afraid of anyone or anything. Aries people seem like they are on a constant mission because they are always pushing through life. They are always ready for battle and they keep fighting the good fight, no matter what anyone tries to tell them. Aries do not get discouraged by any negative words from other people.

A Slow And Steady Taurus Will Take Forever To Do Anything

Taurus, you’re a fixed earth sign, meaning that you are made of a solid substance that isn’t easily swayed. Unlike Aries, you take your sweet time to make decisions because you don’t want to make the wrong one. You have no problem with making a slow, calculated decision. It can take a while for you to warm up to people because you aren’t always willing to initiate a conversation. The sign of the Taurus signifies a woman of reaction, not action. Though you are head-strong, you are not one to initiate anything and you struggle to be proactive about your life. Being of the earth, you know how to conceal emotions and hide when you are going through a rough time. Sometimes you need not think too much and just go for it before the opportunity passes you by.

But You Will Never Forget Taurus’ Endless Patience

As a Taurus, you make an extremely loyal friend and confidant to people that you love. They know that they can always count on you through thick and thin. Though some people might push your buttons or rub you the wrong way, you know how to let it go and brush it off your shoulder. You know that good things in life come to those who wait. You handle bad news better than most other signs and don’t stress too much when things don’t go your way. Taurus ladies are better than anyone at understanding that when one door closes, another one opens. Their fixed nature causes them to be persistent and move at a steady pace. They know how to navigate through life even when the cards are stacked against them.

A Chatty Gemini Will Spread Gossip Like Wildfire

If there is one sign that knows how to instigate drama better than any other sign, it is a Gemini. They are the catalysts of information and big news whether it be useful or useless information. Oftentimes, that useless information includes gossip and being all up in everyone’s business. Though you are hilarious, when it’s not about you, the gossip is still entertaining. People are always willing to listen to your stories. You forget quickly that you could potentially be damaging someone’s reputation or just hurting their feelings. When word gets back around to them, friendships can dissipate and bridges are burned. Negative Geminis are the worst because they expose intimate secrets and speak negatively about those around them. If you don’t have anything nice to say, dear Gemini don’t say anything at all.

But You Will Never Forget Gemini’s Light-Hearted Nature

Geminis are jovial and fun to be around. They love bringing groups of people together and introducing people to one another. Odds are that you have known a Gemini in your life who has introduced you to all of your friends when you were new to a city or switched schools when you were a kid. As a Gemini, you are community-oriented and just want to be accepted by your peers. You will shower people with compliments and attention that will make them feel like they are accepted. You know how to adapt to different senses of humor and cause roars of laughter that echoes for miles. You like to read and be well-informed so you’ve mastered the art of conversation with precision. All in all, Geminis are some of the most engaging people you will ever meet.

An Uber-Sensitive Cancer Will Cry When They Don’t Get Their Way

Cancers are emotional and sensitive. This causes them to become upset quicker than most other signs of the zodiac. They sometimes don’t have much shame when it comes to expressing how they feel. This is because they wear their feelings on their sleeves even when people tell them it is not wise to do. They can become manipulative towards others by acting even more shaken than they really are. In other words, they overreact and people cater to them accordingly. These are the types that will cry in order to get their way as a way of guilting you. Cancers, we get it. Life can be hard but understand that others have to struggle and go through hardships too, you are not the only one. Recognize that sometimes you just have to suck it up and deal with it.

But You Will Never Forget Cancer’s Unconditional Love For Others

Cancers have the uncanny ability to read others and know what is going on inside their head. They have a precise intuition that can pick up the vibes that other people are giving off. They know the collective unconscious of the human race because they are ruled by the moon. They are the first ones people can go to when they are upset. Cancer girls are like the mother hens of their group and their mission is to nurture. They want to make sure everyone’s feelings are secure and that no one gets hurt. They are fiercely protective of their loved ones, especially when it comes to their family. Never mess with a Cancer’s little sister or childhood friend. They will crush you like a little insect if anyone tries to hurt them. They have their crabby pinchers for a reason.


A Cocky Leo Needs To Be The Center Of Attention

Leo ladies are ruled by the sun so that means they have a strong sense of self and who they are. The sun is traditionally masculine so that means that they are expressive and exert their energy onto the world. Leos are so charismatic that heads tend to turn in their direction every time they walk into a room. Because of this, they are used to being in the spotlight. Their energy sparkles and shines but sometimes they let it go to their heads. Without realizing it, Leos can steal people’s thunder at such inappropriate times. Stepping back and blending into the background is hard for them to do because their prerogative is to be the center of attention. We love you, Leo but pass the torch every now and again.

But You Will Never Forget Leo’s Warm, Positive Reinforcement

Leos always have smiles on their faces and songs in their heart. Ok, so that was cheesy but you get the idea. Leos rarely have anything negative to say about anyone unless it is completely justified. Even then, they will quickly change the subject. As much as Leos like to have their egos stroked, they know that they need to go out of their way to make others feel good about themselves. Whenever you are having a bad day or are feeling down about yourself, talk to a Leo friend. They will make you feel ten times lighter and help you look at the positives. After all, they are ruled by the sun so they will put a light in your life where you cannot find it yourself.

A Finicky Virgo Will Get High Strung Over Mundane Details

A Virgo friend at their very worst can be like that nagging mom who makes you feel like you can’t do anything right. Because they are so focused on details, they can literally nitpick at anything that isn’t perfect or to their liking. These are usually mundane things that no one really cares about…except the Virgo. Virgo, we admire your perfectionist ways. In fact, the world would not spin around if it weren’t for your kind to keep us all in line when we don’t play by the rules. But come on, learn to let some things go and don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is too short to get hung up on a microscopic stain on a shirt or the table not being set properly. Remember that no one is perfect, not even you.

But You Will Never Forget Virgo’s Pursuit Of Perfection

Like we said before, the world would not be able to operate if it weren’t for the Virgos of the world making sure that everything is running smoothly. All the I’s dotted and the t’s crossed is the way the Virgo will teach you to get it done. When you are working or collaborating with them on something, they catch mistakes before they happen and save everyone a great deal of grief. So many headaches and mishaps are thwarted because of the Virgo’s ability to catch little chinks in the armor before they turn into full-blown problems. Though this might annoy some people at times, in the long-run it is better for them to hear the harsh yet constructive criticism. Just learn that there is a time and a place for it.

A Petty Libra Will Get Annoyingly Self-Righteous

Libras have a need to write wrongs and even play the devil’s advocate. Since they are ruled by Venus, they are all about balance and harmony. At the same time, they are one of the most non-confrontational signs of the zodiac. So whenever there is a problem, you as a Libra might dance around the point rather than address it. You pick out the petty little flaws in people rather than tell them what is bothering you about them. This can hurt your relationships or even cause you to build up with frustration. This sign isn’t that good at being confronted either. Libras are deflectors and when they are to blame they know how to make it look like it is someone else’s fault. Libra, there are ways to confront issues in your relationships without being abrasive or hurting people’s feelings.

But You Will Never Forget Libra’s Virtue Of Fairness

Libras need to see both sides of the story before they take sides. In fact, sometimes they even choose not to take any side. This is what makes them the best judges and lawyers out of all the zodiac signs. They don’t use their emotions when they try to problem solve, but instead choose to look at the situation and assess it objectively. This is what makes them the peacemakers of the group. Libra children have even been known to solve problems in their parent’s marriage, being what keeps them from getting a divorce. Though many people want unconditional loyalty, Libras won’t give it if they don’t think that it is deserved. No matter how close you are to a Libra, they still expect you to play fair. It doesn’t matter who you are dealing with.

A Scorpio Will Release Their Famous Stinger

Scorpios seem docile and easy-going in the beginning. Because of this, people mistakenly believe that they can walk all over a Scorpio. What they don’t know is that Scorpios have a temper but it is just not out in the open like some of the other signs. If you do a Scorpio wrong or cross them, you will pay for it later. The kicker is that you will never see it coming and the sting will be so powerful that you will regret the day you were born. Okay so maybe that was a little exaggerated, but still…these people know how to plot revenge like nobody’s business. Scorpios, understand that getting mad and expressing it is better than getting even in a passive-aggressive way. They certainly don’t let their anger fester, they deal with it in a more up-front kind of way.


But You Will Never Forget A Scorpio’s Piercing Stare

When you make eye contact with a Scorpio, you will either feel mesmerized and entranced or intimidated and fearful. Scorpios are an intense sign and they have a polarizing effect on people. They are magnetic individuals and have the power to suck you in with their expressive eyes. If it feels like they are looking into your soul, it is because they are. They have the uncanny ability to read your thoughts even when you don’t say a single word. This makes them the best psychologists because they know how to help people by getting rid of their destructive tendencies. No other sign in the entire zodiac knows how the human psyche the way that a Scorpio does. You simply can’t fool a Scorpio because they will sense it before you even realize it.

A Sagittarius Can Be Obnoxious With Their Blunt Comments

Sagittarius are always trying to expand their knowledge and wisdom. They are such lively creatures at the same time and love to talk about what they’ve learned. In conversation, they are straight-shooters and don’t really sugarcoat anything when trying to make a point. What you don’t realize as a Sagittarian is that oftentimes your blunt comments can hurt other people. Though this is not intentional on your end, you can be clumsy with words as a fire sign as you don’t really have a filter. The best piece of advice for you would be to think before you speak. Your thoughts are infinite and fast-moving and it doesn’t always keep up with your discretion. Just be aware that some people might be more sensitive that you are.

But You Will Never Forget Sagittarius’ Adventurous Free Spirit

What you have to love about a Sagittarius is that they are always down for a last minute road trip. Just got dumped by the love of your life? Just got fired? Have no fear because your Sag friend will be there to whisk you away on an adventure to help you forget about all your woes. They know how to navigate their travels like nobody’s business and can literally blend into any culture seamlessly. You will often see Sagittarians backpacking around the world on a tight budget before they make a serious commitment like go to law school. Just as much as they love traveling, they are ambitious and always seeking higher education. Most born under this sign will go to grad school or keep earning certifications in their field.


A Capricorn Will Come Off As Cold And Standoffish

Unlike the sign of Sagittarius before them, Capricorns are reserved and are careful about the way they come off to others. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of restriction and karma, they are self-disciplined and know how to put on a stoic public face. They care a great deal about appearances and tend to have a more polished appearance than most. To some, this may come off as uppity and conceited. Capricorn, you aren’t the type to smile unless there is really something to smile about. You are not fake and that is what people love about you. To those who don’t know you very well, they will mistake your shyness for standoffish-ness. Just try to lighten up and joke around in the group that you are in. It will break the ice.


But You Can’t Help But Admire Capricorn’s Thick Skin

So many born under the sign of Capricorn have had rough childhoods. Sadly, this has caused them to grow up fast. Fortunately, this makes them mature beyond their years. They know how to go through life’s ups and downs more than any other sign in the zodiac. They have the thickest skin you will ever see on a human being. Their ruling planet of Saturn has caused them to learn all of life’s harsh but necessary lessons at a younger age and this prepares them for any hardship. They never let anything stand in the way of their success, they can always persevere. You will often see Capricorns in positions of leadership, but this will usually happen later on in life. They have to work for what they get, they don’t just get anything handed to them.

An Aquarius Will Go Against The Grain For No Reason

Ever have that friend in your group that likes to start arguments for no reason or just dispel any point someone tries to make? Yep, he or she is probably an Aquarian. Aquarians are rebellious by nature so whatever mainstream opinion that is given to them, they will try to prove wrong. They don’t like the societal restrictions that have been given to them and they sure make a point of expressing that. They are unpredictable so you never know when they are going to stir the pot and make a mess of things. Their emotionally detached nature can make them push buttons and cause damage to people’s reputations. The worst part is that they don’t know the magnitude of their destructive nature.


But You Will Never Forget Aquarius’ Eccentric Personality

An Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (no pun intended here) which is the planet of unpredictable changes and revolution. They will be the first to protest when the government is oppressing the people and will go out of their way to help others who are suffering. The sign of the Aquarius is the water bearer so that means that they are the humanitarians of the zodiac. They believe that all human beings are created equal and treat everyone the same. Aquarians tend to be hipsters so their choices in fashion, music, and movies are eclectic. You will want to be getting to know more about them because of their eccentric individuality. They are not the ones to go out of their way to fit in because they are born to stand out.

A Pisces Is A Slippery Fish That’s Hard To Pin Down

Pisces are mutable which means that they can fit into any situation at any time with any type of crowd. Since they are a water sign, they are intuitive and know what others around them are feeling and thinking. Since they are ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion and dreams they like to escape into their own world. When things are not going their way, they will find a way out of that situation rather than having to deal with it. This causes them to be irresponsible. Often leaving others to deal with the mess they made. Many people will get frustrated with the Pisces because they find that they are ones who have to pick up the tab. Pisces, stop running away from things and face the music.


But You Will Be In Awe Of Pisces’ Creative Talent

The sign of the Pisces is the most imaginative sign and can come up with ideas and concepts that no one else has ever even heard of. People find this fascinating because their creativity can manifest in art, music, and technology. Pisces knows how to take ideas and bring them to fruition with the help of others that they attain. They will always have that playlist waiting for you that is accustomed to your own tastes. A Pisces friend will know what movie to recommend to you or get you hooked on a TV show. They don’t see the world the way the rest of us do. While the rest of us see the physical world, the Pisces sees the spiritual world and is ready to ascend into heaven.



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