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Forget About Him Unless He’s Willing To Do These 7 Things For You

1. He calls and texts first without making a fuss about it

If your man can’t be bothered to actually text you first every now and again or give you a call to ask how you are, then what are you even doing with him?

Only be with the kind of guy who is man enough to know that effort is sexy!

If he calls you just to see how you are and texts you something sweet that reminded him of you, you’ve hit the jackpot!

But if he cannot bring himself to initiate conversation and put in some effort, forget about him!

Spend your time on a man who actually gives a damn, and cross anyone else off your list.


2. He takes the time to plan a surprising and romantic date night

He doesn’t have to come up with some bomb-ass idea every single day, but it is important that he cares enough to surprise you with a sweet date night and sweeps you off your feet every now and again!

If your man hasn’t done this once, and it doesn’t seem to be on his mind… perhaps it’s time to forget all about him and find somebody who’ll make you feel like the queen that you are!

A man who loves his woman wants to make her happy, it’s as simple as that!

No grand gestures are needed, but every once in a while, he should make a little extra effort to make you feel adored.

3. He lets you know how much he misses you when you are apart

He’ll send you the cutest text in the middle of the day to let you know you’re missed, or he’ll call you before you go to bed to talk all about your day.

When you’re apart, it’s crucial to keep in touch and make the effort to stay connected however you can.

It’s too easy letting the distance tear you apart, which is why you need to show each other love more than ever.

If you feel like your man thrives when he’s away and doesn’t seem to miss you at all, believe him!

You are an important part of his life, so it would be natural that he should miss you.

But if that doesn’t seem to be the case, you’re most definitely with the wrong man.

That’s okay, at least you know not to waste any more of your time.

Only a man who truly misses you when he doesn’t get to see you is a man worthy of your time and effort.


4. He doesn’t shy away from telling you how much he loves you

A man  who is fully in touch with his emotions and is not afraid to express them has got to be the sexiest thing ever.

Basically, a man who wears his heart on his sleeve is the type of guy who is deserving of all the love you could possibly offer him.

It’s not often that you get to see a guy openly discuss and express his feelings, so if you’ve found him, keep him at all costs!

But if your guy tends to hide his feelings and you’ve barely ever heard him tell you “I love you,” that could be a sign of trouble.

You shouldn’t have to force anyone to tell you those three words.

If he can’t say it, perhaps it’s because he doesn’t really feel that way. Never waste time on a guy who makes you feel unloved. Aim higher!


5. He always takes your opinions and emotions into consideration

You don’t have to fight to have your voice heard. You don’t have to beg him to understand how you feel at any given moment. He just gets it and he lets you be who you are!

It’s the best thing ever when a guy is considerate of your feelings and needs without you having to literally scream it at him, isn’t it?

If you don’t feel heard and you don’t feel your feelings and needs are validated, there’s really no point in staying with that kind of person. Anyone who loves you will make you both see and feel that love!

6. He is happy and proud of you and your every success

This is really easy to spot. People can’t really hide their happiness and excitement.

If he jumps for joy when you get a promotion at work or acts extremely proud of a huge milestone, that means he really cares about you.

But if he appears indifferent even though he may say he’s happy for you, it’s easy to see that he’s really not that over the moon simply by observing his body language.

Basically, he could care less if you’ve got a good thing going and it doesn’t bother him in the least that you’re happy. Forget about his pathetic ass and move forward without him.


7. He loves your flaws and never makes you feel bad about them

We as human beings are all flawed in one way or another. But finding somebody who will love us despite our shortcomings is the ultimate goal.

If your guy makes you feel loved even when you’re at your worst, he’s a keeper.

If he never makes you feel like crap for any of your flaws, hold on to him.

When you can be a raw and vulnerable version of yourself around him and still feel beautiful, that’s all you need in a guy.

Anyone else is a serious waste of your time. You don’t need a guy to make you feel like shit simply for being human!

Forget about anyone who doesn’t let your flaws be a part of you.

Find a guy who lifts you up and doesn’t think less of you due to your imperfections. That is the only guy you will ever need.



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