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8 Ways To Become A High-value Woman He Will Never Want To Dump


Some women are simply born as high-value women and every guy will be attracted to them. And no, that doesn’t have anything to do with their physical appearance—they have some aura that makes them a magnet for guys. They have a lot of confidence and they act as strong and independent women no matter how they feel. They always seem to be in a great mood and you would think that they don’t have problems at all. But that is not true.

They do have problems, but they know what their priorities are and how to represent themselves in public. When you see what kind of men they have, how they are always fun to talk to and how they manage to get what they want, you also wish to have all the qualities of a high-value woman, right? Well, there is a solution for every problem, so why wouldn’t be one for this? Before I start explaining anything, I want you to know that the path to becoming a woman like this will be hard but definitely worth trying.



So, if you want to be the best version of yourself and become a woman every man will crave, follow these simple tips. And no problem, you will thank me later!

1. Stand up for what you believe in

Just because the rest of the people think that something is right, it doesn’t mean that you need to agree with them. Don’t ever try to fit into social norms so people will like you. If you have good arguments as to why something is wrong or not, you should speak up. Stand for what you believe in—even if that means standing alone.

2. Have an open mind

If you don’t have an open mind, you won’t be able to understand why people do things differently than you. We are all so different and we all have our opinions about things, so it is okay if you don’t agree with someone or if someone doesn’t agree with you. Always try to be tolerant and understand why someone did things in a certain way. Maybe they didn’t have any options and you shouldn’t criticize them for that.

3. Don’t get upset easily

The main characteristic of a high value woman is that she doesn’t let things that are out of her control upset her. She knows her own worth and she never lets people cross the line. She can be fun and easygoing but also strict and serious when needed. She knows how to behave in certain situations and that is what makes her so special and unique.

4. Don’t crave attention

Don’t behave like small children screaming to get the attention of their parents and in that way, get what they want. If you are going to be around people, choose some that are honest and good. Cut all the emotional vampires out of your life and surround yourself with positive people only. If you want to be the star of the night you can easily do that, but if you want to be alone, just stay low key.

5. Be a true altruist

If you want to become a high value woman, you should love, but love big. You shouldn’t be selfish. Instead, you should share all that you have with others. Every high value woman always helps others and she never expects anything in return. That is one of her best characteristics but sometimes people consider her clingy and needy because she wants to be have relationships with others. That is not true because a woman like this knows her worth and she is only having those relationships to benefit others.

6. Be rational

If the situation is serious, be like that and if it is fun, just blend in without putting a lot of effort. The thing about a high value woman is that she always knows what to say in which moment and because of that, she is never ashamed of her actions. She is always looking to help and give advice but if you don’t accept it, she won’t push it anymore. She knows when to draw the line and once she does that, she will never cross it. In her life, it is all about being rational and making the best decisions possible.

7. Add value to other people’s lives

If you want to become a high value woman you should help others and not act like you are superior. It doesn’t matter if you are more advanced than some people—don’t let them know that because it can hurt them. They can have low self-esteem because you are trying to act like the boss and they are just regular people who will nod their heads to everything that you say. You should strive to add value to other people’s lives. In that way, you won’t lose anything but you will gain so much.

8. Always be brave

No matter what happens and no matter how many slaps life gives you, always be brave and keep your head up. Don’t let anyone bring you down because you know your worth. You know how much you bring to the table and that is something nobody can take away from you. Be a woman who is sure about herself and her actions and always stand up for yourself. Fight for those who are not capable of doing that and be their defender. You should be a woman who cannot be bought or sold at any price. Don’t be an object others will use as they like but be a true human being with your heart on your sleeve. And don’t think that you will be hurt by showing your emotions—you won’t. In this way, you will not only add value to your own life but to the lives of others as well.


My dear, no matter how old you are, you can still become what you really want. So strive to be elegant, fun, humorous, easygoing, sincere, compassionate, tolerant and open-minded. These are all the traits of a high-value woman which you can transform into if you really want it.


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