It’s actually quite difficult pinpointing the exact one moment when things take a turn for the better in a relationship. That is because it’s rarely just one thing or one instance that is the deciding factor.

It’s a multitude of things, feelings and habits that just make you realize that you have finally stepped into that serious stage where everything is so much more comfortable.

Right now, you may be stuck in an almost relationship, not sure when you are going to level up. And talking to him about it is a bit daunting. You feel like you’re in this gray area and you don’t see a way out.

But let me reassure you a little bit. Things might be better than you think—you’re just not aware of it because you keep expecting one thing to happen and determine that you’re serious now.

The thing that makes you serious is the feeling of the walls slowly pulling down between you two. The feeling of being able to talk to him about anything with zero judgment and without reservation.

A comfortable environment where silence is soothing. The feeling of being safe around him and a connection that transcends anything else. A sense of serenity, respect and a genuine attraction.

Among those beautiful, impalpable things, here are the 7 most common signs that you are finally reaching the serious stage and you can wave your almost relationship goodbye!


1. You discuss your feelings and opinions honestly and openly with each other

You used to be apprehensive discussing your raw emotions with him but now, it’s like the wall has come down and you can just say anything.

The same goes for him. If you’re feeling mad or upset, you share it with one another instead of suppressing it.

If you’re uncertain about something he has done, you face him with it and vice versa.

There is a new feeling of honesty and transparency that is so comfortable and reassuring. He is genuinely your best friend and there is no more need for secrets.


2. You spend the majority of your time with each other

You’re almost attached at the hip by now (but in a good way). There is no one else you’d rather spend your mornings, days and nights with but him! You enjoy doing the most mundane things together.

You can walk down the street and just start laughing like idiots at the most random thing.

You call him to pick you from at work and you just end up getting ice cream and walking around the park for hours. Being together has become the most beautiful part of both of your days.


3. You’ve met each other’s family and friends

You already know most of his family and his closest friends. You are familiar with his backstory and he’s up to speed on your past as well. Your lives are pretty much deeply intertwined at this point and it just feels so good.

It wasn’t rushed and it wasn’t dreaded. It felt like the most natural next stop and you are really happy about it. You even care dearly about all of the important people in his life and he cherishes yours as well.

This means you are a legit part of his life now and the other way around. Guys never introduce random girls to their parents, so this is a big deal and it means he’s thinking about the future.


4. Your topics of conversation include marriage, kids and future plans

You no longer shy away from the big stuff. Marriage, kids, a house in the suburbs… you discuss it all. And that’s a sign of a healthy, happy love life with a promising future.

Couples who don’t share a future never discuss these things because it’s hard pretending to want it with someone you don’t really see yourself with anymore.

You used to talk only about music, movies and getting drunk. Don’t worry, that is perfectly normal when you start seeing someone.

You’ve got to start somewhere. But now, your topics are more adult and more serious.

Just like any real relationship, you’ve come to the grown-up side and you’re here to stay. Congrats, you seem to be in it for the long haul.


5. You always check in with each other before making any big decisions

That’s the beauty of a serious relationship. You know you don’t HAVE to consult with him on every little thing but you genuinely want to hear his input.

His opinions mean a lot to you and it’s important that he is always in the loop with your ideas and plans.

The same goes for your man. He’ll never just say yes to a plan that includes the both of you before asking you if you’re okay with it first.

He’ll never agree on a job that will take him out of the country for a month before discussing it with you first. You make these decisions together, like a team. And a damn good one!


6. You know what his five-year plan is and vice versa

Let’s be real. We ALL have our five-year plans. Some are far-fetched and difficult to accomplish but hey, one can try!

And there is nothing about him that takes you by surprise anymore. You know exactly what he wants out of his life and the other way around.

He includes you in every part of his life and the same goes for you. You both see each other in those plans and knowing that, it feels that much easier to accomplish.

Wherever the future takes you and whether you make those plans a reality or not, one thing is for sure—it’s going to be by each other’s side.


7. Your arguments no longer scare you, they only make you stronger

You have finally come to a place where having an argument is no longer something you dread.

You no longer think he’s going to dump you over one silly disagreement and you’re totally fine with occasionally falling out.

It’s part of being a grown-up. People fight and disagree but those who want to stay together, work it out and move on with no resentment.

If you don’t fight every now and then, it would only mean you don’t care enough to express your discontent with each other.

And that would soon lead to a lack of interest and a bitter end. This way, you work your shit out, kiss and make up and keep holding each other tight through thick and thin!



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