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These 7 Things Most Women Don’t Know About Men

These are 7 things most women don’t know about men. “A woman first tries to change a man for 10 years, and then complains that he is not the same as he was when she married him,” Barbra Streisand. Admit that you sometimes behave too selfishly in pursuit of love and romance. It happens to everyone. We all have our ideas about what an ideal relationship should look like.

However, have you ever put yourself in the guy’s shoes in this scenario? Of course, you understand what you want, and you have an idea of ​​what you will have to go through for love. But perhaps you don’t know how much effort men put into earning your love.

You are making a big mistake if you don’t even try to understand how exactly members of the opposite sex work. Keep in mind that the more you know about men’s behavior, the easier it will be to connect and, over time, create a healthy relationship.

Yes, many girls who enter into relationships with rosy dreams end up facing a reality that is not always pleasant. And every time they experience a broken heart, they think that all men are “the same” and nothing depends on the woman herself.

You will have to make some effort to understand what motivates your man’s actions. And if you don’t know where to start, then you might find some of the basics covered in this article helpful.

These 7 things most women don’t know about men:

1. They also have to deal with rejection.

Many rejected women then play the role of victim for a long time. It’s normal to feel sad about being abandoned or rejected. However, it would be foolish to think that men do not suffer at all because they are rejected.

Moreover, men much more often have to put up with refusals, since usually the initiative in creating relationships comes from their side.

2. They are under pressure to behave a certain way around women.

Men are always held to high standards in their behavior. They are constantly told that they must behave like gentlemen. Yes, that’s exactly how it should be. But it really can be difficult at times, and it would be unfair of you if you ignore this fact.

3. It’s not easy for them to get a date.

Of course, a woman is waiting for a man to invite her on a date. However, this does not mean that every man can make dates left and right. When a man receives a refusal, he often loses the confidence that he needs to be persistent in the future.

4. It is believed that a man should never show weakness.

Men are called representatives of the stronger sex. And this is true, but in a physical sense – due to biological and anatomical factors. But emotionally this is not the case at all.

Society’s stereotypes force men to suppress their feelings and pretend that everything is fine when it is not. This can be quite destructive to their mental health.

5. Unlike women, it is more difficult for them to communicate with others.

Women are more empathetic. This is related to the previous point. Because society discourages men from expressing emotions, it is much more difficult for them to connect with other people’s feelings. For this reason, it is not always easy for them to communicate with other people.

6. They don’t know what women want.

Most women don’t understand men (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article). But honestly, men also have no idea what women want. They are just as confused about this as you are. Naturally, it would be unfair to expect anything different from them.

7. They are expected to lead the relationship constantly.

Men, as a rule, strive to take a leading position in relationships. However, not all members of the opposite sex are cut out to be leaders.


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