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7 Things People Don’t Realize And Judge You For Doing (Only Because You’re Putting Yourself First)


1. You always speak your mind

You are no longer afraid of what people are going to say about you, or if you are going to become stuck in a conflict between two people because of something you said (and you only wanted to help). No matter how hard it is for you, you will always speak your mind because you know you have the right to share your thoughts if you feel you have to.

2. You’re not a peacemaker anymore

You aren’t going to play the role of peacemaker. Other people’s fights no longer interest you. Some may perceive your behavior as cold and bitchy when actually, it makes a lot of sense.

There is no need for you to meddle in someone else’s life because the only thing you can get from it is getting hurt. You no longer have the need to smooth over a situation that got out of hands—that’s not your war to fight.

3. You deny access to toxic people in your life

You know there’s no point in letting toxic people drain your positive energy. No matter how hard it is to cut someone out of your life, you know you have to do it if you want to move on to the next, happier chapter of your life.


4. You don’t force friendships


Not all of us are on the same level and not all of us can hang out with anyone that crosses our path. Even if that someone is super cool and you’d like to spend time with that person because it makes you feel more special, you won’t do it. You will leave the people who don’t want you around because you have self-respect. On the other hand, why would you hang out with someone who doesn’t respect you? It doesn’t make any sense.

5. You treat people with respect

You are the kind of a person who respects others no matter how different they are from you. You respect the fact they might see you as different from them. Sexual orientation, gender, and beliefs have no impact on the way you perceive others. The only thing you see in people is positivity and kindness.

6. You stopped apologizing for everything

If you were ever dependent and insecure, you were apologizing for every little thing—even if it wasn’t your fault at all. But, a woman with self-respect will never apologize for something she didn’t do. Therefore, you won’t either. You aren’t going to apologize for your feelings—for the person who you really are. If someone doesn’t like you for who you are, they should move along.


7. You don’t hold any grudges

When I say grudges, I don’t mean only towards others, I mean toward yourself, too. You are a person who knows how to forgive herself—a person who is strong enough to admit when she was wrong. You are able to make mistakes and learn from them, so you never do the same stupid thing again. But, most importantly, you are kind to yourself because you know you are not perfect and you will do something stupid again—and you will forgive yourself.



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