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Love, love, love….is there any better feeling than that? We all feel super happy when we are in love but make sure not to lose your mind about someone who just pretends to love you. I know it is very difficult to know that, so you need to pay attention to how the person acts, and what he does or says when you are together. If you are not sure that your partner truly loves you here are some tested signs to prove that. So stay tuned!

1. He talks a lot in your presence – A person who talks a lot in your presence feels comfortable spending time with you. This is one of the most important signs that he truly loves you. You all probably had some situations when you weren’t feeling like talking to someone. Well, this is the opposite and yes, it is a good sign. So if you go on a date with someone who doesn’t stop talking just let him speak, because girl he is hooked up on you!

2. He has THAT look – You know that adorable way a child looks at you when they want something? Yes, that look! Well, a man in love will have the same cute and silly look when he falls for a woman. Try to enjoy this look because it happens only at the beginning of the relationship. So enjoy while it lasts!

3. He walks with you proudly – If a man walks with you proudly down the street it means he is in love with you. He wants for everybody to know that you are only his and it feels so good. So next time he holds your hand and tells you to go out for a walk, it means he is the happiest man in the world because you are finally his!

4. He talks about your future together – Even though you two just started dating he already talks about your future trips. I must admit this can be suffocating for some girls but others like it when a man knows what he does and when he is self-confident.

5. He compliments you – Do you feel special when he says how beautiful you are today? Of course, you do! You hear that from the mouth of a man that loves you and trusts me there is no better feeling than that. Every woman likes getting compliments and they make us feel special. So, guys, you know what your next step is, right?

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6. He says he loves you – There is a huge difference when he says that he loves you and asking a favor and just saying “I love you” and doesn’t ask for anything. Guys can be real bastards sometimes and they think that all women fall for sweet words. But hey, if we are in love it doesn’t mean we are stupid. It is not so easy to take advantage of us and if you made it once you can be sure that it won’t happen again!

7. He tells you his darkest secrets – He will tell you everything that bothers him only if he truly loves you. A man who thinks you are his better half will always have his heart on his sleeve. It feels great for every woman to have an experience like this. Although he tells you some dark secrets from his past that make you sympathize with him, you can be sure that you are his best friend except for being his partner. And that is what counts the most.

8. He misses you – Does he say he misses you when you are not together? If your answer is “Yes” you can be positive that he has a crush on you. We only miss people we love so much and be aware that it is very difficult for guys to express their feeling so consider yourself lucky!

9. He values your opinion – If he is about to buy new snickers and asks you for an opinion on which ones are the best you can be sure that he is into you. It means that he wants you to support his decision and he doesn’t doubt your good taste. Guys like this are so rare so make sure to keep him very close to you and never, ever let him go!

10. You are his priority and not an option –There is a big difference between being a priority and an option. If you are important to your guy he will find a way to show that. Make sure to check his body language because it can tell you so much about his feelings. When you are a priority, you will feel that. Every woman can feel that because it is a unique feeling and it makes us feel so special!

So, girls, I hope I helped you to figure out whether your guy loves you or you are just an adventure for him. The bottom line is that you should be yourself in every relationship and never lose your identity because of your partner. It means you still need to go out with your friends and mingle and also find some time for your loved ones. If he is your true match, he will understand it. I know you will have good boys and bad boys. The catch is whatever you do, you should never stop believing in true love!


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