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Here’s Each Woman’s Biggest Strength & Weakness, A/c To Her Zodiac Sign

Perfection always was and always will be unachievable. For the most ambitious among us, that’s bad news; it means that nobody can be good at everything. The good news, then, is that nobody can be bad at everything either. Instead, every single one of us has strengths and weaknesses that help and hinder us in life, whether we’re aware of them or not.

The twelve signs in Astrology know all about strengths and weaknesses. While some signs excel at socializing in a group or leading a team, others struggle to find their voice in a crowd. At the same time, those same shy signs might be intelligent, or organized, or resilient, while different signs are easily distracted or easily offended.

There’s no particular forte that’s better to have than the rest—all the strengths of the signs can help them create the lives they dream about. They just have to know how to use them. The same applies to weaknesses—if the signs aren’t careful, their flaws can jeopardize their success.

It always pays to know what you have going for you, and what you don’t. Read on to find out what the stars say you’re good at, and what you might struggle with.

Aries Strength: You Are A Born Leader

Aries is strong, confident and one of the most ambitious signs in Astrology. Put together, these qualities tend to make her a great leader in any capacity, whether it’s leading a team of colleagues, a household or even a country. Not only does this sign have the confidence to take on that kind of responsibility, but her loyalty and kindness mean that she’s always prepared to put those following her ahead of her needs. Aries should consider taking on any leadership roles that come her way because she can almost always rise to the challenge and help everybody around her to soar.

Aries Weakness: A Hot Temper Is Part Of Your Personality

As is expected with any fire sign, Aries has a hot temper. Though she can be balanced and rational at times, there’s a side to her personality that’s extremely impulsive and prone to outbursts. Some people actually love this about her, because they know she’s honest and real. But the majority of people feel like they have to walk on eggshells around her, terrified of saying something to set her off. Anger management techniques like exercise, venting into a diary or even mind-distracting activities like counting to ten before reacting can all help Aries to keep her cool when she needs to.

Leo Strength: It’s Nearly Impossible To Dislike You

The Leo ladies of the world tend to be the best when it comes to social situations because they’re just so darn likable. They do plenty of things that would be annoying if anybody else did them, but because they have that Leo charm, they get away with it. They’re kind of like celebrities—people worship the ground they walk on and have a lot of tolerance for them when they do the wrong thing. As you can imagine, this puts Leo at a great advantage, because being charismatic will help you find success in quite a few areas of life.

Leo Weakness: You Care Too Much About What People Think

The opinions of other people tend to influence Leo a lot. She can even end up living her life purely to cater to what everybody else expects of her. When people give her positive attention, which is often, she feeds off it and can let it go to her head. In the same way, on those rare occasions that she does get criticized, she is absolutely outraged. We all care what other people think to a degree, but basing your life on it is seriously limiting. If Leo doesn’t learn to ignore the judgment of others, she could end up really living in a cage, just like a lion at the zoo.

Sagittarius Strength: You Can Put A Positive Spin On Just About Anything

They say that those who can master the art of positive thinking generally have a much better time in life. They talk themselves up enough to do things that pessimists wouldn’t even attempt, can better deal with obstacles, and are usually popular because their attitudes are so pleasant. Positive thinking takes work for most, but not for Sagittarius. This sign is the optimist and things have to be pretty horrible for her to start developing negative thinking patterns. This positivity usually means that she has a lot of friends and that she spends very little time being upset because she can always see the upside.


Sagittarius Weakness: Sometimes, You Lack Motivation

In the beginning, Sagittarius is always passionate and excited about the things happening in her life. Whether it’s a new job or a new relationship, she’s always dressed and raring to go. But after a while, she tends to lose motivation. You could even say that she lacks a bit of discipline because once she doesn’t feel like doing something anymore, she tends to give up, regardless of whether she committed to it or not. To have the most success in life, Sagittarius should do whatever it takes to feel motivated and make sure she sticks to the things she signed herself up for.

Taurus Strength: You Could Get Along With Anyone

Good social skills are priceless and will be of use in just about every area of life. This is good news for Taurus because she has the sort of personality that allows her to get on with anyone. She loves getting to know new people and is the kind of person who will literally have a full conversation with any random stranger she’s sat next to at an event. The really amazing thing about Taurus is that even when she doesn’t like somebody, she can still be cordial and talk to them as if she does, without coming across as overly fake.

Taurus Weakness: It’s Your Way Or The High Way

Though Taurus is easy to get along with and likable most of the time, there’s a slither of her personality that takes some getting used to. When her inner bull comes out, she can be stubborn. After she’s decided something, it takes quite a lot of work to change her mind, and there are times when she refuses to be open to other points of view. Of course, this puts her at a disadvantage because it gets on other people’s nerves. But worse, it stops her from having new and potentially great experiences because she doesn’t want to budge from her original position.

Virgo Strength: You’re One Step In Front Of Everybody Else

Virgo is probably the one sign in Astrology who’s crushed every time she’s reminded that perfection is unobtainable. She’s in constant competition with herself to be better than she was yesterday, and still secretly hopes that she can find a way of being perfect, despite it being impossible. Organized, diligent, persistent and focused, Virgo tends to be good at quite a few things. That type of slightly neurotic personality means that she works hard until she excels in an area, whether she’s naturally good at it or not. Most signs don’t care as much as Virgo, which means she’s usually one step ahead.


Virgo Weakness: Worrying Is Your Favorite Pastime

There are plenty of downsides to being neurotic. Aside from the fact that Virgo can drive everybody around her absolutely nuts with her high standards and criticism, she’s also the queen of the worry-warts. Her brain is constantly switched on and thinking about five different things at any given time, and while this helps her to stay organized and be prepared, it can also give her some serious anxiety issues. Because she’s so hard on herself, she beats herself up whenever things don’t go exactly as planned (and when they do go as planned, she still finds something to pick on). The girl definitely knows how to stress!

Capricorn Strength: Nothing Can Stop You Once You Set Your Mind To It

There are a few signs in Astrology who are more naturally ambitious than others, and Capricorn is their queen. When this sign sets her mind on something, she ascends into full beast mode. She’s almost like a machine in the way that she stays focused on a goal and refuses to be distracted or to give up, even when the prospects don’t look good. While other signs lack discipline, Capricorn has more than enough to go around, and fully understands the concept of today’s pain being tomorrow’s gain. Her ability to focus on the future and rise above the challenges of today means she’s almost always successful in her endeavors.

Capricorn Weakness: You’re Reluctant To Let Loose

While some signs are super social and always on the top of everybody’s invite list, Capricorn tends to be more on the introverted side. There’s nothing wrong with being introverted, but because this sign is usually so focused on achieving her aspirations, she can be a little reluctant to let loose and have fun. Life is about balance, and success doesn’t require a lifestyle that resembles boot camp at all times, but Capricorn doesn’t always get that. She finds it hard to stop thinking about her goals when it’s time to kick back and to be perfectly honest, isn’t that much fun at parties.

Gemini Strength: Your Enthusiasm Is Infectious

The other eleven signs look at Gemini in awe of her enthusiastic attitude. Seriously, this sign finds a way to make life’s most mundane things seem exciting and manages to muster up a passion for just about everything. Being as enthusiastic as Gemini definitely has its perks. Other people love to be around her because she has a way of passing on her attitude and hyping them up. Everybody needs a friend like her because when they’re feeling down, she’s the perfect person to cheer them up! Gemini’s life is full of new adventures and new contacts, which make it rich and fulfilling.

Gemini Weakness: Jack Of All Trades…

You know what they say about jacks of all trades. Because Gemini is passionate about so many different things and has to try everything just once, it usually means that she lacks the focus to become really good at anything. In other words, she can be a master of no trades. Rather than choosing a goal and sticking to it, she gets overstimulated and wants to fill her life with as much as possible. While all the different experiences she has are great, she sometimes ends up missing out on real opportunities because she doesn’t see things through to the end.

Libra Strength: You Can Think Objectively In Any Situation

Represented by the scales, Libra is the master of balance and equality. Her life is stable and secure because she makes time for everything and everyone that she needs to, leaving nothing important out. Rather than being ruled by emotion, she manages to think objectively and practically in any situation, which has endless benefits. She doesn’t make silly decisions, instead, making the smartest choice that’s going to benefit her in the end. When there’s a disagreement, she can always see both sides and uses that information to form her decision. Of course, sometimes it can take her a while to make those decisions!

Libra Weakness: Splurges For You Are A Little Too Frequent

There’s one part of Libra’s life that maybe isn’t so balanced and poised, and that’s her shopping habits. This sign loves to look good, loves to have nice things, and has a bit of a taste for the finer things in life. There’s nothing wrong with spending hard-earned money every once in a while, but Libra can sometimes get a bit carried away when she pulls out the credit card! When she’s in love, this sign also loves to splurge on gifts for her partner, since that’s one of the many ways she likes to show affection.

Aquarius Strength: Your Way Of Seeing The World Is Unique

The mind of Aquarius is truly remarkable. This sign has a natural talent for thinking outside the square and coming up with creative ideas that nobody else could possibly think of. Because of Aquarius’s unique perspective and talents, she has a lot of potential to leave her mark on the world. In a work setting, her ideas could change the game for the better and help her to prosper and reach high places. Where life and relationships are concerned, people are usually drawn to Aquarius because she’s interesting and a little quirky. She also tends to be a trendsetter.

Aquarius Weakness: Other People’s Feelings Are A Mystery To You

It’s truly a gift to be able to understand what other people are feeling and react accordingly. Unfortunately, Aquarius can sometimes be lacking on the empathy front. She isn’t the type to be reflective or think about her own feelings, so she’s certainly not going to be thinking about anybody else’s. While being emotionally distant protects her heart and keeps her safe from being hurt, it can also be frustrating for those around her, and people can get a little fed up. She can’t always read people, which means that she can act in ways which upset them or offend them.


Cancer Strength: Nobody Is As Kind, Compassionate Or Caring As You

There isn’t enough kindness in the world, and we need more people like Cancer! This sign might come across as cold to those she doesn’t know very well, but once she opens up to people, they see that she’s just a big ball of love. Cancer can really empathize with how other people are feeling and feels the pain of others as if it’s her own. She hates to see other people hurt and feels inclined to nurture them, even if they haven’t done the same for her. While some people take Cancer for granted, most people hold her in the highest regard.

Cancer Weakness: Emotions Rule You

Some signs aren’t ruled by emotion, but Cancer is. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a water sign! Cancer gets emotionally involved in many things, and while this makes her life meaningful and helps her to develop strong bonds with people, it also means that she can get hurt more frequently than the average person. She’s quite sensitive and takes things personally, even when they weren’t intended that way. Rather than making decisions from a place of balanced thinking, she can sometimes choose options based on her impulsive feelings and end up in some pretty sticky situations.

Scorpio Strength: The FBI Has Nothing On You

If Scorpio is interested in getting work as a detective or in the FBI, we recommend she go for it! This is another sign who gets emotionally invested in just about everything she does, and the result is she’s prepared to put in a lot of effort in order to see results. In particular, she has a knack for solving mysteries, uncovering secrets and getting to the bottom of problems that plague other people. She’s always switched on and has a strong memory, so it’s really difficult to lie to her or trick her. This puts her at an advantage in basically all situations.

Scorpio Weakness: A Green-Eyed Monster Lives Inside You

Everybody experiences jealousy every now and then, but Scorpio takes it to a new level. Out of the twelve signs, Scorpio definitely takes the medal for the most intense and frequent jealous feelings. She also has a habit of being a little possessive of the things and people she cares about. This could be because she’s such a loyal person that it eats away at her soul when she feels like others aren’t giving her the same kind of loyalty back. She tends to put herself out for people, so it can hurt when they don’t reciprocate.

Pisces Strength: You Can Read Almost Anyone

If there’s one sign who’s the closest to having actual psychic powers, it’s Pisces. This sign is full of intuition and empathy and is able to see things much more clearly than the average person. When it comes to other people, in particular, she can almost always decipher their true feelings and intentions, even if they go to the effort of hiding them. People rarely surprise her because she’s so in tune that she can predict how they’re going to act. The really good thing for those around her is that she rarely offends anyone because she’s always conscious of how her words could be interpreted.

Pisces Weakness: Someone Else Has To Bring You Back Down To Earth

Pisces believes that anything is possible, and in a way she’s right. Especially with her talent and creativity, she can achieve anything she sets her mind to. But she can sometimes get lost in all those passions and all those dreams and needs someone to drag her back down to reality. She can lack that voice of reason, and those analytical, logical and disciplinary skills that some of the other signs have. Though she has the potential to make her dreams a reality, she might struggle to get there because she spends too much time dreaming and not enough time doing.


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