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8 Traits Of High-value Woman



We entered the era of powerful women a long time ago. If you give it a thought, women today are more emancipated and more powerful than they have ever been before. We have never had so many successful and powerful women, actually from the very beginning of this world, and it’s something that we should be more than proud of.

Think about it: the time has come when women finally decided to stop putting up with men who mistreat them and they finally decided to stand up for themselves and not allow men to determine their worth. They’re finally ready to ask for what they deserve and stop settling for anything less.

Women have started appreciating themselves and they’ve learned to show others how valuable they are. They’ve started setting their own values instead of taking someone else’s.


So, what does it mean to be a high-value woman in the first place?

The first thing that pops into our mind is the question of sex. But the fact that she’s having sex and how much or that she isn’t having it at all won’t determine her value. Sex and how much she has it tells nothing about a woman. In fact, this is a collateral thing when it comes to women in general. The only people who put a value on this are those prudish people who, by the way, tend to tell you how you should lead your life. It’s important to notice that these people are more than irrelevant—and the same goes for their opinions.

High-value women are the ones who know their worth. The high-value woman is the one that doesn’t let others stick their noses into her life. She’s one of those strong, independent women that know what they want out of life and where to place every single person that enters their lives.

A high-value women is the one who stands up for herself. She’s the one that determines who can enter her life and who can stay there. She’s the one that has her values set up high because that’s also where she wants to be on a scale in her life.

In fact, there are a few traits of high-value women and we bring you the most common ones:

1. A high-value woman is confident.

When it comes to her confidence, the high-value woman doesn’t lack a slice of it. She knows her worth, and she wears her confidence like the most expensive, full-length, fur coat. She wears her confidence with pride, and she’ll never bring herself down, or belittle her value in order to make others feel better.

A high-value woman is proud of her achievements and the hard work she needed to put in, in order to get as high as she is now. Most importantly, she doesn’t need anyone else to tell her she did great because she’s perfectly able to analyze herself by herself.

2. She isn’t afraid to break her nail.

A high-value woman isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty or to do some things that we believe only men can do. She doesn’t come crying to a man, asking him to do things for her when there are things she can figure out on her own. She won’t have problems doing things women don’t do on a regular basis…and it’s not just so she could prove to herself she’s the ‘man’.

3. She doesn’t have the need to play games.

Because of the way she is and the way she feels and behaves, there is no need to play games. She doesn’t need to pretend to be something she’s not or to trick people into liking her because people value her for all the right reasons.

She leaves playing games to those women who aren’t good enough without them and who only know this single way to get other people’s attention.


4. A high-value woman makes things happen in her life.


When it comes to her life, a high-value woman always finds a way to make things work for her. She doesn’t rely on anybody else because she wants to handle every problem that gets into her path—on her own. This is one of the strongest reasons she’s valued in the first place.

5. She isn’t scared to show her feelings, but she’ll never play on her tears to get what she wants.

She’s not one of those never-let-them-know, never-show-your-feelings type of woman. She finds it idiotic, and she wears her feelings proudly. She never hides them—even if she’s afraid that somebody might not feel what she feels. How another feels about her won’t make her run and hide—ever!

On the other hand, she won’t trick people into caring for her or loving her. She won’t force her tears to get what she wants from men. If they don’t think she deserves the things she wants and if a man isn’t ready to give her what she wants, she’s confident enough to walk away and get herself what she needs. As simple as that.

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6. She is self-sufficient.

She doesn’t need to bring others down in order to feel good about herself. She doesn’t need to have somebody who’s not doing as good as she is in order to feel good in her own skin.

She’s emotionally and intellectually independent. She doesn’t need anybody from the outer world to give her what she needs—she’s perfectly OK with providing for herself. But most of all, she won’t ever run into the wrong arms because she feels lonely. The high-value woman is self-sufficient, and she can wait for the man that deserves her.

7. She has boundaries and her standards are high.

A high-value woman never gives you everything you want, unless you want the same things she wants. She has her boundaries, and you’re going to sweat to move them.

Her standards are high but not because she over-values herself. Her standards are high because she’s more than aware of her worth, and therefore, she won’t settle for anything less than she thinks she deserves or anything less than she’d be ready to give you.

8. She doesn’t have a problem with saying ‘no’.


She will never say ‘yes’ only because somebody wants her to. She’ll accept the things she really feels like doing, and she won’t ever push herself into doing something she really doesn’t feel like doing. She is perfectly capable of turning people down when she doesn’t see the point in doing something others want her to do. A high-value woman will refuse to please others at the expense of her own emotional well-being.

High-value woman is a woman who takes care of herself. The one who chases her dreams, the one who doesn’t depend on other men. She’s a woman who doesn’t need to put other women down so she could be up. She’s the type of person who respects others but respects herself enough to stop giving herself to those who don’t deserve her.

In order to be a high-value woman, you have to value yourself first. You can never expect others to value your time, your success, or anything else if you keep undermining yourself. So, if you want others to see your value, you’ll have to start from yourself.


The important thing to do is to not let others determine the parameters of your value. Only you can do that, and only you can be the one to decide what counts in your life or not. How others observe you is far less relevant.

How you see yourself is the only thing that counts at the end of the day.



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