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Here The One Thing That’ll Turn Him Off A/c His Zodiac

We all have certain likes and dislikes when it comes to a relationship. You can get ahead a little bit by knowing what guys like based on their Zodiac sign. Wouldn’t it be cool to predict what turns a guy off right away?

We have all had good relationships go bad for seemingly no reason. You could even be just starting to date, everything is going well and then suddenly, he ghosts you. It’s frustrating and you can’t figure out what happened. It would be wonderful to know why he lost interest in the first place.

Whether you believe in Zodiac or not, you can certainly glean some great advice from these points. It’s sure worth trying out especially if you are finding that a lot of your relationships just aren’t working out. Find out what turns off the man you are dating before you do it. It’s just as easy as that. We have the answers that you have been looking for.

Aries Don’t Want Surprises

You may think that everyone loves surprises, but that’s just not the case. If you show up unannounced at his house with his favorite ice cream, he may not be happy to see you. Unfortunately for an Aries, a surprise like that can be seen as stalking. No one wants their new man to think that they have stalking tendencies. You are risking having your man think that you are checking up on him.

Taurus Don’t Like When You Control Them

If you are someone who demands attention in a relationship or you like to have the control, then a Taurus man is not for you. He will be totally turned off by it and will likely get rid of you quickly. Being strong is completely different from being controlling. A Taurus man is likely to get angry and dump you if you start trying to run the show in his life. A Taurus man can be devoted to you, but he’s not going to be pushed around either.

Geminis Don’t Like A Yes-Woman

Gemini men like their women to have their own opinions and ideas. You also should be open-minded because Gemini will get frustrated with someone who is set in their ways. It can be hard to determine what exactly is a turn off, but know that if you always think you are right. then you aren’t going to win any points with him. Gemini men want an interesting woman who is opinionated. A Gemini will make fun of you to his friends if you act like a know-it-all.


Ditziness Turn Off A Cancer

Sounds harsh but it’s true. Cancers can be easily intimated if you have a lot of friends and a large social circle. But even when they do have someone that stays at home with them they can get bored. Cancers will get turned off by someone with a low emotional IQ, but that’s not all. Don’t even think of giving them the silent treatment or not telling why you didn’t text them. Cancer men can be a little high maintenance and they will see these things as a personal attack.

Leos Get Turned Off By Lack of Interest

You may have heard that men like the chase, but Leos are very different in the sense that if they think you aren’t that interested in them, then that’s a complete turnoff. A Leo can get insecure easily if he thinks that you aren’t into him. He’s very protective of his heart and he will end a relationship leaving you hanging. You have to really want him to keep his interest. If you are in love with being in love, then he’s the man for you.


Sagittarius Don’t Like To Be Spoiled

You might think that’s crazy talk, but a Sagittarius doesn’t want you spending money on huge gifts for them. You may think that you found the perfect gift and can’t wait to give it to him but that might be problematic. He’s probably going to love it; the problem is that he won’t know how he can top the gift and that will make him uncomfortable. Sagittarius always want to be on top and the stress of him trying to outdo your gift will actually hurt your relationship.

Capricorns Don’t Want To Meet Your Parents

If you are going to date a Capricorn, you need to prepare to take things slow. They don’t want to move fast and if you force them too, they won’t be very happy. Because of this, you don’t want to even suggest him meeting your parents. It’s best to let him take the lead on this one. Wait until he asks you to meet his parents first. It would be a bad idea for you to rush him into something too soon because he will consider it to be a turnoff.

Virgos Hates Entitlement

If you want to turn a Virgo off, then all you have to do is act entitled around them. If you act like you know everything then you are sure to get dumped by him. They don’t want to spend time with people who feel entitled. A Virgo man wants someone who is constantly learning and will be turned off by someone who thinks they are too smart. He will appreciate a hard worker and someone who puts in the work to get what they want.

Libra Needs Support

Libras hate to argue, so if you’re someone that likes a good verbal sparring, you might want to forget about the Libra. They will see an argument as you being dramatic. They get turn off by a dramatic woman and one that is too critical of them. Even if you are trying to help them out they will think you are just being unsupportive of them. Libras are truly looking for a woman that is supportive, open-minded, and extroverted. You need to be dynamic or a Libra may not want to take things further with you.

Aquarius Hate Plans

Aquarius men are free spirits and that means that a plan in itself could be a turnoff for them. They don’t like having plans, they would prefer to be spontaneous. If you are someone who is always organized and likes to have a long drawn out path, then you are going to find an Aquarius man difficult to date. They don’t like labels either, so don’t think of calling him your boyfriend too soon. These things are simple to avoid.


Scorpios Don’t Like to Be Teased

Scorpios aren’t the playful type. They don’t like to be teased and if you do it, it’s going to be a huge turnoff for him. There is a certain type of teasing that rubs him the wrong way and that’s when you tease his emotions or heart. Scorpios can get jealous easily and if you play with that, you are likely to see a very unhappy side of them. Flirting is okay with them, just don’t tease them. Teasing to them is a form of disrespect or a form of manipulation.

Pisces Don’t Like Players

You will never convince a Pisces to be part of “friend-with-benefits,” they just won’t go for it. They want everything, not just a scrap of what you are offering. This might be surprising for a guy but it’s true. If you try to “hook up” with them, they will be completely turned off by you. It’s likely with a move like that that he won’t even consider dating you at all. He has a compassionate nature and he takes being intimate very seriously. He won’t be impressed with a “no-strings-attached” offer.

Virgos Don’t Want You Going Behind Their Back

You might be thinking to yourself that you want to surprise your new boyfriend with a party. You contact his friends, set everything up, and throw a hell of a party. The only problem is, it’s the last thing that he wants. You might think that it’s a cool surprise but he’s going to see it as a betrayal. For one he won’t like the fact that his friends felt cool enough with you to plan the whole thing. Who knows if they will hit on you. Whatever you do, don’t go behind a Virgo’s back.


Taurus Don’t Want You Shopping For Them

You may think that your new man is the foxiest man alive. You might see a shirt on the rack and think that it would look amazing on him. Be careful with buying a Taurus new threads. A Taurus might see your generosity as you trying to change him. He won’t appreciate the effort you put into getting new clothing because for Taurus they likely have a past where someone took advantage of them. It’s best to show him you love him in other ways, and that will bring you a lot closer than a new T-shirt would.

Aquarius Doesn’t Want You To Do All The Work

You might be thinking, of course, a guy doesn’t want flowers, but we are in a new era where there are a lot of guys that appreciate it when their ladies send them flowers. Aquarius, of course, is not that guy. He wants to surprise you with such a gesture and would probably be turned off if you did it for him. He will take your gesture as a sign that you think he’s not doing enough or that you are trying to send him a message.


Libras Don’t Enjoy Social Media Love

If you are the kind of person that loves to express your love for your boyfriend on social media, then you are going to turn your Libra man off. He will be embarrassed by this public display of affection and it will be a huge red flag for him. He’s not the cheesy sort of guy and he doesn’t enjoy showing off for all the world to see. He wants to keep his relationship private and won’t appreciate you tagging him in pictures or gushing about your love for him.

Geminis Aren’t Overly Romantic

Gemini men will likely be turned off by overly romantic gestures that are mushy. Don’t even think of writing him a love letter unless you want him to flee into the night. They won’t appreciate it the way that you think they will. Gemini like modern things and he won’t be impressed with anything that would be considered cliché. Find different ways to show your love instead of a romantic one because he’s just not into that.

Cancers Like To Keep It Low Key

If you like planning big romantic dinners out with your man, you might as well forget it with a Cancer. He’s not into going to overpriced restaurants where he won’t even get full. He’s not the kind of guy that will appreciate the experience. This guy would much rather grab some Chinese food and stay at home so keep that in mind when you are planning to buy dinner. A great surprise would be to pick up his favorite meal and surprise him at home with it.

Pisces Don’t Like Dependency

You may think that you are being polite and respectful to ask your man permission to do something, but he won’t see it that way. He will be turned off if you start asking for permission to do something. He’s not your father and he will get annoyed if you behave like he is. He doesn’t want to date someone who’s childish and would rather date someone who is independent. You can still run your ideas by him to get an opinion but at the end of the day make your own decisions.


Scorpios Don’t Like Clingy Girls

It’s hard not to be all over someone that you just started dating, especially if he’s a hottie but with Scorpios you have to simmer down. Scorpios don’t like girls who are too clingy and don’t even think of meeting his parents anytime soon. The best thing you could do for your relationship is to take things slow and just be happy with where things currently are. When he feels comfortable with you, he will let you know that you can move on to the next step.


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