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8 Powerful Signs Of Man’s Breath-taking Attraction

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There is no denying that there are men out there who take our breath away simply by the way they look. They are God’s ultimate creation and all eyes are on them when they walk into the room.

But there are men who take our breath away not by how they look, by how much they put the gel into their hair or what kind of clothes they wear. There are men who wear their attraction on the inside and you might not spot it right away. It takes a little bit more time to actually see that they are everything that you have been looking for, but once you realize that, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of them.

There are men that spoil their women, there are men that treat their women like true queens and there are men that only have eyes for the woman they like. And I am telling you, men like that are priceless and we definitely need more of them around us. There are men out there so attracted to a single woman that their attraction is simply breathtaking.

Below you can see 8 powerful signs of male attraction, so endure till the end of the article—you’ll be happy you did.

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Being attentive and protective

If he is attracted to you, he will be protective.

Take a minute and think about it.

Does he pay attention to small things? Does he pay attention to which side of the sidewalk you are walking on?

Does he make sure that your cup is always full? Does he take you to dinner and make sure you are always satisfied?

He will do everything he can in order for you to feel comfortable if he is attracted to you.

He will protect you from both physical and mental pain. He will hug you when you need comfort and he will jump into a fist fight anytime to protect you. You can always count on his protection, no matter if you need it or not. He will be your rock that you can lean on any time of the day or night. All that I have mentioned are clear signs that you have a life partner who will always go the extra mile to make you happy. For a guy like this, your happiness will be more important than his own and he won’t feel bad about it. In fact, he will be the happiest man on the earth for having a chance to give a woman like you all that you need.



He will use every opportunity to touch you.

This is not a reference to touching in a sexual way. What is meant by this is something completely different. This type of touching just shows how much he wants to be close to you, but in a nice and romantic way.

Whenever he is close to you, he will grant you a smile and a gentle touch. He has this habit of touching your arm or grazing your cheek when he is near you and there is nothing you can do about it.

Occasionally, he puts his hand on your waist while he has that seductive smile as well. It is needless to say this action always sweeps you off your feet. By feeling your skin on his, he wants to show you that he is serious with you and he hopes you will see that he really likes you and that he wants to develop a stable and healthy relationship with you.

Yes, my dear, this is what happens when he is attracted to you.

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Is he smiling when the two of you are together? Does he do it often?

Disregard those idiotic laughs that come after a funny joke. The topic here is THE smile.

You know, that cute smile you have no idea where it came from? The smile he has when you catch him gawking at you? That proud smile which says how happy he is to have such an incredible woman next to him. Yes, the breath-taking smile.

There is this rumor going around saying that men in love are unable to hide it. If he is attracted to you, his smile will tell you everything you want to know.

Men like to know what is going on in the lives of those whom they care about. If he cares about you, he’ll check up on you here and there.

No matter how busy he is, regardless of what he has going on, he’ll see you as a part of his life and he’ll need to know how have you been doing when he wasn’t around.

If he is really attracted to you, he’ll do his best to talk to you at least once a day. And this is, my dear, an obvious sign that a guy likes you.

It doesn’t have to be 24/7 communication. It’s enough for him to know how your day was and what you did that made you happy. Also, he might ask you in a subtle way if you missed him. No matter how confident he is about you two, regardless of how long you’ve been dating—he’ll always need feedback. He’ll need to know you think of him from time to time and that even when he’s not physically there, he’s with you in your thoughts.

After all, if he is all in, you’ll have to show him that he is not wrong about the two of you.


If he texts you before he goes to sleep, it doesn’t mean he is asking for a bedtime story. You should observe this in a bit more romantic way. If he texts you goodnight, there is a high probability you’re his last thought and he wants to fall asleep with that thought. Also, you will be his first thought when he wakes up in the morning and he will definitely have a great beginning of the day.

He’s that into you, so he wants to hear from you. He might not get a goodnight kiss, but a ‘good night’ message will do—for now. By doing this, he just wants you to know that he misses you and that there is no other place he would rather be than in your arms. But since he respects you a lot, he will be patient and wait for that day to come. And when it comes, he will never let you go.

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Jealousy can be a sign of protectiveness and strong attachment, but only as long as it has limits.

If he is too jealous, you will probably have issues during your relationship. If he is bugged by every single guy in your life, you might have a problem.

In cases in which this jealousy comes in small doses, it could speak volumes about his attraction towards you. If a man is not overly happy when you mention other guys regardless of the context, it might be that he hopes to have something greater than friendship with you. What you need to remember is that no guy is worthy of your time and your nerves if he is going to make a living hell out of your life. If you see that he is too jealous, just give him a one-way ticket because a man like that doesn’t deserve to be a part of your life. But if he truly cares about you and if he wants to try with you, then you should give him a chance to show his great love and affection.


Where do you stand in his life? How much do you really know about him? Does he let you in?

If a man is attracted to you, if that attraction is strong, he will share his deepest secrets with you.

He will welcome you into his family. He will introduce you to his loved ones and he will do it proudly.

He will share his deepest fears, his most profound wishes and greatest goals with you. He will feel confident to let you in because he wants you to be a part of his life.

He won’t get upset at your tricky questions because he has nothing to hide.

He’ll want you in his life and he’ll make sure to give you a spot in every major aspect of his life. It will be his way to scream to the rest of the world how much you mean to him.

He’s just that attracted to you. One could easily argue that he is this confident because he assumes that the attraction must be mutual, so the more you show him you’re attracted to him, the more of his attention you’ll get.

He won’t be scared and he won’t run away because he’s not playing games. He’s there to win you and he’ll be happy to see he’s getting there.

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He is super proud of you, of this amazing girl that he is into, and he doesn’t hold back. He will introduce you to every single friend he has; he will proudly show you off. He wants you to be a part of their lives and he wants you to have a good relationship with all of them. Those people were a part of his life before he met you, but now he wants them to finally meet you and hope that you will get along.

He won’t have trouble going out with you; he won’t have trouble visiting his favorite places with you, nor will he ever make you feel unwanted.

You’ll be invited to go wherever he goes. You’ll be more than welcome to spend the night out with him and his friends, and in family gatherings you’ll be the main star. His friends will try to make you feel good when you are with them because they will see that you mean a lot to him. They will do anything to make you smile and have fun with them because they see how much fun you give to their friend.

The moment he realizes he wants you, he’ll do everything to make sure you know that and he’ll make sure everybody else he cares for knows it as well.


Consistency is the most powerful sign of male attraction. There will be no “hot and cold games” with him. If he says he is there for you, he will make sure to keep his word.

If he promised to show up at your family dinner, your exhibition, or at the concert of your favorite singer, he will be there. He won’t lie to you just so you would like him and then vanish for a couple of days. He is not that kind of a man. He is the kind of a man who goes all in for the woman he likes.

There will be a good morning text waiting for you to read on your phone. There will be a guy applauding every single successful step you make and a guy that will be your helping hand whenever you need it. All this will be done by the same guy.


You wonder why? Because he is just that attracted to you.

He’ll make sure you can always count on him. Whatever you have missing, he’ll be there to compliment.

You’ll be able to see in his eyes, in the way he talks about you, in the promises that he keeps, in the way his closest friends treat you how much he’s attracted to you. But the most important sign of all will be the way he makes you feel when he’s with you and how much you miss him when he’s away. Everything about him will tell you that he is head over heels in love with you: eye contact, his seductive smile, his hand on yours when nobody is watching, the sweet words that he whispers into your ear when you least expect them and all those cute things that every man in love does for his sweetheart. If you really have a man like this in your life, make sure that you cherish him because he is an angel God sent from heaven to protect you!

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