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Here The Engagement Ring He Will Gift, A/c To His Zodiac Sign

Finding the perfect ring for a proposal can be a stressful occurrence for some people. They may go back and forth between a few styles before finally picking the ring of their dreams. They imagine getting down on one knee, asking the love of their life to marry them. If the ring does not fit their dreams, they may not find that they will be successful in asking this person to marry them. It can be nerve-wracking to try to find this perfect ring and may cause a lot of sleepless nights.

Like many things in life, zodiac signs can reflect the type of ring that men will gravitate towards. Based on their character traits, there are specific rings they may, or should, go for. Guys, use this to guide you. Your zodiac sign will not lead you wrong, it is what you are meant to do. Each different type of sign has a specific style, with each sign getting a little more specific. These rings are a standard for your sign. Ladies, do you have a suspicion that he is about to propose? Take a look at this list and see what ring you may be getting in the future.

Fire Signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries): Dynamic Personalities Mean Flashy Rings

Fire signs are known for being emotional. the fire signs are passionate and dynamic. These means that their emotions can go from one extreme to another. They can love us with their entire hearts or loathe with every fiber of their being. When it comes to ring styles, passion is something they want to show off. They will likely choose flashy rings as a token of their love. This will be a “back off” signal to others, making it known that our love for them is exclusive. Consider how a fire cannot be ignored without things going out of control. That is the type of ring that a fire sign will buy.


Leo Believes That The Bigger, The Better

If our man is a Leo, the chances are that we are going to have an enormous ring. According to Allure, Leos consider themselves to be kings and like to have the spotlight. They will want to make your ring a spectacle in itself. This means the ring will be all about carat size. It will be regal and beautiful, but a little over the top. Not only will it reflect the love, but likely will show off the money he put into the ring. This ring may be reminiscent of Mariah Carey’s thirty-five-carat engagement ring.

Sagittarius Will Have Stones That Mean Something To Them

Much like Leos, Sagittarius’ occasionally will let their ego get in the way. They want the ring that they purchase to be grand and showy. According to Allure, Sagittarius signs like to pursue adventures of all types. Their adventurous spirits will likely reflect in their rings. It is likely that a Sagittarius will get their stones from a place that means a lot to them, especially when it is a place that is special to the couple. Think of the ring that Prince Harry gave to Meghan Markle. He got the diamond from Bosnia, a place special to both of them.

Aries Makes Sure Their Rings Are Unforgettable And Go For Color

Aries signs tend to be a little competitive. According to Allure, Aries signs take on challenges head-on, with the intention to come in first place. Finding a ring falls into this category, as Aries wants this ring to be the best ring. Like an Aries man, the ring may even be considered bold compared to regular rings. This may mean there is a unique stone or metal involved in the ring, if not a completely unique design. A famous ring that would fit the bill for an Aries man to buy—Jennifer Lopez’ ring from Ben Affleck. Pink and huge is definitely unforgettable.


Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Grounded For Life, Rings Will Be Timeless

Earth Signs are known for being real and down to earth. If you speak to any of these signs, they do not tend to stay trendy, but practical instead, according to AstroStyle. This means that they want their rings to be timeless. While these signs can be materialistic, they would prefer a ring that would never go out of style over a huge ring. Earth Signs do not give up or give in very easily, tending to be very hardheaded. They may invest a lot into the ring since they do not intend on giving up their relationship any time soon.

Taurus Finds Inspiration In Floral Designs

Taurus signs, as stubborn as they may be, enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation. According to Allure, Taurus likes to spend time surrounded by nature’s softer side, such as water and flowers. Being an Earth sign, Taurus will still look for a timeless ring. The one that they opt for will likely be inspired by flowers, as it is something that naturally relaxes them. Rings in this style may have leaves on the band and the stone may be the center of the flower. This is much like the person they love, relaxing and soft. This ring would be the ideal ring from a Taurus man.

Virgo Will Go With One Of The Most Popular Ring Styles-The Classic

Virgos love to seek out perfection in life. Allure says that Virgos tend to be practical and hardworking, but love their material objects. Due to their love of perfection and practicality, it is no surprise that Virgos tend to go the classic route when picking engagement rings. These lower the chance of disappointment from the recipient of the ring. These rings tend to be single stone rings that may come in a variety of different metals. The stone is generally round and simple but attracts all of the focus. This is a tried and true style, as shown over many decades. The ring would likely resemble this one.

Capricorn Will Likely Find Rings From The Romantic Eras

Capricorn men may have more of a romantic sign than some of the other Earth signs. Allure says that Capricorns tend to be emotionally intelligent and know what they want in material items, such as jewelry and clothing. They will have their heart set on a ring that has a history that both members of the couple can relate to or find meaning in. This ring may be a family heirloom or may have a tie back into history. A ring from the Romantic Era may look something like this, with clovers for good luck, pleasing the emotional Capricorn.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Emotional, Their Rings Will Be Meaningful

Water signs tend to be very tuned into their emotions. They can feel what others are feeling and tend to gravitate towards things that they feel others would like. According to AstroStyle, their emotions often take control of their lives, making them intense. They will also want that extra bit of security, meaning they will go for a ring that will have meaning to their partner, increase the odds of this partner saying yes during the proposal. It will not be often that a Water Sign selects the wrong ring for their partner, but if they were to, they would never forgive themselves.


Cancer May Have Stones That Bring Positive Energy

Cancer signs are, not surprising, emotional, but also very present in what they are doing. Allure reports that Cancers often can feel the energy of those that surround them, making them prone to picking up that emotion themselves. They may even be considered a little psychic. Due to their energy-absorbing ways, they will want their partner to be protected from negative energies. They will likely pick an unusual stone or crystal for their engagement ring. They will likely pick a ring with a stone like rose quartz to bring more positive energy to their lives and keep the negative energy at bay.

Scorpio Will Remember Everything Their Partner Said They Wanted

Scorpios are often not associated with water signs, although they are considered to be one. They are largely passionate, much like a fire sign, but are also incredibly emotional, according to Allure. A Scorpio will combine their passion for their loved one with their emotional side to seek out the right ring. Generally speaking, they will have gotten details from their significant other about their ideal ring and will use that to find the perfect ring for them. They may even take it into their own hands to design their own custom ring to make sure every element is included within the engagement ring.


Pisces Will Reflect The Entire Journey Of The Relationship

Pisces tend to reflect a lot on what they have learned during their experiences, including through their relationship. Although Allure describes Pisces as being torn between fantasy and reality, they often are grounded by the lessons that they have learned. Due to their tendency of learning from others and reflecting, a Pisces man will look for a ring that captures their entire relationship. One ring that tends to capture a Pisces heart is a three stone ring. This ring often symbolizes the past, present, and future of a relationship. The ring will likely look something like this, with the middle stone being largest.


Air Signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini): Wild And Free Their Rings Will Be Unique

The expression about going where the winds take you tends to directly apply to Air Signs. AstroStyle reports that Air Signs tend to be a bit eccentric and often considered ditzy, but that is just their love for adventure and for freedom in the world speaking. Air Signs often do the unexpected in life and will do things at a whim. This includes shopping for an engagement ring and picking on out. The rings they select will be unique, but will certainly reflect their personalities. Air Signs find engagements and marriages to be another adventure for them to take on.

Libra Will Be Symmetrical In A Different Way

Libra often lead very balanced lives, balancing adventure and work equally. They are the most level headed of the Air Signs, being represented by scales, according to Allure. Libras love balance in every element of their lives, also contributing to their love of symmetry. While they may love things to be symmetrical, they will approach an engagement ring looking for a unique way to do this. They may have different stones, sizes, shapes, or metals in the ring, but if we were to cut the ring right down the middle, it would be exactly the same on each side. Asymmetrical ring a Libra may pick out could look like this.


Aquarius Will Likely Have Conflict Free Stones

Aquarius may seem like they should be a water sign due to their name, but they are truly water signs. Allure reports that Aquarius tends to be more philanthropic or humanitarian related signs. They try to make sure that everything they do, no matter how unusual or extreme, is ethical. This means that they will look for stones that are considered to be conflict free. In some cases, these may not be real diamonds, but stones that look and act like a diamond and do not endanger anyone’s lives to get them. Since they lead with their hearts as well, their engagement ring choice may look like this.


Gemini May Feature Dual Stones Or Metals

Gemini tends to be known for being the twins sign. According to Allure, sometimes Gemini keep themselves so busy with adventures that they wish they could clone themselves. Other times, it could possibly speak to the two sides of their personality. Due to this duality, it is likely that a Gemini will look for this in an engagement ring. They may look for rings with two different types of stones or two different types of metal, resulting in a truly unique look that speaks to their soul. A mixed metal ring picked by a Gemini may look something like this.


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